Eu regulations make manipulation difficult

In order to make fraud trap such as the exhaust manipulation by volkswagen, the eu has encouraged the lending provisions for new car models. The eu parliament took today (19. April 2018) with a rough majority a regulation, which introduces a new prouplement system and provides for the possibility of high bubbanks.

The need for a compaction was visible after the exhaust gas fraud by volkswagen. The criminal approach of the group was only possible because the manipulated automotive recorded the pollutant limits on the prud, but was not controlled whether they did that on the strain.

According to the new regulations, every eu country must be for at least one of 40.000 new cars approved in this member state in the previous year, let a sample carry out. At least 20 percent of these exams have to prove the standard-compliant malfunction of exhaust gas purification. This should prevent only the prototypes tested in accordance with the standards and then deviates the coarse series from the standard. In countries with a smaller number of passenger cars, at least five tests should be carried out.

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Display link for m1-macs adapted

Display link for M1-Macs adapted

The synaptics subsidiary displaylink has first presented a full-length version of its driver package for arm macs recreated version of its driver package for via usb adapter. The update also brings a simplified setup when using multiple 4k screens as well as new resolution variants. The new version 1.3 comes as a universal binary for intel and m1 machines and can be downloaded now.

More retina for 4k displays

The update of the so-called display link manager also masters the presentation of retina resolutions on 4k displays. Also a tearing problem with high load has been fixed. Basically, the driver package on m1 macs was already with the previous version 1.2 – but apparently not native. For the first time at macos 11 alias big sur run-up was the display manager with the previous version 1.1.

Since the update 1.2 it is now also possible to address two 5k ultrawide screens (5120 times 1440 pixels at 60 hertz) via products from the display link dl-6950 series. Ultrawide screens had most recently made m1-mac’s problems when they were connected to regular way – apple had annoyed an update for this purpose.

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Killer games in the discussion

The practice of the usk and the scientifically questionable results of the kfn studies

In our article killer game alarm in germany. The difficult business of age classification and the longing for unambiguity we tried to bring the discussion about "killer games" to objectify and to bring in aspects, which were omitted so far. In doing so, we dealt in detail with the kfn study "media consumption, school performance and youth violence". In this new article, we address the kfn staff’s response to our previous article, as well as another kfn study. In addition, we present some important aspects of the reviewers’ practice that were not taken into account in the studies.

We summarize the results of our argumentation in five points for readers in a hurry:

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Globalization – a moral duty?

Peter martin, editor of the financial times, sees globalization as the best thing that can happen to us.

Globalization is one of the buzzwords of the day. While some feel threatened by it, others, especially the winners of globalization, believe that it will contribute step by step to the improvement of the living conditions of all people, if only all obstacles are removed. Now the editor of the financial times has clearly said it: the continuation of the globalization=free market + reduction of the state is a moral ie.

The long boom? Globalization and the european left

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France: the view of the poor is hardening

According to a study, support for the welfare state is wobbling considerably

In the past, times of crisis had strengthened the sympathy of the french with the poorer, but since 2008 the opposite has been observed: solidarity is diminishing alarmingly, the view of the poorer is hardening, reports the french research center for the observation of living conditions (centre de recherche pour l’etude et l’observation des conditions de vie, credoc).

The basis of the commentary by research director jorg muller, which is laced with bitter tones, are figures from a study presented yesterday.

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Lexus with small car consumption

Lexus with small car consumption

Koln, 27. February 2009 – lexus is proud and what is reported from the kolner germany headquarters is indeed impressive. The rx 450h, a full-grown suv, should not consume more than some small cars.

Best value of his class

Gemab eu standard cycle requires a total of 220 kw (299 hp) strong rx 450h only 6.3 liters super at 100 kilometers. The resulting co2 outstaff per kilometer amounts to lexus with 148 g / km. Thus, the suv according to the manufacturer is the most economical and most environmentally friendly vehicle of his segment. For comparison: a vw golf 1.4 with 80 hp emitted 149 g / km. Compared to its transaction, the rx 400h, emissions were reduced by 44 g / km.

A lot of fine work

According to lexus, according to lexus, the favorable cw value of 0.32 is responsible, but the largest part of the savings is to be searched in an improved drive. For example, the two electric motors have the same performance as before, but their maximum torque is available on a greater speed range. Also components such as control device and voltage transformers are significantly smaller and powerful according to lexus. At the v6 petrol engine with 183 kw (249 hp), the japanese point to fuel-saving atkinson combustion cycle, cooled exhaust prere relief and a globally unique system of exhaust gas reflection recovery. The engine coolant is passed through a heat exchanger in the exhaust line so that it is warmed faster.

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Existence of aliens more and more probable

Almost weekly astronomers discover new planets outside our solar system

No, so far no cosmogram with an extraterrestrial sender, no intelligent beep from the depths of space has been received. So far, the radio astronomers of the seti projects (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) scattered all over the world have not yet been able to fish an interplanetary message in a bottle out of the cosmic ocean. For forty years they have been scanning the sky for extraterrestrial radio signals of intelligent origin. But the antennas of the more than 60 launched seti projects could only detect the noise of the background radiation or the pulsation of the neutron stars – nothing else. Nevertheless, the optimism of the seti detectives is still unbroken.

Existence of aliens more and more probable

So also with dr. Jill tarter, the head of the phoenix project, currently the roughest seti program: "there is a real chance; it could work out. With all our crowds we have already chilled champagne." although no champagne has been poured yet, seti scientists have already popped champagne corks several times in view of the discovery of extrasolar planets. This probably for the first time, when michel mayor and didier queloz of the geneva observatory discovered the first planet of a not yet extinct sun at the star 51 pegasi and confirmed at the same time a decades-old seti postulate, which is also a central factor of the legendary drake equation. What had previously been pure speculation suddenly became a certainty: planetary systems in the depths of space are the rule.

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Unix derivative ghostbsd: version 21.01.15 is slimmer and has new video drivers

The developer team around eric turgeon has ghostbsd 21.01.15 released. The new version of the preconfigured, freebsd-based desktop system is available as a hybrid iso image for cd-r or usb sticks. The desktop environment is the current mate or xfce to choose from.


A goal of ghostbsd 21.01.15 it was to reduce the memory requirement so far that the live system including zfs also run on computers with only 4 gb of ram – was used here on singleboard computer on the arm base? To make ghostbsd slimmer, among other things, the powerful office suite libreoffice and the messenger telegram from the list of preinstalled packages were removed. However, the packages can be installed easily in the later operation via the package management.

The focus on modern zfs also led to the decision to offer the installation on ufs (unix file system) no more than an option supported by a wizard. Partition the system by hand (custom partitioning) can still be created for special trap still ufs partitions. On the installer itself some improvements were made and minor errors fixed. Among other things, this in the past had prevented the installation in the course of the preliminary installation conditions in some cases.

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Portugal to remain under troika supervision until 2045

The loosening to reduce deficits demanded by gabriel has long been granted to countries like portugal and ireland

When portugal exited the european bailout fund in may, the conservative government celebrated a "clean conclusion". It decided against providing preventive lines of credit to "financial independence" to maintain, said prime minister pedro passos coelho (slump with exit from bailout). But now the portuguese daily newspaper "público" reports that the country will have to wait more than three decades for it. Until at least 2045, portugal will still be controlled by international financiers, writes the coarse newspaper.

It is therefore no wonder that coelho is now not ruling out new tax increases to balance the dictated austerity budget. He has to find 1.3 billion euros because the constitutional court has once again thrown a spanner in the works of his austerity and shortage policy. The planned reduction of public sector salaries above 675 euros per month, the taxation of unemployment and sickness benefits, and restrictions on survivors’ pensions are also unlawful. "No decrease may be excluded", coelho on wednesday declared his willingness to continue imposing burdens on the struggling population and depriving it of purchasing power.

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No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist “pissed off”

No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist'stinksauer''stinksauer'

Spd boss norbert walter-borjans defended the past week of the federal government decided stimulus packet against criticism from the car industry. It will not be, "that those who have acted wrong for a long time – the cars – today not just say if we have to help, but how we have that to do", said the spd boss in the ard.

The industry has made rough profits for a long time. Now that money of taxpayers are used, it’s about one "change in the right direction. And they have to live: we have to go towards e-mobilitat", said walter-borjans in the show "report from berlin" on sunday.

Previously had been talked to representatives of the industry, walter-borjans said. The economic stimulus package contains much of which they have benefited: changed depreciation rules, tax regulations or billion investments in research.

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