Surfin ‘in the usa: to the death of the computer scientist norman abramson

As is known now, the computer scientist norman abramson has died at the age of 88 years on the consequences of a cancer disease. Together with frank kuo, he developed the wireless alohanet as a leader of the ethernet and made sure that this radio network was open to the arpanet.

Hawaii: develop radio network, surf the daily

Aloha is said to hawaiian, if you meet or if you say goodbye. Aloha horte ‘standard’ abramson the first time when he was a young lecturer on the backpath from a computer conference in tokyo on hawaii a break and surfing in the waves. Abramson decided to give up his post at the university stanford and to pull with the family to hawaii to surf the day.

In 1968 he became a professor for information technology and electrical engineering at the university of hawaii. In stanford, he had received his doctorate and encoding information packets, in hawaii, he made himself develop these ideas in a radio network of the university, which should combine the over several islands scattered buildings of the university. First, a channel of the commercial wireless network of taxi drivers and mini-computers type hp 2115a. For the coding and decoding of the information packages, the program merehune, hawaiian ran on these computers "little ghost".

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Pegida in the blackout trap

Protests against pegida are growing nationwide. In koln and berlin, islamophobes are turned off, while the afd seeks their proximity

Chancellor angela merkel’s admonition in her new year’s address that burghers should stay away from pegida demonstrations has had a rather anti-proportional effect in a sense. On monday evening in various cities, although again thousands of people demonstrated under the label of the "patriotic europeans against the islamization of the occident", however, the resistance against the islamophobes also grew strongly. In koln and berlin thousands of people demonstrated against local branches "kogida" and "bargida" and stopped the browned on marches.

In koln, the floodlights at the cathedral, at other well-known and public buildings, and at the rhine bridges were switched off in protest. One did not want to offer the pegida demonstrators a stage or brightly lit backdrops, it hewed to the reasoning. As in previous weeks in dusseldorf and bonn, the 350 or so pegida gangers remained a minority, opposed by a superior number of counter-demonstrators. "Kogida" was therefore only able to hold a stationary rally instead of marching from deutz across the rhine to the cathedral as planned.

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Daimler wants to sell smart work

Daimler wants to sell smart work

The car maker daimler trims its worldwide network of production sites for more efficiency and wants to sell the work in the french hambach. The group must already save power for the enormous cost of digitization and the change in the industry for electromobility. Now the covid 19 pandemic is still coming to lead to new framework conditions in the market – "in this context, we optimize our global production network", said board leader ola kallenius on friday (3. July 2020). "That’s why we intend to take on the sale of the hambach factory."

The smart is produced from the afterest generation in china

At the location near the border with germany 1600 employees are employed. There is still the micro-smart car built, the daimler wants to produce from the next model generation together with his rough action geely in china. The two corporations had founded a new company together to give the brand new momentum. Hambach had to get a compact car from the new eq of mercedes-benz’s new eq electric model series, according to fruheren wradies.

Information about a schedule for sales language daimler did not. "An important goal is to secure the future of the location", said research director markus scherer. "Further pramisse: the current smart models should continue to be produced in hambach." more than two million smart two-seaters (test) ran away from the band until today. The four-seater models builds cooperation partners renault in his work in slovenia.

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