Success in small format?

Munchen, 17. Marz 2015 – The old recipes no longer work: The Japanese were strong in the 1980s and 90s, especially in the compact and middle class. Today you are successful with SUVs as Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5 show. Mazda wants to repeat the success of a class deeper. That will not be easy, because the segment of the compact SUV is already well occupied. However, a first exit shows that the CX-3 has a good chance of securing its share in this class.

Sufficient freedom

Because a SUV in the compact class have, despite increasing demand, does not have all the manufacturers on offer. At 4.28 m, the CX-3 is a bit longer than a Skoda Yeti and almost on the millimeter as long as an Opel Mocha. The space differences also correspond to what the competition offers in this class: two adults and two not too rough Hinterbankler have sufficient freedom of movement. For an extended holiday trip to four the trunk with 350 liters, however, is slightly narrowly dimensioned.

The seats are comfortable and can be varied as well as the grippy steering wheel varied; However, a seat high adjustment is missing on the passenger side. The electric windows, however, were also allowed in this class to open all four discs over a comfort function to open or strike with a touch of a button. The plastic surfaces are even partially led to the top version. Otherwise, the processing makes a good impression. The operation of the multimedia system with its seven-inch coarse screen works easily and largely self-clarifying – which unfortunately is still no self-consolidation. At all, Mazda has given himself all the Muhe to make the operation of the same way. The dashboard and the combined instrument contained therein effect as the most significant reduced. For my taste, the speedometer is something to be underdimensioned.

Expert council: germany must build quantum computers in a few years

An expert commission used by the Federal Government has one "Roadmap Quantum Computing" created. The 16 representatives from business and science demand: Germany MUSSE in FUF to ten years "in combination with the European partners will be able to build and operate an application-related quantum computer at the top of international competition".

"Our milestone: International Competitive Quantum Computer with at least 100 individually controllable qubits and scaling potential to 500 qubits", it is called in the paper that has become published now. The first rough is seen as a prerequisite for a performance quantum computer that can overflow conventional processes.

Quantum advantage for practice-relevant applications

Google has indicated, already with 53 qubits to have achieved the desired quantum superiority. IBM took the quantum processor Hummingbird with 65 qubits last year and pages a 1121 qubit with 1121 quibs for 2023. The information content in a qubit is generally high thanks to its intermediate positions than in one bit, which is either 0 or 1.

Tesla wants to accept payments in bitcoin: price rising on record high

The digital detention of Bitcoin has received a clear course thrust on Monday and has risen to a record high. The exclusive was that the electric car manufacturer Tesla has invested in a boric document in digital food and wants to accept this art as a means of payment.

Ready record clearly surpassed

The Bitcoin course jumped after the announcement of the message by several thousand US dollars upwards. At the BitsTamp trading platform, the course rose by more than 15 percent to up to 44.899 dollars. The previous record of 42.000 Dollar was clearly surpassed.

A document for US Borsenaufsicht SEC can be found in that Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. In addition, the company rated to accept bitcoin art as a payment form. "We ame that in the near future, we will accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for our products, subject to applicable laws and at a limited basis", it is called in the SEC document.

Edo competition brings porsche cayenne gts to 450 hp

Ahlen, 17. November 2008 – Tuner Edo Competition preserves the Porsche Cayenne GTS a performance in which the SUV mutated to the EDO GTS.

270 km / h top

Thanks to sports catalysts, sports air filter inserts and a specially tailored engine electronics, the Swabian SUV comes after treatment by the Westphalia to 450 instead of standard 405 hp. The torque maximum also lift the ahlener from 500 to 530 Newton meters. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h the car graduates in 6.4 seconds. The highest speed is 270 km / h, which are 17 km / h more than the series version.

Gross dimensional brakes

For the delay of the powerful SUV, a rough brake system ensures. In the front, increased brake discs and lines were mounted as well as a hexagon-monobloc festive saddle. In addition, an adjustable sports suspension is on offer, which lays the body on customer request front and back individually deeper. The chassis is separated and independent of each other in prere and tensile stage steam.

Presentation: bmw m4 cs

BMW encourages the M4 palette. The M4 CS (ClubSport) should be more dynamic than the M4 with Competition package, but not quite as uncompromising for the racetrack designed as the M4 GTS. The name has a prehistory: There was already a GTS in October 2015, which was offset to a small series of 700 pieces and was sold out immediately. The new M4 CS is built according to BMW in the period between 2017 and 2019 and is also limited. BMW here is a way between small series and unlimited model variant.

Under four

With 460 hp, the three-liter biturbo in the M4 CS is currently 10 hp more than in the M4 with Competition Package. The Regular M4 has 431 hp. The new one remains close to four seconds in acceleration to 100 km / h. With 3.9 seconds he is now at the same level as the 50 hp strong Giulia Quadrifoglio Sedan of Alfa Romeo. The M4 CS runs a maximum of 280 km / h quickly. During for the above models, the increase in the highest speed from 250 to 280 km / h with the 2450 euros expensive M-Driver’s package must be purchased, it is standard maby at the M4 CS. The same applies to the seven-speed M double-clutch transmission (DKG), which usually costs 3900 euros surcharge.


The maximum torque amounts to the M4 CS 600 Nm at 4000 / min, while M4 and M4 Competition reach 450 Nm, but already at 1850 / min (M4) resp. 2350 / min (M4 Competition). M-GmbH agrees with two mono scroll turbochargers, direct injection high precision injection, variable valve control (valvetronic) and variable camshaft control on ON and outlet side (double vanos) consistently at each power level pointer. When fast driving, high speeds pay more than pawed torque in the speed cellar. Unlike the M4 GTS, which was added with a complex water injection, the modifications to the engine at the M4 CS in a comparatively conservative and unspectacular frame. Consumption in the NEFZ is 8.4 liters only slightly above M4 and M4 competition with DKG (both 8.3 l / 100 km).

Ios suggests russian apps in russia

Apple is now bends up propositions of Russian and offers iOS users in the country automatically automatically specific apps that can then install them without detours. Report users of the iPhone operating system in the region. Accordingly, the offer appears in the iPhone setup process that needs to be undergoing an update or reinstallation of an Apple smartphone. The change has apparently been implemented server-side, the system does not need to be updated.

Automatic redirection to the App Store

After inter alia, users have set up automatic updates, FaceTime and IMessages, True Tone Screen, Screen Time and Analytics, the new screen appears on. This carries the App Store logo and suggests that you press on the proceeds button "in accordance with Russian legal requirements" on "Accessible apps for download" be pointed out.

These dive under the title "Russian apps" In the App Store and include, among other things, offers from Yandex, Mail.RU, ICQ or VK. Among them is, it is about "Some apps of Russian developers", the downloadable. Again, it is again pointed to the legal specification. Previous pre-installed is apparently not, users must always click on installation. The dialog can also be terminated on clicking on an X.

4X4? Not with me!

Barcelona (Spain), 16. December 2013 – More and more Germans are buying SUVs. If this continues, every third new car could belong to this category in 2020. Increasingly common among them: cars that tend toward small cars, like the new Ford EcoSport. It will be launched on the market in mid-2014, and we have already had the opportunity to test it.

In South America, the EcoSport has already been selling extremely well for a good ten years. The second edition was launched according to the "One Ford"-motto for the whole world (there are supposed to be more than 100 countries). The huge radiator grille does not look quite as nasty in real life as it does in the pictures. Technical basis is the so-called global B-platform of Fiesta and B-Max. This is evident in the exhaust volumes: At 4.27 meters, the EcoSport is almost as long as an Opel Mokka, but clearly taller than a Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008. 26 centimeters of the car’s length are used for the spare wheel at the rear alone. Fortunately, the fifth wheel only slightly restricts the view, but the parking aid is nevertheless a great relief.

Seniors can feel at home

With 310 to 1238 liters, the trunk volume is not particularly large in comparison. At least the loading sill is low. If only the rear seat backs are folded down, there is still a step. Rear passengers can adjust the inclination of the backrests. The EcoSport also scores points for its very good headroom in all seats, while legroom in the rear is acceptable, but not ample. Ford sees the target group age-mabig with 30+, we were added still 20 years: The comfortable entrance and the high seat position are for many seniors beating arguments with the autopurchase. In addition, there’s a better overview than the rough shape would suggest.

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EU Commission relies on electricity

Two million charging panels in Europe up to 2025 are intended to promote the change to electric cars. This is the draft strategy for an integrated energy system, which the EU Commission wants to submit on Wednesday. It calculates that electric cars 2025 are competitive against those with internal combustion engines. Your market share should be at seven percent in 2030, then at 50 to 75 percent. In addition 2030, up to 85 percent of the electricity from renewable sources should come out. The rapid increase should be achieved above all by wind ratings in front of the Kuste.

Our site – briefly informed · informed briefly 07.07.2020: Energy system, Deutsche Bank, parcel delivery, maker faire

Deutsche Bank: Partnership with Google

Deutsche Bank is a strategic partnership with Google to renew and share your IT systems on cloud-based basis "Technology-based" Financial products design. According to Handelsblatt, Deutsche Bank and Google had signed a letter of intent to a multi-year contract. Deutsche Bank hopes for this partnership within the next 10 years a profit of more than one billion euros to achieve. The Bank has been fighting for several years with her diligea of IT architecture, which had always taken care of in the past for displeasure with the customers.

Apple blows wireless touch id - hope for intel macs

With the freshly incoming M1-IMACS, Apple delivers a Bluetooth keyboard with the more expensive models, which has a wireless touch ID. With the sensor mounted on the top, it is possible to unlock his Mac by fingerprint, to find Apple-Pay transactions, to open secured areas of MacOS or shop in the App Store. This previously went with Apple notebooks in which the sensor was built directly.

Exchange between keyboard and Mac

As the manufacturer is now in English in English, the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, which is also available in a variant with numeric keypads (for a surcharge), is enclosed with all Touch-ID-Fahige Macs. "The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the built-in touch ID sensors are compatible", Write the Group Lapidar. Currently, however, only M1 machines such as MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1 – and not their Intel variants. For this one software update seems necessary.

According to Apple, the sensors of keyboard and Mac connect safely. "If a finger has been logged in to the built-in Touch ID sensor of the MACS, it can also be used on the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the Secure Enclave recognizes the match." This also conversely, so fingers with the external keyboard "enrolled" became.

Seat: sporty mii and preview of the ibiza cupra

Reifnitz (Austria), 16. May 2012 – To the 31. For the first time, the Worthersee is under the sign of the rough GTI meeting. Around 120.000 fans are expected between the 16. and the 19. May 2012 expected there. So it’s not surprising that almost every brand in the VW Group has something to show. Seat is jolting with six premieres, including the small Mii for the first time.

Ibiza Cupra Concept for the first time in Europe

The Ibiza Cupra Concept takes center stage at the Seat stand. After its world premiere at the Beijing auto show, the compact sports car can now be admired for the first time in Europe. The near-production study is powered by a 1.4-liter turbo gasoline engine with 180 hp. The range of Seat accessories is shown by an Ibiza and a Leon. The Ibiza FR sits on black-and-silver 17-inch wheels, plus a chunky rear spoiler and red accents on the bodywork. Black and white contrasts dominate the picture on the Leon Cupra R.

Pimped-out little car

Another eye-catcher at the Worthersee is a Mii trimmed for sport. The car comes in "Tornado red" with black wheel arches, black 16-inch aluminum rims and additional spoilers. The cockpit with sports seats is dominated by the colors red and black. The Ibiza SC Trophy and the Leon Super Copa are intended for customer racing. The 180-hp Trophy is available with 37.485 euros in the price list, for the Super Copa with 300 hp will be 74.790 euros demanded.