Hybrid turned upside down – the golf twindrive

Hybrid turned upside down - the golf twindrive

Berlin, 26. June 2008 – even the automotive industry’s board members are now openly admitting that electric vehicles are on the way. With the golf twindrive, vw is now introducing a version of the electric drive that allows zero-emission operation in the city without sacrificing interurban driving. Federal environment minister sigmar gabriel and vw ceo martin winterkorn presented a first prototype at the launch of the "electric mobility fleet test" project in berlin.

Combustion engine supplements electric motor

The vehicle will be powered by an electric motor and a combustion engine. Both together can produce up to 130 kw. Unlike previous hybrid concepts, vw is not only aiming to reduce fuel consumption, but above all to achieve completely emission-free operation in urban traffic. Nevertheless, the combustion engine is integrated in such a way that it can also provide propulsion on its own in interurban traffic. The golf twindrive selects the operating mode automatically. The combustion engine only needs one gear, because up to about 120 km (120 miles) it can be driven in one gear. The electric motor thus takes over the function of the transmission, before the combustion engine takes over the drive completely at higher speeds. In the golf presented here, the engine is a tdi with 122 hp, but a tsi could also be used, which inherently provides the necessary high torque at low engine speeds.

Up to 50 kilometers on battery power

The prototype runs on first-generation lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. Initially, the vehicle is expected to travel around 50 kilometers in electric mode. Any power outlet can be used to charge the battery. On a typical commuter route, for example from potsdam to berlin mitte, the golf twindrive is expected to get by on eight kilowatt hours and 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

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Impressions of us photomesse photoplus

The photoplus in manhattan started at the day of the day with a strong visitor margin. Last year, according to the organizer, around 22 were around 22.000 visitors at the trade fair, which is considered the most important photo show in the usa. For the photo industry, the american market only takes a particularly important position due to its skiing. The well-known camera manufacturers are accordingly represented on the photoplus with coarse-bearing stood and present their current camera and lens models. Canon, for example, the dslr eos 7d mark ii and nikon the d750. In addition, numerous companies show their more or less innovative accessories and software offers.

For example, on the new york fair storage lessons: for example, mylio presented a new photo management system that stores its photo collection in the cloud and access it with different ones (desktop calculator, tablet, smartphone). Many visitors were also interested in easy-to-use image processing tools or. Plugins like perfectly clear, with which basic corrections like sharpen can be done quickly.

In this year, many german photomers are represented at the us show. In addition to the coarse players such as leica and zeiss also smaller companies such as the photographic development specialist jobo or novoflex. There is a separate german pavilion at the fair, which was initiated among other things by the federal ministry of economics and energy.

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“The roar of machine guns was our music”

After the second world war, ramasan mukhametgaliev, now 91 years old, exchanged his machine gun for a mandolin. Every saturday he meets with other veterans in a choir in the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk. Photo: jens malling

World war ii veterans meet every week in the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk to sing in a choir. Their soldier songs of heroism, love, fear and death became relevant again after war broke out again in this part of ukraine

The sounds of an accordion swell through the room. The instrument is squeezed and expands between the expert hands of andrei plakidkin. Around the 39-year-old music teacher stands a choir of veterans. The aging singers tune in with verses about world war ii:

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Fine dusts 2011 despite environmental zones too high

Despite more than 50 environmental zones, the air in germany has been burdened in 2011 too strongly with particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. The fine dust values were even on the level of 2007 to 2010. This gave a first evaluation of the federal environmental agency (uba) of measurement data of the lander and the uba. Especially in the city and metropolitan areas, the limits for particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide were overridden too much, threw it.

At the fine dust, this was therefore 42 percent of the traffic-related measuring stations over the admitted day limit value – this only allows 35 days with 50 micrograms fine dust per cubic meter of air. In the nitrogen dioxide, 57 percent of the stations were located in the city’s allowed annual average value of 40 micrograms. "In coarse parts of germany, the air has a good quality," emphasized uba prasident jochen flasbarth. "However, we have to do more where the breath of humans is still burdened with too much fine dust and nitrogen dioxide: in the city and conurbations."Environmental zones where only low-puffed cars can be retracted in the inner-day, they are a suitable means for a suitable means. Flasbarth pointed out that environmental zones are only part of the solution, since particulate matter and nitrogen oxides arise too coarse part of combustion processes in industry and households.

Another factor that is not influenced by man, be the weather: in high-prere weather conditions, the air will be much less mixed – pollutants are collecting in the city. The konne fell that the air itself becomes worse when emissions from cars, heaters or factories remain the same. In 2011, there were several such weather conditions: from the end of january to marz and in november, this leads to more frequent overruns of the fine dust daily limit than in previous years.

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Astronomy: nasa space telescope was allowed to find hundreds of lonely exoplanets

Astronomy: NASA Space Telescope was allowed to find hundreds of lonely exoplanets

A planned space telescope of nasa was able to find dozens of lonely exoplanets with the crowd of our earth, which no longer circle a star and instead drift alone through the milk strain. To this result come scientists of ohio state university in a recent study. The nancy grace roman space telescope (formerly wfirst) was allowed to significantly improve our knowledge of such lonely exoplanets, write. Maybe there is even more of these sky corpers in our milk strain as stars. In this case should "novel" hundreds of such exoplanets find, including several dozen with the mass of the earth or less.

In search of the lonely planet

The nancy grace roman space telescope is currently being developed, starting it in the mid-2020s. It is an infrared telescope, which was originally known under the name wide field infrared survey telescope. Only a few months ago it was renamed and now carries the name of the us astronomy and first nasa responsible for astronomy, nancy grace roman. Because of their crucial role in the development of the space telescope, it is commonly regarded as the "mother of hubble". The over-named space telescope should complete a series of scientific missions and search for particularly small exoplanets, among other things.

(source: nasa’s goddard space flight center)

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Daimler wants to sell smart work

Daimler wants to sell smart work

The car maker daimler trims its worldwide network of production sites for more efficiency and wants to sell the work in the french hambach. The group must already save power for the enormous cost of digitization and the change in the industry for electromobility. Now the covid 19 pandemic is still coming to lead to new framework conditions in the market – "in this context, we optimize our global production network", said board leader ola kallenius on friday (3. July 2020). "That’s why we intend to take on the sale of the hambach factory."

The smart is produced from the afterest generation in china

At the location near the border with germany 1600 employees are employed. There is still the micro-smart car built, the daimler wants to produce from the next model generation together with his rough action geely in china. The two corporations had founded a new company together to give the brand new momentum. Hambach had to get a compact car from the new eq of mercedes-benz’s new eq electric model series, according to fruheren wradies.

Information about a schedule for sales language daimler did not. "An important goal is to secure the future of the location", said research director markus scherer. "Further pramisse: the current smart models should continue to be produced in hambach." more than two million smart two-seaters (test) ran away from the band until today. The four-seater models builds cooperation partners renault in his work in slovenia.

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The less stressful stress test

Following the u.S. Model, only one stress test was to be simulated in the eu, because the main aim was to calm the markets with acceptable results

Spanish prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero initiated the so-called stress test for the banking landscape in europe. He wanted to dispel rumors that spain is on the brink of bankruptcy and doubts about the spanish banking system. Instead of putting the banks through their paces, they tested in a way that would produce the desired result throughout the eu. So all governments could report full. Only 7 out of 91 institutions audited failed. The fact that five of them are spanish savings banks should not reare zapatero. In germany, surprisingly, all the struggling landesbanken passed as well. Only the hypo real estate (hre) is expected to fail. Since they have had a state guarantee for a long time anyway, hardly any negative reactions from the market are to be expected. With atebank, a bank in greece also failed the test.

The usa has shown how to subject the banking system to a so-called stress test, which does not really deserve the name (the stress test for the us banks). The criteria were already so lax in the usa that, for example, a maximum unemployment rate of 8.9% was amed in the worst-case scenario. But soon the rate was also officially above 10% and still stands at 9.5%, despite strong growth in the u.S.A. Unemployment is responsible for countless loan defaults, which is why the death of banks is by no means over. After a record in 2009, this will most likely be broken in 2010. In the current year, the federal deposit insurance corporation (fdic) has already had to close 96 banks. In the entire previous year, the figure was 140. In contrast, in the year before the stress test there were 25 and in the year before the financial crisis only 3. It was no surprise, for example, when the wall street journal reported on a "not so stressful test" and the financial times deutschland of a "smear campaign" spoke ("the entire banking system is insolvent").

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Safety company: mysterioser mac-trojan “silver sparrow” probably adware

Safety company: Mysterioser Mac-Trojan'silver sparrow' wohl adware'silver sparrow' wohl adware

At the mac schadling "silver sparrow" if it is simply adware: the software is all likely related to adware and geared pay-per-install schemes, where a provider pays for the installation of unwanted software, as the security company eset research reports according to its own analysis. The tool "far away" from speculation, it is about malware state organizations.

Silver sparrow without shadroutine

Eset has seen silver sparrow first in the wild last september in the wild and round "50 instances" observed, which spread around the globe. Also eset could never observe the delivery of a payload. Although silver sparrow contacts after installation by the user regularly a control server, but it will not be charged – accordingly, so far unclear the purpose of the malware actually serves.

Since the configuration file is hosted in an aws s3 bucket, the attacker can only deliver a uniform payload and no different configurations based on specific parameters for specific goals, learn the security researchers.

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Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Koln, 27. July 2009 – about half a million german life at the time in european countries. However, those who only hold themselves in advance with his vehicle admired here abroad, the main and exhaust gas examination (hu) can only be made by a prufstelle in germany.

State-regulated task

Since the hu plaque and the registration of the successful main and exhaust examinations represent state-regulated tasks, a foreign pruning protocol in germany is not valid. "If the vehicle giving is fally, for example, during a multi-month stay in spain, the badge can only be renewed in german territory," explains the motor expert of the tuv rheinland, gerd mylius.

Innovable to investigate

Motorists are not required immediately after expiry of the deadline to return to germany. After the crisis of the federal republic, however, they have to perform as soon as possible the fallen main and exhaust examination or security screening.

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Driving report: skoda kodiaq 2.0 tdi

Driving report: skoda kodiaq 2.0 tdi

After years of growing success, it is hard to believe, but kia sportage, hyundai tucson, range rover evoque and all other conventional suspects in the segment of the slightly coarse suv will still achieve whopping growth rates. Volkswagen came amazingly spat with appropriate models, but was all the more successful. And only now, the group allows its favorable subsidiaries to enter the competition against the in-house vw tiguan or the audi q3: seat brought out the ateca only a few months ago – and now skoda the kodiaq. However, the czechs have proven with compact yeti for years, how well they can be suv. Almost 17.500 yeti were re-admitted nationwide from january to october 2016 – more than, for example, bmw from the x3 or jeep with all series of series.

Little spectacular

The aub design is not necessarily an eyecatcher, but fits into the segment. Also inside you will find little spectacular: a coarse creation screen in the center of the cockpit, the intuitively operable menu, well-readable round instruments with a digital display in between, coarse comfortable seats also in the second row, which is also displaceable by 18 centimeters. If necessary, a third series of emergency seats can be ordered. The cargo space also measures 270 liters even with three rows of seats, as a five-seater 720 liters and with a folded back seat back up to 2065 liters. As a towing vehicle, the kodiaq moves up to 2.5 tons.

With its amounts of 4697 mm in the long, 1882 mm in width and 1676 mm high including roof rail, the kodiaq is only slightly later than the octavia combi derived from the golf, but is significantly gross and massive. The more amazing, with what precision and ease he manovrises itself in city traffic manovring. The steering works very precise and steering corrections are rarely necessary. The chassis builds every roadway unevenly skilfully, the malposition can be set with the optional "driving mode select" over several steps between taut and comfortable. Also steering, gas acceptance and the 7-speed double clutch transmission are influenced accordingly.

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