Ms flight simulator live: we lift together and answer your questions

On the 18th. August appears the new Microsoft Flight Simulator – after 14 years waiting time. With our site you can already withdraw today, from 16 clock in the live stream. Our experienced desk pilot Johannes Bornsen throws a look into the full version, shows the innovations, completes the passenger school and flies some tourists after the desire of the spectators. All questions about the current Flight Simulator can be risen in the chat – so the stream was allowed to take a while.

Update: At the stream there were technical problems – we rebuild again and now want to start at 16 o’clock.

The new Flight Simulator in the Let’s Play Livestream from 3 pm: We complete the flight school in Cessna 152, look at the aircraft and airport of the release version and control the wishlocations of the YouTube chat.

Patchday: attackers use six security swags in windows

Currently, there are attackers on six security swagen in different Windows and Windows server versions. In some cases, shadcode could land on systems. If the, Erlang attacker usually the full control over computer. According to Microsoft, another vulnerability is publicly known. Attacks could be near.

Admins and Windows users should ensure that the current security patches are installed via Windows Update. In addition, there are still patches for .Net Core, Edge, Hyper-V, Office, SharePoint and Visual Studio. In total, Microsoft has published 50 security patches. A compact overview of all updates on this patchday can be found in the blog of Trend Micros Zero Day initiative.

Attention attack!

Three of the currently actively exploited looks are with the degree of threat "high" classy. They relate to Windows MSHTML Platform (CVE-2021-33742), Microsoft DWM Core Library (CVE-2021-33739) and Windows NTFS (CVE-2021-31956).

Microsoft patchday: attackers use four security swallows in windows

At the Patchday in July, Microsoft publishes more than 110 security updates. This includes weaknesses in among others Bing, Dynamics, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer, Office, Openenglave, Visual Studio and Windows. Thirteen look like "critical" classy. Four Windows vulnerabilities currently use attackers. Funf Lucken are publicly known and attacks could start at any time.

The PrintnightMale Lucke (CVE-2021-34527), which Microsoft has already published an emergency update in front of the Patchday. If attacks are successful, attackers could provide harmful code with system rights exports.

Two of the replenished leches (CVE-2021-31979, CVE-2021-33771) relate to Windows Kernel. An attackers were acquired here in a non-closely described path of high user rights. Microsoft, however, classifies the updates as "important" a. The classification of a replenished weak point (CVE-2021-34448) in Scripting Engine is considered "critical". So attacks are successful, attackers have to lure victims on praarized websites. Subsequently, the execution of malicious code is conceivable.

Comparison benchmark 3dmark gets mesh shader test for directx 12

3DMark publishes a new feature test for its own benchmark suite who masters the DirectX 12 function Mesh Shader and measure their performance growth. The Render API replaces the soil-rigid vertex and geometry shaders through a flexible pipeline: Instead of calculating individual triangles in a fixed sequence, the new pipeline works with parallel thread groups to generate more compact meshes (meshes).

Game developers can thus program a more efficient geometry pipeline that allows finer gradations at the level of detail (LOD) and better cullling. In the process, objects are discarded, the players in the virtual world do not see. The in turn blows computing power for other 3D calculations. The 3DMark test should show what power increase players can expect in about 3D titles.

Geforce RTX, Radeon RX 6000, Intel XE HPG

3DMark calls a support for Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate as a minimum requirement for the Feature Test. At the same time, AMD’s graphics cards of the Radeon RX 6000 series are Alias "Big Navi" and nvidias GeForce series RTX 2000 (Turing) and RTX 3000 (Ampere). The GTX 1600 series should also deal with mesh-shades, because you only miss the rayTracing cores for DirectX 12 Ultimate. Intel’s upcoming XE-HPG-GPU for players will also support mesh-shader, such as chef architect Raja Koduri wound on Twitter.

Amd on the winning strain: ryzen and epyc help to jump

The chip manufacturer AMD in the second quarter has a significant increase in sales of 26 percent to 1.93 billion US dollars, which generated about 1.65 billion euros, compared to the previous year. The Group played the effects of the Corona pandemic in the cards. The high demand for consumers and data centers love the sale of Ryzen and EPYC processors compared to the previous year in the high pushed, but they fell slightly towards the first quarter.

Around 157 million dollars profit generated AMD in the second business quarter, a clear jump year-on-year. Because last year there were only 35 million dollars. Already in the first quarter, AMD had an even higher profit of 162 million dollars.

Doubled Ryzen and EPYC Sells

AMD-boss Lisa Su was satisfied in the second quarter in the second quarter, well-known that the increased demand for computers for home office in Consumers and Cloud computing power in data centers AMD have helped this good result. The revenue from the sale of processors of rows of Ryzen and EPYC had more than doubled compared to the previous year, SU said.

Microsoft to the slack complaint with the eu: 'teams wins in the corona crisis''teams gewinnt in der corona-krise''teams gewinnt in der corona-krise'

Microsoft has become the complaint filed with the EU Commission of Slack. You will answer all questions and provide all information available. Meanwhile, Slack boss Stewart Butterfield at Twitter explains why they accuse competitive behavior to the company.

Butterfield raises Microsoft again to have it on his company. It does not go to Microsoft for changing users – users are not to come up with the implementation of teams in Office 365 at all on the idea of testing another service. This is the same as picture books for what the regulators should prevent. "Man’s wife never fall, but I am confident that the Commission will find infringements of Microsoft in its investigations – as well as any expert we could find", Write Butterfield.

Practical or compromised

Microsoft counters in a press rate that teams in Corona times have retracted records and suffering Slack under a missing video conferencing solution. "We have introduced teams to expand the possibility of collaboration to expand the communication by video because that is what people want." You want to offer customers many different ways to acquire and use the team’s product.

Edge legacy: end of life for microsoft's web browser with own rendering engine's web browser with own rendering engine

Microsoft’s old browser with the in-house rendering engine EDGTHTML has reached its end of life. For the browser, who no longer only edited is called, but has received the addition Legacy, there is no support anymore. With the April update for Windows 10, the browser is also automatically removed from the system and replaced by the new version.

“Our new and modern browser, Microsoft Edge, debuted more than a year ago and today he is found on hundreds of millions”, explains the company in the updated blog post. Microsoft had already announced that Edge Legacy is no longer supported in the year of the year of the year of this year, and thus no security swallow are biased.

As soon as customers import the cumulative April update for Windows 10, from the 13th. April should be available, Microsoft Edge Legacy exchanges through Edge. For users of the kiosk mode, ie a restriction of the usability of the browser, Microsoft warns that they initially install the new browser themselves, then have to activate the kiosk mode there and only then can play the April update. If you do not think about this order, you have to re-set up the entire kiosk mode.