Promised: francosian authority finds pegasus spyware at journalists

Promised: Francosian authority finds Pegasus spyware at Journalists

France’s authority for information security anssi has found the spyware pegasus on the smartphones of three journalists and thus delivered a first independent confirmation for the youngest premieges against the israeli company nso. This reports the british guardian. The spyware was therefore detected on the mobile phone of a journalist of the television station france 24 and on the advisers of a journalist and a journalist of the investigative side mediapart. The findings were passed on to the paris prosecutor, where the investigation is on the monitoring scandal.

With spyware against the press

The israeli spyware developer nso group was again in the headlines a few weeks ago. An international journalist consortium has given publicly that on dozens of smartphones of journalists, human rights people, whose family gourfactants and managers have been found traces of attacks with the company’s pegasus software. Pegasus uses security swallowing in smartphone software to gain far-reaching access to data. The numbers belonged to a record with more than 50.000 telephone numbers evaluated by the journalists and journalists.

The nso group has denied the premieges vehemently and concede a media boycott, among other things. Not quite clear was so far what exactly the phone numbers is. The proof of france is now initially confirmed the premieges for the first time and was allowed to continue to penetrate the defensive. In france, the topic is also highly political, because even a number of state prassident emmanuel macron was included. At france 24 you are shocked, given the detection, the guardian writes. Further legal action should follow. The lenaig bredoux also affected by mediapart is quoted by the newspaper with the words, "that’s the final stroke under the idea that all lugs and fake news. That’s the proof we need."

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There are more and more signs of electoral fraud

Countless anomalies were found in the control payment of 9% of the ballots, opposition announces protests until mid-september

Left-wing candidate andres manuel lopez obrador (amlo) plans to continue his protests for a new payout in mexico’s presidential election until at least mid-september. Many anomalies found in 9% of ballots checked so far. Illegal ballots were found in rough numbers, votes for the left-wing coalition were assigned to other candidates, already there were so many fake votes to make the alleged victory with 0.58 % (244.000 votes) lead of conservative felipe calderon, says left-wing coalition. In front of tens of thousands of supporters in mexico city, obrador again demanded the full disbursement of all votes. The protest intensified and in the state of oaxaca another demonstrator was shot dead.

The ruling of the mexican federal electoral court was initially a cold shower for the left-wing coalition "for the good of all", behind which the "party of the democratic revolution" is leading" (prd) stands. Instead of re-counting all the votes, the court only ordered a re-counting of 9% of the ballots. Since the presidential elections of 2. On july 2, countless mexicans protested for an overall review of the elections, in which there were apparently such gross irregularities even in the first control payment that the electoral court also ordered its repetition (blockades in mexico).

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Usa before the next iraq war?

President obama sees no military solution, but relies on air strikes

George w. Bush wanted to announce the successful end of the war in iraq as early as may 2003. On an airplane carrier he announced in front of gathered soldiers "mission accomplished", after he landed in a pilot’s uniform as co-pilot of a fighter plane (the war on terrorism continues). A crude show that failed catastrophically. U.S. President obama came into office with the promise to end the wars started by bush and to withdraw u.S. Soldiers. What is yet to come in afghanistan is already in iraq "succeeded". In 2012, all soldiers left iraq after an agreement with the iraqi head of government maliki failed over the ie of immunity. Obama actually wanted up to 50 more.000 troops in iraq to train the iraqi army and provide security. And it was already clear that nothing was good in iraq, which remained a powder keg (the war on terrorism continues) that has now exploded again.

Actually, obama wanted to join the "nation building" the u.S. Government had tried to influence maliki to form a government of national unity with integration of the sunnis, but it failed because of maliki’s resistance in iraq, but soon after the withdrawal of u.S. Troops, fighting between the shiite and sunni population groups resumed. The u.S. Government had certainly tried to influence maliki to form a government of national unity with integration of the sunnis, but failed because of his resistance. The u.S. Had been working with the "surge" developed the strategy of not only tolerating sunni militias, but also financing them. They were supposed to provide security, which very quickly led to a decline in violence. Maliki ended the program and discriminated against the sunnis. The war in syria finally caught up with iraq and loved the sunni extremists thrive. In syria, al-qaeda, which had been crushed by the u.S., re-formed in iraq and eventually became the islamic state, which achieved gross success with brutal violence and end-time ideology.

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Illegal journalists

No freedom of the press in the israeli-occupied territories

Monday afternoon in ramallah: israeli army lifts curfew for four hours. An all-terrain vehicle with crude stickers "reuters tv" driving along the main road, filming a tank and the accompanying soldiers. The journalists are stopped. "Prime motive", i think to myself, "fits exactly to the article i want to write for telepolis." but a soldier sees my camera, runs up to me and gives me a choice: come with me, hand over camera or loosen diskette. Since the reuters reporters now have to get out of their car and their stay with the army seems to be longer, i decide for the third solution and may disappear. Perhaps i am not recognized as a journalist at all, but only as one of the few foreigners remaining in the place.

The legal insecurity of many palestinians under the military occupation also affects journalists in the occupied territories. Only three hundred meters away from the media-shy soldiers, others can peacefully even "at work" to be photographed. They throw pop grenades at a group of ten women shouting slogans against the occupation. Ramallah is usually the place with the highest media density in palestine. Where otherwise hundreds of journalists step on each other’s toes, on monday there are only two tv cameras even during the lifting of the curfew. Apparently, the soldiers are aware of the illegitimacy of their actions. The palestinians kneeling on the ground with bloody faces and gun barrels on their necks were not allowed to be photographed either.

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Driving report: renault koleos dci 130

Driving report: renault koleos dci 130

It is no end to the foreseeable: the current automode always brings new suv offshoots, which appear to make the appearance of anything, which is hardly a customer ever checked. Who now wants to turn the manufacturers a reproach from making the market mass with such a thing, scales the situation: the producers simply provide what the market wants. Since the chinese car buyers have come to this taste, these chunky models will probably stay for a long time. Renault goes, like seat in the case of ateca, the path of the least resistance and supplies a suv in the current style of the house with the second koleos. This applies to optics and other properties equailed, as a first short exit shows.

Long as the competition

Even if my treasured colleague clemens has shortly discovered his love for the first koleos in the australian bush: a bestseller was not exactly this country. The second generation points to the renault models megane and talisman, without visually entirely to occur as the espace. With a long of 4.67 meters he is sometimes depassing like a mercedes glc or a skoda kodiaq. As far as the space is concerned, the renault is between these two: he offers more space than the mercedes without supplying the fille of the skoda. The wheelbase of the kodiaq is significantly more than that of renault with 2.7 meters with 2.79 m. Also, the trunk of the koleos is smaller with 498 liters smaller.

The entire design of the interior is similar to the well-known design line of renault. This is slowly boring in the now fold model, the advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the interior is properly processed, with some loops in operation. In the infotainment system, the ways to some functions are somewhat an economic. The cruise control is turned on on the central tunnel, but can remain permanent. I like that better than if you have to activate it with each ride and only then save a speed. The display instead of the instrument cluster is badly reading in direct lighting – a weak that almost all these displays have.

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Vw passat with new entry-level diesel – r-line edition available

Vw passat with new entry-level diesel - r-line edition available

Wolfsburg, 14. November 2008 – volkswagen extends the motor palette of the passat around a diesel engine: the two liters of rough direct injectors makes 110 hp and sends between 1500 and 2500 revolutions its maximum torque of 250 newton meters over a funfgang manual gearbox to the front preview. Vw with 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers for the sedan and 5.6 liters for the variant. The engine is relevant in all equipment variants. The prices for the trendline sedan start at 26.200 euros, the variant trendline costs at least 27.350 euro.

Also as a bluemotion obvious

Alternatively, the self-cord with bluemotion package can be ordered. Thanks to the combined use of a start-stop automatic, rolling resistor-optimized tires and a mandated design of the funfgang switching gear, the new passat bluemotion should consume up to 0.7 liters of fuel less and only 128 grams of co2 per kilometer cancel (variant: 129 g / km to). The passat bluemotion can be ordered from 26.750 euros, the variant from 27.900 euros.

Coarse display of the multifunction display

The current offer is rounded off to the model year 2009 through the series use of the new combination instrument from the passat cc. According to vw, this is better readable, and with its multifunction display, the fittings are amendable.

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Threat of a water crisis?

Is a water crisis looming?

Image: sugeesh/cc by-sa-3.0

Abundance of water means life, prosperity and wealth. But lack of water means death. Due to heat and drought, water will be scarce in many parts of the world in summer 2018

In the french vosges mountains, the food company nestle and the local population are fighting over water – in southern spain, tourists are fighting with farmers over the precious liquid. Large parts of central and south africa, india and all of southeast asia suffer from water shortages. The un estimates that about one billion people do not have access to clean water; by 2050, the number is expected to double. The climate heating lets dig.

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Ankara flexes its muscles

The deployment of turkish soldiers in iraq could further fuel the problems

Last tuesday, the turkish parliament gave the green light to the ankara government’s plan to send soldiers to iraq. 358 deputies voted in favor of the deployment, 183 deputies refused to give their consent. Accordingly, up to 12.000 turkish soldiers were to be deployed to iraq.

In early march 2003, the turkish parliament refused to provide logistical support for the war against iraq, much to the displeasure of the u.S. Government (a brief yes for the stationing of u.S. Troops in turkey). Even the plans of attack had to be changed because of this refusal. The u.S. Subsequently showed its annoyance with the turkish decision. Did the turkish parliament with its current decision make a kowtow before the usa and made apology for its defatist attitude, as some commentators suppose??

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Gaza: what lesson?

Netanyahu continues to rely on military operations

The shelling continues into the fifth day. Operation pillar of defense, the israeli army’s attacks on targets in gaza, continues, and israeli media today report a "drumfire of rockets", that hit israeli territory, fired from gaza. The image being conveyed places rough emphasis on balance: "more than 70 rockets have been fired at israel since saturday, and the idf has attacked a similar number of targets in the gaza strip."

How to continue? What is the political plan behind the military one?? What is the netanyahu government’s vision for the future of gaza?? The questions are getting louder by the day, and there is no non-military answer yet.

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Great britain and eu introduce brexit trading pact

Great Britain and EU introduce Brexit trading pact

Less than a week before the expiration of the brexit transition phase, gobritans and the eu have published their moss-neglected trading pact for the time after that. Both sides presented the approximately 1250 pages strong document on their websites on the morning of the second christmas day. Among other things, the treaty should ask questions about trade, cooperation between police and justice and health insurance protection traveler in case of emergency.

London and brussel had at the christmas eve at the best german procurement time a breakthrough at the talks about a common trading pact. With the turn of the year, the united kingdom released the structures of the european union after almost 40 years of membership. The worst consequences of the divorce are thus averted.

Bettlekture trading pact

The british prime minister boris johnson had recommended his compatriots the contract previously recommended as a christmas label. If you want to read something at this "hard moment after the christmas snaire", he recommends the reading of the trading pact, he said in a video christmas message broadcast on twitter.

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