Climate package: higher commuter allowance for millions

Several million taxpayers are expected to benefit from the planned higher mileage allowance for long-distance commuters. In 2015, some 6.7 million citizens reported commutes to work of more than 20 kilometers on their tax returns, according to the Federal Statistical Office on Friday (4. October 2019) in Wiesbaden reported. 86 percent covered at least part of the distance by car.

The actual number of persons was allowed to be higher, as married couples and civil partnerships assessed together are only registered as one tax case. More recent figures are not available because, according to the Federal Office for Reliable Results, the long deadlines for tax assessment must first be waited for.

Planned increase of five cents per kilometer

In its "climate package", the federal government plans to increase the commuter allowance from 21. kilometer from 2021 onwards from 30 to 35 cents per kilometer, limited until the end of 2026. This amount may be deducted from taxable income per working day, it pays the single distance.

Critical 0-day lucke in pulse secure vpn actively exploited

The Security Company Mandiant reports of attacks on companies using SSL VPN Appliances Pulse Connect Secure. Among other things, the attackers use a hitherto unknown safety chuck. The manufacturer Pulse Secure has published a security advisory with workarounds and faces soon updates in views that luck the cheeks.

Pulse Secure speaks of one "Authentication bybass" – So the possibility to access the login to the gerates and to justify code. Consequently, the manufacturer classifies the LUCKE CVE-2021-22893 in the highest possible level "critical" ON (CVSS 10/10). There is no patch or an error-adjusted version of the firmware yet.

Workaround available

Instead, PULSE Secure describes a workaround, which should secure the affected Pulse Connect Secure Appliances Temporary. This is disabled the Windows File Share Browser and Pulse Secure Collaboration. In addition, a blacklisting should lock certain URLs used for attacks. With a special tool called Pulse Connect Secure Integrity Arance, customers should also check whether their VPN appliance has already been compromised.

Shortly informed: corona vaccine, protein folding, gootkit, pokemon

Moderna as well as Biiontech and Pfizer apply for Corona vaccine

The US Pharmaconzern Moderna has asked as a first company as a first company that applied for a Corona vaccine at the European Medicines Agency EMA. The Mainz company BIONTECH and its partner company Pfizer also have an application for conditional market center in the EU in court. With the midsentors of the EMA, a Corona vaccine also jerks nearby in Germany. If the author recommends a conditional at all, the vaccine could be used in December, biontech shared.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 01.12.2020: Corona vaccine, protein folding, Gootkit, Pokemon

Ki creates breakthrough in protein folding

Deepmind apparently has a fundamental challenge of biology largely solved and with "Alphafal" created a Ki, which does the protein structure forecast with unprecedented accuracy. With this communication loose the Google daughter partly enthusiastic reactions in the research community. The protein folding problem is that proteins consist of hundreds of amino acid, which fold into complex structures. Which amino acids into a protein encodes the DNA, but which does not provide information about the room structure. The Ki prediction of protein structures thus became an important tool of researchers.

Covid 19 vaccine from johnson johnson receives emergency duty in the us

In the USA, a third vaccine against the COVID-19 disease can now be used from now: the drug fabrics FDA (U. S. Food and Drug Administration) ied the Praparat of the company Johnson Johnson an emergency call. In addition to this vaccine in the EU is also requested, but a decision is still out.

Only one vaccination required

The remedy of the US medical device manufacturer Johnson Johnson is the first to be sprayed only once. The already approved premiums of competitors Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer, however, need two vaccinations. Johnson Johnson had requested the in the beginning of February, the FDA had given her that Saturday.

US Prasident Biden welcomed the plenty and spoke on Saturday "Inspiring news for all Americans and encouraging development in our chairs to end the crisis". However, the availability of a third vaccine does not mean the all-clear – it continues to be able to vaccinate as many people as much as possible as well as continue to comply with distance and hygiene rules.

The last stable release of GIMP was version 2.8th. She was published in 2012, there is no for the productive use of the successor to today. The version 2 released only to experimental purposes.9.2 shows already in which direction GIMP will develop. On her will be the version 2.10, so the next for the productive use version, based.

We have the developer version 2.9.2 viewed and learn important new features that your way into the major release GIMP 2.10 will find. The source code for Windows, MacOS X or Linux can be downloaded from the GIMP project website. However, you must compile this code yourself.

The new features of GIMP

The developer version 2.9.2. Based in widths on the new Graphic Library Guck. It offers 16- / 32-bit support per channel, hardware-accelerated representation and a direct image window preview for numerous filters. Metadata should also be pleased in GIMP: in version 2.9.2 is already an experimental dialog box for the display of Exif-, XMP and IPTC metadata; However, the adding and editing is not possible yet.

Agile workshops for product owner: playfully sharpen his own role

Around the second product Owner Day, the heise developer, dot.publisher and IT-agile On the 29th. Organized by April, the organizers align four practice workshops on ies of agile software development. Among other things, the participants test themselves how self-organized teams work on how business stories can be used as a tool to demand the value chip of their own company and how product owners clearly rewrite their own role and their own product.

Self-organized teams with foundation

On the 28th. April 2021 makes the organizational consultant and professional book author Sigfried Kaltenecker the prelude to the workshop "Product Owner in self-organized teams". Who participates, what self-organization demands and what they are hindering. Together, the participants behind the theory look at the agile manifests and try preserved techniques on concrete case studies. Tools like Team Canvas, Decision Matrix and Visual Work Management are in focus.

Effect with business stories

The consultants Ulf Mewe and Stefan Rock of IT-Agile offer on 30. April 2021 People with Scrum Basic Label A deepening of the effectiveness of business stories and how to use them as a tool. During Epics and User Stories go to the results, business stories summarize the effect. You can be cut small so that Product Owner will receive a real feedback. Target group are business analysts, project managers and product managers


Frankfurt. September 2013 – Fans of classic Jaguar models will shiver, but clever marketing experts have decided that the brand needs an SUV. The British company, which has produced timelessly elegant, graceful sedans and coupes, needs this chunky vehicle genre in its lineup for those markets where customers don’t care much for tradition. And so the C-X17 study is on display at the IAA, which is supposed to come very close to a production SUV in terms of appearance. However, it is not yet clear when an SUV from Jaguar will be available for purchase.

Borrowing from existing models

At first glance, the Jaguar C-X17 looks a bit like the Mazda CX-5. Ian Callum, Jaguar’s chief designer, has cleverly mixed elements of existing Jaguar models. The rear end is reminiscent of the relatively new F-Type, while a bit of the XF and XJ shine through at the front. With a length of 4.72 meters, the C-X17 is significantly shorter than a Porsche Cayenne, while the height is 1.65 meters. An all-wheel drive system adapts to the rough conditions; normally, 100 percent of the torque is sent to the rear axle. This was allowed to save a few tenths of a liter in the NEDC – whether the intended clientele even notices it at all? A ground clearance of 21 centimeters was allowed to be sufficient for dirt roads – customers in this segment usually don’t demand more anyway.

Supercharged V8?

Jaguar has not yet given any details on the engine. In principle, almost anything from the brand’s current engine range is conceivable. In the medium term, Jaguar will probably not be able to escape the competition, which is why we expect a turbocharged V8 at the top of the range. For the European market there will most likely also be powerful diesel engines.

The Bundestag’s exhaust gas investigation committee has received many requested files only in black or with secret classification. Of 800 files received from ministries and authorities, 400 were declared confidential, said Chairman Herbert Behrens (Left Party) in Berlin on Tuesday. In open files, some long passages had been made illegible. Behrens announced that the members of parliament would follow up on this and would not be satisfied with such support for the clarification work. If necessary, legal action could be taken: "The ministries and authorities should know that they are dealing with a critical committee."On Thursday (8. September 2016), the first experts are to be heard in public.

The head of the committee emphasized that in view of the relatively short time available for the committee’s work until the 2017 parliamentary elections, a concentrated approach should be taken. There must therefore be no trickery in the procedure. The members of the committee wanted to examine the files received by the end of August 2016, also with a view to secret classifications. In one file, for example, information on a conversation with the president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Matthias Wissmann, had been blacked out. More than 220 pages were removed from a file of the Federal Motor Transport Authority with reference to ongoing investigations.

Behrens said he was counting on interest in clarification from representatives of all factions: "We have three million people directly affected, who are obviously driving a different car than they thought they had bought."The manipulation software has to be removed from 2.4 million Volkswagen vehicles, and 630.000 more cars, manufacturers want to improve emissions settings. In addition, millions of people want to know what really comes out of exhaust pipes, Behrens said. This is not just about Volkswagen, but a scandal that affects the entire industry.

Apache atlas 2.1 offers improved entity management thanks to labels

The Apache Software Foundation has version 2.1.0 by Apache Atlas. The Open Source Framework is to support HADOOP users in companies in order to fulfill compliance requirements by suitable metadata management. For this, Atlas is among others a number of scaling and expandable governance services. Beyond the error cleanup, the development team has focused on the new release for improvements in performance as well as in the search.

Classify better, search faster

New in Atlas 2.1 are, for example, labels for the so-called entities (metadata types). Users have the possibility to provide entities with matching descriptions – and to remove them again if necessary. When looking for entities not only the new labels are available, but Atlas also offers the option to find them based on more than one classification. To classify, on the one hand, the Framework offers the new feature business metadata, which provides you to describe entitae types over additional attributes closer and filter in search. In addition, Atlas users with Custom Attributes still provide further individual description options for entity instances that have not yet been defined in Entity-DEF or Business Metadata.

Thanks to the Quick Search feature, the search in the framework is already supplying the first suggestion when entering search terms. Meanwhile, more performance promises improvements in the transfer of classifications as well as the tracking of the origin of data (Lineage Retrieval).

Ag kritis: interior ministry allows the digitization of the administration

At the latest 2023, the Muhsame Gang should have an end to the Office, according to the policy: With the online access law of August 2017 (OZG), federal and land have committed to their administrative services until 31.12.To offer 2022 online. A total of 570 services from the registration statement to the demolition approval should then be retrieved over the network.

But already in the last year, experts in the realizability of the ambitious tarpaulin, which Germany should bring in the e-government ranking of the EU from Rank 24 out of 28 in 2019. Now the AG warns critis, an independent association of security professionals with particular expertise in the field of critical infrastructures, before further delays due to the lack of consideration of security ies in the implementation.

The BMI is in the duty

§ 5 "IT security" of the online access law determines that the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home (BMI) "the standards required to obtain IT security by ordinance" defined. But that’s not happened yet, although the almost five and a half years for the implementation of the OZG have already elapsed three years – ie over the half of the time – and many developments have already started.