Federal Interior Minister of Horst Seehofer urges comprehensive amendments in the current reform of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) to which deep basic restricts were linked. The CSU politician has a long wishlist as "Formulation" sent to the government fractions of CDU / CSU and SPD, which should be installed in the design at the last meters of the novella. One of 15 points contains an identification obligation mainly for measurement equipment and e-mail services.

Telecommunications providers should therefore be required, "To raise, verify identification features, and to provide the security authorization in individual cases". Thus Konne "to declare crimes in individual cases the anonymitation can be lifted", Write the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in the paper published by the e-mail provider Posteo.

Number-independent interpersonelle services

The regulation goals primarily on "number-independent interpersonelle" Services, the Ministry of the Interior and calls concrete WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger. However, e-mail services such as Gmail, Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, Signal, Threema, Telegram, and VideoCall services such as Skype or Zoom were also affected. Even if this costs the service providers "In the high double-digit million area" the BMI was causing the approach for relevant, since the "a significant improvement in law enforcement" tour.

Digitized highway construction sites for fewer seams and more life

Construction sites on highways should become digitally. "This improves the quality and thus the life of the highway", said the head of the Niederm und Sudwest of the new Motorahn GmbH, Christine Baur-Fewson, the DPA in Stuttgart.

For example, the delivery of fresh asphalt can be better controlled, so that exactly the required amount in the correct temperature get an arrow and without unwanted stops seamlessly installed. Digital control of the rolls also ensure that newly built asphalt is compacted evenly.

Model model for others

This project could also have role model function for other Demands of the Federal Highway GmbH, which for the 1. January is responsible for all motorways in Germany. Confederation and Landers had agreed on this reorganization. So far, the federal government had financed this work and commissioned the organization was among the countries.

Hackathon #wirfurschule should set solutions for the 'hybrid school' find'hybride schule' finden'hybride schule' finden

An online competition should set solutions for the "hybrid school" Develop: The Hackathon #wirfurschule is about the pandemie-related combination of homeschooling and primey lessons in the school. "We need improved technology, processes, educational approaches and didactic concepts to master the next school year", explain the organizers of the competition on their website.

Sign up together with parents or teachers

The Hackathon finds from 8. until 12. June. According to the organizers "every educational enthusiast from 16 years with time, lust and internet access". Together with parents or teachers could and should also participate. You can log in until the 5. June.

The Hackathon was launched from the club "Digital education for all" And the teacher community "Teacher marketplace.de". In terms of content, he turns around nine theme fields, including the "Teeth of Prize Lessons and Homeschooling", "Specialist project ideas for the hybrid school", "Technical Equipment" and "Executive and further education of teachers".

Electrical multi-purpose supplier canoo mpdv for the last mile

The Californian Startup Canoo has introduced a battery-electric powered van with the MPDV, which should be particularly suitable for small businesses and delivery of goods on the last mile. It is after a van the second vehicle that wants to offer it on its own platform; First in a smaller amount in 2022 and in large edition a year.

Canoo was grounded by former top managers from the German Automotive Industry (BMW, Opel) and entered into 2017 as a supplier of EV platforms for the automotive industry and cooperates with Hyundai.

Two versions

The now planned electric delivery van is to be 33.000 US dollars and initially consists in two versions. The MPDV1 is intended to have a charge volume of 6.5 m3, with batteries of the capacitents 40, 60 or 80 kWh, whereby the maximum range is to be 370 km, and with an engine power of almost 150 kW. The execution MPDV2 is intended to have a loading volume of 14 m3, also in three different battery executions with a maximum range of 400 km, and also bring it to 150 kW. An even larger MPDV3 as electric truck is already planned.

Late since the publication of the series "The Witcher" On Netflix is known that Henry Cavill’s main actor has a certain affinity for video games and the fantasy genre. The action adventure "The Witcher 3" he already played before a series in the universe was in conversation in the conversation. In the way, he read the books of Andrzej Sapkowski.

On the question "PlayStation or Xbox?" In the video interview with Nme Answer Cavill: "Pc". According to his own statements, his father already introduced him to the world of gaming PCs as a child, but the actor has not built a separate one. "That will be the next project as soon as I find the time". Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it is obviously so far because of its Instagram channel, Cavill has shared a build video – a charming with one or the other entry-level problem.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Unfortunately, corporate and brand names are censored, but the hardware used can still be identified quite easily: Cavill installed AMDS 12-core processor Ryzen 9 3900x on Asus’ Rog Crosshair VIII Hero (X570 chipset) velvet 32 GB of DDR4-RAM (G.Skill Tridentz RGB) and Asus’ Rog Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. For this purpose, two 1 Tbyte large PCI-Express-3.0 SSDs from Samsung. The whole thing is in the fractal design housing DEFINE 7. An all-in-one water boiler of NZXT with 360 mm radiator hold the processor at temperature.

The current firmware releases of the coarse camera manufacturers should bring new functions and make old bugs the gardue. In the following list, we give a brief overview of the consistently free updates and the reason why you should import them.

Nikon D4

Nikon brings its D4 with the D4 firmware update A 1.10, B 1.10 on the front man. The update immediately brings a series of improvements:

  • the Individual function F17: Assign Remote FN Button, So a function key for radio remote controls, was added
  • CompactFlash memory card with more than 128 GB of capacity are now supported
  • overworked Individual function A4 (AF activation): Before that, in certain situations, it was possible that the camera decided immediately without focusing again. Now the trip is in autofocus mode AF-S, with AF single-field control and if the Individual function A2 (priority at AF-S) On focus is only possible if the camera has focused.
  • Compatible remit problem in parallel operation of CompactFlash and XQD memory cards (error display "ERR") should now be resolved.


With new software Sony wants the autofocus functions of his Nex-Speed up series. The firmware updates for NEX-5R (Version 1.03 Win | Mac), NEX-5T (Version 1.01 Win | Mac) and NEX-6 (Version 1.03 Win | Mac) should provide compatibility with a number of lenses. Here are the summarized changes in the overview, the details – there are slight differences between the individual camera models – can be found on the linked websites with the respective firmware:

Intel processors: new features for high security and (ki) performance

New Intel processors planned for 2021 also bring a number of new functions. Some of them now introduces Intel. Some of the new features strong safety, for example, already available from Tiger Lake (Core I Generation 11) "Key loose". Other such as AVX-VNNI and the AMX-Tile Matrix Multiply Unit (TMUL) promise high performance, some should improve the efficient use of the upcoming hybrid processors with Core I and Atomic Core.

Most of the now published innovations relate to the FUR 2021 planned 10-nanometer processors Alder Lake (for desktop PCs, probably with the catch LGA1700) and Sapphire Rapids (Fur Server). The latter brings about DDR5 RAM and PCI Express 5.0.

Hybrid control

After the hopefully last 14 nanometer processor for desktop PCs called Rocket Lake-S comes in the second half of 2021 the hybrid Alder Lake with strong core-I and economical atomic nuclei. His Core I cores were allowed to microarchitecture generation "Golden Cove" According and the atomic cores too "Gracemont".

Call recorder app furs iphone could have recordings

A well-known IOS app for taking telephone languages should have made rough quantities of records for unauthorized persons. Reason was a programming error, reports the security researcher Anand Prakash of Pingsafe AI. The app called Call Recorder uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to save the recordings.

Telephone number was interchangeable

With the help of the proxy tool Burp Suite, Prakash succeeded in analyzing the traffic of Call Recorder. He realized that it was trivial possible to exchange the phone number and send it to the Cloud Backend of Call Recorder. Then it was possible to access all the recordings of this person, which were deposited with AWS – just about the app itself. Authentication apparently did not take place because the app was familiar with blind.

130.000 recordings potentially suction

Potentially, up to 300 gigabytes of data were accessible if you go after the size of the affected bucket – with Uber 130.000 recordings, such as security researchers prakash the IT blog Techcrunch informed. There you could understand the behavior with a test iPhone.

Fresh cell treatment for the matrix

Hanover, 17. March 2008 – After seven years, Hyundai gives the Matrix a facelift. The redesigned front end is the most striking feature of the new version of the compact van manufactured in Turkey. ESP now also comes as standard.

Changes to the front and interior

A redesigned front skirt with modified air intakes, fog lamps and a new-design radiator grille are intended to bring the Matrix closer to the current Hyundai models. The visually modified and roughened front headlights now shine behind clear glass. The interior has also been slightly redesigned: The redesigned seat covers follow the color concept already familiar from the i10 and Getz models with red or blue inserts.

Unchanged engine range

The back seat bench and backrest can still be folded down and moved in their entirety in a 60/40 ratio. This creates either a larger luggage compartment or more legroom in the rear. The engine range has remained unchanged: The small gasoline engine has a displacement of 1.6 liters and an output of 103 hp, while the larger gasoline engine has a displacement of 1.8 liters and an output of 122 hp. A common-rail diesel with 1.5 liters of displacement and 110 hp is also available.

Lean expansion

Munich, 1. September 2015 – The run on compact SUV is unbroken, and no end is in sight. Many brands are planning new models in this segment in order to steal customers away from the first occupants of this former niche. The Skoda Yeti, which has sold almost 450,000 units worldwide since 2009, is one of the established models.000 units sold worldwide. Customers will have to wait until 2018 for the next generation. Skoda meets the increasing competition with a small update.

The small refresh mainly affects the engines and the infotainment range. Three turbocharged gasoline engines and two diesels are available, automatic start-stop and recuperation are now standard for all of them, and all of them meet the Euro 6 emissions standard (which will be mandatory throughout the EU as of September anyway) and boast lower fuel consumption in the NEDC.

Faster, not stronger

In the Yeti, Skoda has been taking a special approach with the basic diesel for quite some time, because only here is a two-liter four-cylinder with 110 hp installed. This engine is currently only available in the Yeti; throughout the Group, the 1.6 TDI engine with between 110 and 120 hp. For the 2016 model year, production of which has now started, the Yeti 2.0 TDI a "selective catalytic reduction" (SCR) catalytic converter is installed, which works with the urea solution AdBlue and thus reduces the emission of nitrogen oxide. Despite unchanged performance, the Yeti is now supposed to cover 179 km instead of 177 km. More important for most drivers, however, is the fact that fuel consumption has also been reduced. Instead of 5.1 liters, Skoda now promises 4.4 liters in the NEDC. The all-wheel drive version has also become faster and more economical according to factory specifications: Instead of 5.9 liters in the NEDC, 12.2 s in the standard sprint and 174 km. It has a six-speed manual transmission, the front-wheel drive variant has only five gears. Skoda does not offer DSG for this engine.