The new europe in the new iraq

The u.S. Government needs the support of the eastern european countries to give the occupying power an international appearance

Since one and a half month the gulf war ii is over. Since then, the death toll among coalition troops has slowly but steadily risen to one or two a day. More than 80 american soldiers have been killed and more than 300 injured by iraqi guerrilla groups. Coupled with the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have yet been found – and will never be found, some say – unease about iraq has grown more coarse in the u.S. And the u.K.

The u.S. Has therefore put prere on its allies in new europe to help control the new iraq. The desperation of the american government is so great that it is even willing to pay in part for these additional troops to ease the burden on coalition forces.

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Instructions for overthrow

Bertelsmann foundation draws up strategy paper for political change of power in belarus

The bertelsmann foundation recently presented a strategy paper entitled "towards a coherent eu strategy for belarus" aims to bring about a regime change in lukashenko’s byelorussia. The paper was developed at a workshop in vilnius, lithuania, in early february, which was prepared in cooperation with the lithuanian ministry of auben. In addition to representatives of the belarusian opposition, representatives of the eu commission and the eu council participated as observers.

The ambitious paper has so far been overlooked in the german media; only a german-language internet newspaper published in russia mocked the ambitions of the gutersloh-based. By the way, the weibrussia paper is not unusual – since 1993, the bertelsmann foundation has already presented numerous strategy papers on eu aubenpolitik (see also bertelsmann): "nothing works without bertelsmann").

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First calendar for 2017: earth defender and a lot of naked skin

Several months before the end of the year, not only the sale of gingerbread at the discounters begins. Photographers, publishers and companies unaval the first calendars for the coming year. So the italian coffee producer lavazza and the easter-rich photographer manfred baumann already presented their calendars for 2017. They could hardly be different.

12 times naked skin

Under the motto "the erotic of the zodiac" is the new calendar of manfred baumann. For ten years, the vienna photographer published an essential calendar. This time he has taken the zodiac signs as an opportunity, between or closely treated thirteen ladies naked in the pin-up style and in black and white.

First calendar for 2017: Earth Defender and a lot of naked skin

Baumann liked explanatory hubs away from the image of the "madchen photographers". So he does not pay only helmut newton to his role models, but also the landscape photographer ansel adams. In 2013, he has the photoband in the national geographic verlag "old world, new world" publishes the travel photographs of istanbul to new york. But the new calendar was allowed to stand rather in the tradition of his early work.

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Crypto wars: back to the stand of the analogue phone

Crypto Wars: Back to the stand of the analogue phone

Christian klos, head of the public security department in the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry, has been criticized on monday that policies are constantly creating new powers for police and intelligence services. There are only three investigating approaches in the core, he explained on behalf of the german eu council prosident on monday in the committee for beautifical freedoms, justice and home affairs of the eu parliament: travel movements, communication and existing units by criminal acts. It is therefore important for the security authorities to obtain these possibilities in principle, stressed klos.

As before

Addressed to the debate on the aid requested by the federal government of service providers such as apple, facebook, google, threema, signal or whatsapp to decelerate electronic communications, which investigators had to be put into the stand in this field, so desreation "like the analog phone". The council of ministers has made itself a uniform opinion on the submission of the federal government for an explanation for the interaction.

"Clasp is a difficult topic", member eu indoor commissarin ylva johansson with the online discussion with the deputies. The tool is important for the protection of privacy. Criminals could also use it to hide their communication. It is therefore about finding balanced legal and technical solutions. Be included "effective instruments for law enforcement".

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Hybrid turned upside down – the golf twindrive

Hybrid turned upside down - the golf twindrive

Berlin, 26. June 2008 – even the automotive industry’s board members are now openly admitting that electric vehicles are on the way. With the golf twindrive, vw is now introducing a version of the electric drive that allows zero-emission operation in the city without sacrificing interurban driving. Federal environment minister sigmar gabriel and vw ceo martin winterkorn presented a first prototype at the launch of the "electric mobility fleet test" project in berlin.

Combustion engine supplements electric motor

The vehicle will be powered by an electric motor and a combustion engine. Both together can produce up to 130 kw. Unlike previous hybrid concepts, vw is not only aiming to reduce fuel consumption, but above all to achieve completely emission-free operation in urban traffic. Nevertheless, the combustion engine is integrated in such a way that it can also provide propulsion on its own in interurban traffic. The golf twindrive selects the operating mode automatically. The combustion engine only needs one gear, because up to about 120 km (120 miles) it can be driven in one gear. The electric motor thus takes over the function of the transmission, before the combustion engine takes over the drive completely at higher speeds. In the golf presented here, the engine is a tdi with 122 hp, but a tsi could also be used, which inherently provides the necessary high torque at low engine speeds.

Up to 50 kilometers on battery power

The prototype runs on first-generation lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. Initially, the vehicle is expected to travel around 50 kilometers in electric mode. Any power outlet can be used to charge the battery. On a typical commuter route, for example from potsdam to berlin mitte, the golf twindrive is expected to get by on eight kilowatt hours and 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

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Driving report yamaha tenere 700

Driving report yamaha tenere 700

The tenere 700 must compete a rough heritage. Your ancestin xt 600 z tenere was in the mid-1980s as the travel enduro par excellence, was sometimes even the best-selling motorcycle in europe. Named after one of the most lifeliest regions of the sahara – once the rally paris-dakar rally – the 162 kilograms of light single-cylinder enduro mastered any thread through long spring trails and a monumental 30-liter tank and developed a legendary reputation.

In the course of their long career, however, the tenere started more and more bacon, became gross, heavier and unwieldy, until finely hardly anyway was abstained by the original enduro thought. When she was set in 2017, the xt 660 z tenere was the last japanese travel enduro with single-cylinder engine. With only 48 hp, but 211 kilograms of weight she was passed by the two-cylindrical competition.

Finally rewarded

Yamaha therefore planned the successor in general manifold and deared a lot of time during development. For years, prototypes appeared on various motorcycle fairs, until the new tenere 700 finally came to the market this year. Yamaha put on landability with their rough emphasis and thus went the opposite way like the competition. The muhe has paid off, instead of a funf-zentner balancing brint with leather armchair and infotainment, is the new tenere 700 rank and slim there.

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