Bye-bye, berlin rent cap!

Bye-bye, berlin rent cover!

Demonstration against "rent madness" on 6. April 2019 in berlin. Image: leonhard lenz, cc0 1.0

The federal constitutional court has denied the state of berlin the competence to regulate rent levels by law. Now good advice is expensive

The party is over, the hangover was allowed to be enormous. The federal constitutional court has declared null and void the law limiting rents in the housing sector in berlin (mietenwog bln), which came into force in february 2020. Not only in parts, with options for a "rectification", but fundamentally and without hindsight.

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Face recognition: eu deputy for prohibition of biometric mass monitoring

Face recognition: EU deputy for prohibition of biometric mass monitoring

A biometric identification of persons in public space, for example, by video monitoring with automated facial recognition is not to be allowed penal purses in the eu. Promptors must also be banned to use private face recognition databases, such as the us company clearview ai. For this purpose, the eu parliament’s committee on bourgeial freedoms, justice and home affairs in a reporting draft to use artificial intelligence (ki) through police and justice.

The deputies demand a ban on biometric mass monitoring, with the adopted contrainment on the original draft report, as they violate the eu principles of relevance and the necessary. Should be prohibited from any processing of biometric data – including facial images – for law enforcement purposes, "which leads to a mass monitoring in public areas".

"Intelligent lugen recognition system"

The representatives also demand the financing of such biometric research. Thus, they criticize the project iborderctrl, a "intelligent lugen recognition system" for entry into the eu. The commission shall, where appropriate, initiate infringement proceedings against member states that use such techniques.

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Amazing swimmer with gross penis discovered

Let’s call him ted kennedy

Often, the headlines that accompany a new scientific discovery are as entertaining as the discovery itself.

The news site, which goes by the name of pithy reactionary radio host rush limbaugh, shot the cover bird this time with: just name this thing ted kennedy. The penis is 425 million years old cheered the "hindustan times" and "the sun" put down a laconic, connoisseur-like old todger, while "yahoo news" a tongue-in-cheek no doubt, this is a male verbrach.

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A new publication about net art

"Servers correspond to stargates, connecting routes between different worlds, are teleporter zones in the unreal tournament. Art servers stand as intermediate zones of commercial net sites and net art. Now it is a matter of reflecting on these crystallization points and their connections reflected in their facets, of thinking, acting and processing in an anthropological and sociological sense", says editor margarete jahrmann in the introductory essay of this small reader "art_server: stargate to netculture", which has just been published. And indeed, artservers are a central but so far under-theorized aspect of net art. Except for a conference that took place in london in 1998, this topic has unfortunately hardly been dealt with so far "art_server: stargate to netculture" now wants to catch up.

The paperback booklet summarizes lectures and artist statements that have been made in connection with three exhibitions that the editor, the viennese media artist margarete jahrmann, organized in the o.K. Centrum fur gegenwartskunst in linz has curated. What one learns about these exhibitions from "art_server" unfortunately little, though they seem to have been interesting attempts to solve a problem that has plagued net art from the beginning: the inability to exhibit it in traditional art spaces. Also the list of artists shows pleasantly little of the "usual suspects" at.

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The failure of the new left

The failure of the new left

What remains of the new left after fifty years is disappointing

The alternative political and cultural movement, which later became known as the "new left" and alternative culture did not emerge in 1968. Social resistance by artists and student youth was already forming in the u.S. And central europe a few years earlier. But 1968, with the assassination of rudi dutschke and the extensive french street protests, certainly became the milestone of this movement. Herbert marcuse, in a lecture (failure of the new left?)1 already addressed a possible failure of this movement in 1975.

Prosperity, rebellion against the establishment

The 1960s and 1970s were an interesting window of time that accelerated many developments or even made them possible in the first place. High economic growth after the second world war, despite the crude oil crises then towards the end of these years, consumption was in vogue as never before and became the dominant lifestyle, measured prosperity and the promises of social advancement actually proved credible at the time (those who perform will be rewarded).

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Surfin ‘in the usa: to the death of the computer scientist norman abramson

As is known now, the computer scientist norman abramson has died at the age of 88 years on the consequences of a cancer disease. Together with frank kuo, he developed the wireless alohanet as a leader of the ethernet and made sure that this radio network was open to the arpanet.

Hawaii: develop radio network, surf the daily

Aloha is said to hawaiian, if you meet or if you say goodbye. Aloha horte ‘standard’ abramson the first time when he was a young lecturer on the backpath from a computer conference in tokyo on hawaii a break and surfing in the waves. Abramson decided to give up his post at the university stanford and to pull with the family to hawaii to surf the day.

In 1968 he became a professor for information technology and electrical engineering at the university of hawaii. In stanford, he had received his doctorate and encoding information packets, in hawaii, he made himself develop these ideas in a radio network of the university, which should combine the over several islands scattered buildings of the university. First, a channel of the commercial wireless network of taxi drivers and mini-computers type hp 2115a. For the coding and decoding of the information packages, the program merehune, hawaiian ran on these computers "little ghost".

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Lexus adds his hybrid offer down

Lexus adds his hybrid offer down

Detroit (michigan / usa), 14. January 2009 – with the upscale mid-range limousine hs 250h, lexus sends its fourth hybrid model on the way. His debut is currently giving the car at the north american international auto show (naias – audiator days: 17. To 25. January).

Use exhaust gas warms

The 4.70 meter long and 1.78 meter wide newbie is located between the lexus series and it is located and at the same time the up to date smallest model of lexus with hybrid drive. The hs 250h is erupted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder operating according to the atkinson principle promises consumption benefits in partial load range. The system total power of electric and gasoline engine gives lexus with around 137 kw (187 hp). The hybrid center classer uses the exhaust gas warms as the lexus rx 450h to get faster and more efficient at operating temperature – this in turn creates the possible combustion of the burner of fruher, ofter and long. For the technical highlights of the first otto four-cylinder in a lexus numbers, an intelligent variable valve control (vvt-i), olsprritzdusen for cooling the pistons, an optimized design of the compensation shaft for again reduced sounds and vibrations as well as a hot air gauze system behind the kuhler was mounted.

Windshield kuhlt interior

The specially developed windshield should leash less infrared radiation in the interior and counteract its heating. Led main headlights also contribute to improved fuel efficiency and less emissions. In aerodynamically, the hs 250h is waiting for a cw value of 0.27. In addition, a front and a rear spoiler as well as the diffusers on the underbody reduce air turbulence. Serial mabig rolls the hybrid mid-classler with 17-inch aluminum wheels over the straws, but optionally also 18-inchers are relevant.

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Triumph of the nerd

The adolescent nerd in the web of identity crises: "spider-man 3"

Spider-man is back! In the third part of the cinematic saga, the superhero is confronted with three opponents at once: one "sandman" of unclear shape, a nasty alter-ego who copies all his super-spider skills, and of course his old childhood friend harry osborn, who wanted to avenge the death of his father norman osborn in part 1, for which he blames spider-man/peter parker. He already had enough to do with himself, his longing for a normal life, his changing identity crises and for his beloved "mj". So is "spider-man 3" again psychoanalysis in comic book garb and full of political subtext. Liberal mythology? No, rather more serious "caring conservatism".

Triumph of the nerd

Image: sony pictures

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Coarse apple share package is to tie tim cook langer

Coarse Apple share package is to tie Tim Cook Langer

Apple wants to keep tim cook as a long-term term as a corporate chief: after just under ten years as ceo, cook has now received a new, huge stock packet, as in an entry of the company to the us borsenaufsicht sec. Overall, cook is expected to receive up to just under a million apple shares if it remains with the company by 2025 and fulfills certain performance goals in terms of the development of the share price. According to the current price, the entire share package had a value of up to about 100 million euros.

Half of the stock packet tabled at equity return

Cook has taken care of innovation and the company with "values and integrity" listed, apple’s board of directors directed against us media. The equity package is divided into two: cook should be just under 334.000 apple shares received as restricted stock units (rsu), which cook is equipped in april 2023, 2024 and 2025. A second package also just under 334.000 apple shares has been linked to the share yield (total shareholder return, tsr) and will transfer to cook in october 2023 – depending on the development of the share price, the next three business years of the ceo receive a lot between 0 and 200 percent of these shares.

Tim cook had recently received a coarse equity package of around 1 million shares at the time of apple ceo post in 2011, which is created by 2021. Through the boron course growing in the last decade, the apple boss is now considered a billionar. Cook was announced by five years ago, he wanted to finance the college training of his nephew, but apart but donate his overall for beneficial purposes.

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Spacex: starship prototype sn8 started despite the opposition of the faa

Spacex: Starship prototype SN8 started despite the opposition of the FAA

In the last few minutes before the start of the starship prototype sn8 of spacex in december, at least two warnings of us aviation concern faa were ignored at the space company of elon musk. This reports the us magazine the verge citing not public documents.

The execution of the start was hurting the license of spacex, threw it in the warnings. Also because the faa has not been determined in the already known investigation of the incident, whether this is deliberately done, but had no consequences for spacex.

"Disgusting lack of discipline"

On the 9th. December had reached a prototype of the starship for the first time in a test flight several kilometers high, then sn8 was gestured and ran up in flames. The countdown for the flight was first started the day before, at that time with the consent of the state-made faa, explained the verge. On the following day, however, other weather conditions were herring and between representatives of spacex and the faa have given it constantly new meetings. Background were weather models of the faa, according to which hazards for apartments in the nearby could not be excluded. Spacex is amed that one’s own data became sufficient.

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