“M” as in “manual”

Munich, 8. July 2015 – with 317 kw. The weight of around 1.5 tons can only partially compensate for the performance disadvantage compared with the audi rs4 and especially the 510-hp mercedes c 63 amg, but the lower weight helps with the other driving dynamics. Those who get involved in the action like this also like to change gears themselves – even if that seems to be a bit out of fashion these days. We tried the m4 with its manual transmission, which has become rare in the competitive field.

In the age of the dual clutch transmission

The more curves the better. The munich engineers have done an excellent job with the chassis, and they haven’t forgotten how to tune a manual transmission in the age of the dual-clutch gearbox. However, the stick is sometimes a bit bony in the lanes and requires a lot of power. The clutch is also rough to work with. Particularly in low gears, the clutch pedal has to be handled with care so that the passenger doesn’t nod heavily every time, at least in city traffic.

A small digression: bmw has already done a lot here, because the clutch is strongly demanded by the 550 nm torque and must therefore snap a little more snappily, in order to let damaging grinding fail as briefly as possible. The brittleness in shifting may also have to do with the dimensioning of the gearbox and synchronization, so that it can cope with the coarse torque of the engine. It is to bmw’s credit that they still offer a manual transmission in this power class. Other manufacturers are so concerned about damage from clutch misoperation that they use either torque converters (in classic automatic transmissions) or automatically operated clutches (in dual clutch transmissions or automated manual transmissions) "smg" at bmw). However, bmw is apparently also in the process of considering whether to continue offering the m models with manual transmissions in the future.

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Impressions of us photomesse photoplus

The photoplus in manhattan started at the day of the day with a strong visitor margin. Last year, according to the organizer, around 22 were around 22.000 visitors at the trade fair, which is considered the most important photo show in the usa. For the photo industry, the american market only takes a particularly important position due to its skiing. The well-known camera manufacturers are accordingly represented on the photoplus with coarse-bearing stood and present their current camera and lens models. Canon, for example, the dslr eos 7d mark ii and nikon the d750. In addition, numerous companies show their more or less innovative accessories and software offers.

For example, on the new york fair storage lessons: for example, mylio presented a new photo management system that stores its photo collection in the cloud and access it with different ones (desktop calculator, tablet, smartphone). Many visitors were also interested in easy-to-use image processing tools or. Plugins like perfectly clear, with which basic corrections like sharpen can be done quickly.

In this year, many german photomers are represented at the us show. In addition to the coarse players such as leica and zeiss also smaller companies such as the photographic development specialist jobo or novoflex. There is a separate german pavilion at the fair, which was initiated among other things by the federal ministry of economics and energy.

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“The roar of machine guns was our music”

After the second world war, ramasan mukhametgaliev, now 91 years old, exchanged his machine gun for a mandolin. Every saturday he meets with other veterans in a choir in the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk. Photo: jens malling

World war ii veterans meet every week in the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk to sing in a choir. Their soldier songs of heroism, love, fear and death became relevant again after war broke out again in this part of ukraine

The sounds of an accordion swell through the room. The instrument is squeezed and expands between the expert hands of andrei plakidkin. Around the 39-year-old music teacher stands a choir of veterans. The aging singers tune in with verses about world war ii:

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Astronomy: nasa space telescope was allowed to find hundreds of lonely exoplanets

Astronomy: NASA Space Telescope was allowed to find hundreds of lonely exoplanets

A planned space telescope of nasa was able to find dozens of lonely exoplanets with the crowd of our earth, which no longer circle a star and instead drift alone through the milk strain. To this result come scientists of ohio state university in a recent study. The nancy grace roman space telescope (formerly wfirst) was allowed to significantly improve our knowledge of such lonely exoplanets, write. Maybe there is even more of these sky corpers in our milk strain as stars. In this case should "novel" hundreds of such exoplanets find, including several dozen with the mass of the earth or less.

In search of the lonely planet

The nancy grace roman space telescope is currently being developed, starting it in the mid-2020s. It is an infrared telescope, which was originally known under the name wide field infrared survey telescope. Only a few months ago it was renamed and now carries the name of the us astronomy and first nasa responsible for astronomy, nancy grace roman. Because of their crucial role in the development of the space telescope, it is commonly regarded as the "mother of hubble". The over-named space telescope should complete a series of scientific missions and search for particularly small exoplanets, among other things.

(source: nasa’s goddard space flight center)

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Driving report: skoda kodiaq 2.0 tdi

Driving report: skoda kodiaq 2.0 tdi

After years of growing success, it is hard to believe, but kia sportage, hyundai tucson, range rover evoque and all other conventional suspects in the segment of the slightly coarse suv will still achieve whopping growth rates. Volkswagen came amazingly spat with appropriate models, but was all the more successful. And only now, the group allows its favorable subsidiaries to enter the competition against the in-house vw tiguan or the audi q3: seat brought out the ateca only a few months ago – and now skoda the kodiaq. However, the czechs have proven with compact yeti for years, how well they can be suv. Almost 17.500 yeti were re-admitted nationwide from january to october 2016 – more than, for example, bmw from the x3 or jeep with all series of series.

Little spectacular

The aub design is not necessarily an eyecatcher, but fits into the segment. Also inside you will find little spectacular: a coarse creation screen in the center of the cockpit, the intuitively operable menu, well-readable round instruments with a digital display in between, coarse comfortable seats also in the second row, which is also displaceable by 18 centimeters. If necessary, a third series of emergency seats can be ordered. The cargo space also measures 270 liters even with three rows of seats, as a five-seater 720 liters and with a folded back seat back up to 2065 liters. As a towing vehicle, the kodiaq moves up to 2.5 tons.

With its amounts of 4697 mm in the long, 1882 mm in width and 1676 mm high including roof rail, the kodiaq is only slightly later than the octavia combi derived from the golf, but is significantly gross and massive. The more amazing, with what precision and ease he manovrises itself in city traffic manovring. The steering works very precise and steering corrections are rarely necessary. The chassis builds every roadway unevenly skilfully, the malposition can be set with the optional "driving mode select" over several steps between taut and comfortable. Also steering, gas acceptance and the 7-speed double clutch transmission are influenced accordingly.

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Windows 10 2004 reset: microsoft workaround fixes problems

Windows 10 2004 Reset: Microsoft workaround fixes problems

Windows 10 offers users the possibility to reset the operating system installation on a pc. This is helpful, for example, if the operating system is damaged and no longer works. This feature stands for administrators in the operating system settings in the recovery category under ‘to use this pc’ – but there are difficulties on how microsoft is now admitted.

It seems to give namely certain constellations in which the refill fails and the process breaks off. Microsoft writes in a currently published support document that collapses under certain hardware configurations in windows 10 version 2004 with a mistake. The process is failed and the user then displays the message: ‘there was a problem when backing up your pc. No changes were made."

Windows 10 2004 Reset: Microsoft workaround fixes problems

Run the pc "non-flawless", you can back up windows – but that does not work flawlessly.

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“Culture of lazy men in the inner cities”

Homeless man in new york, december 2008. Photo: jmsuarez; license: cc by 2.0

Poverty and minimum wage discussion in the usa: how poor is a household with a car, tv set and computer??

Poverty in the u.S. Is unseen; for years, travelers to america have reported the same amazement at how many poor people they have seen in cities across the country. Paul ryan, republican party hopeful, does not deny this; he cares about the poor, ryan touts. Since his 2012 campaign as a vice presidential candidate, he has shown up to visit city agencies to fight poverty. He wants to revive the idea of the "compassionate conservatism" revive. However, the budget plan presented by the chairman of the house of representatives budget committee speaks a different language. As does his exportation of the culture of the poor in inner cities.

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Recognizing dream images on the basis of brain activity

Japanese scientists were able to show that the brain processes dream images similarly to what it sees

There has already been some progress in mind-reading by means of brain scans, even though it is still far from being possible to really tell from neuronal activity what a person is currently thinking or perceiving. However, it is not possible to recognize individual words or images in a pattern of activity from a scan, but only the coincidence of categories or features that are thought to be used by the brain to identify objects. Japanese scientists have now attempted for the first time to decode dream images based on neural activity patterns through machine learning (mind reading in the age of brain scanners).

Tartini’s dream by louis-leopold boilly. The privacy of the dreams is also not possible? Image: public domain

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