Swiss nuclear power plant may get focal steel from germany

Burning elements from Lingen can be delivered to the atomic power plant Leibstadt in Switzerland. The Administrative Court Frankfurt am Main has decided that despite an entitled opposition, the export license granted by the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) can be completed immediately for the combustion element manufacturer Framatome.

Three persons living in the Suden Baden-Wurttemberg, as well as the Environmental Protection Association Confederation had filed the objection. The nuclear power plant is outdated and stored and do not require the current safety requirements, it is used for the security of the whole region. In the case of a serious accident, there will be much more radiation victims on the German side than in Switzerland. The BAFA durfe therefore does not contribute to the danger of the own population by iing an export license for the fuel assembled for the operation of the reactor.

"Obviously inadmissible"

The Administrative Court was the contradiction as "obviously inadmissible", Why do not cause any suspensive effect. Natural persons are not objectionable, as the Hessian administrative court in December 2020 exported. The nuclear export scheme does not protect them in their individual fundamental rights for life and health, but serve for the protection of the state and the interest of the general public.

Russia: twitter threaten around 100.000 euro penalty for demo calls per nawalny

A Verwaltungsgericht in Moscow has Twitter, according to agency Interfax to a fine in the high of approximately 100.000 Euro (8.9 million rubles) convicted, since the short message service calls to unauthorized demonstrations did not lose. The premiences are related to protests against the arrest of the oppositonic politician Alexej Nawalny, for which ten thousands of Russians in January had gone to the strain. Nawalny’s support for Twitter has been intensively used in Russia.

Twitter stalked in Russia since Mitte Marz

The charge point was that the rallies had been illegal and that Nawalny’s employees had called for specifically young people about Twitter to protest. The verdict is at the end of a longest chain of cheeks and threats. Thus, the Russian telecommunications supervisor Roskomnadsor had previously criticized the US Group for the US Group that after repeated prompts, he did not give thousands of contributions to the authority, according to Russian law,. According to own information, Roskomnadsor Mitte Marz started to throttle Twitter nationwide.

First throttling, soon nationwide lock?

Overall, over 3200 tweets should be legally irrigated, the operators of the social network had not responded to list requests. According to the Roskomnadsor, it was used to contribute in the covers mainly to children’s pornography, calls for suicide and the use of custodians. Beginning Marz 2020 had threatened the telecommunications supervision to the US Group with a money pit, then in the middle of Marz then started to implement a throttling and placed a nationwide barrier. At the beginning of the year, Roskomnadsor had already challenged Facebook and other operators of social networks Bubgelder and more courtesy.

Lower saxony: straubbau should be accelerated

Lower Saxony liked to speed up the strain construction and simplify planning steps for it. Transport Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU) has submitted a reform of the strain law, including the Cabinet on Tuesday (17. September 2019). In the construction of community, circular and land straps, the spatial order and planning approval procedure are to be narrower and the plaintiffs of those affected on two instances. The execution of construction projects should be accelerated with 24-hour construction sites, the awarding of general contractors and Pramien for deductible completion.

Model Netherlands and Danemark

During the Netherlands and Danemark straws were significantly faster and built with fewer objections, Germany is all twice and triple, said Althusmann. Zahe action procedure delayed important projects for decades. Through changes in the federal and European law, the Minister therefore liked the association’s legal action of environmental links, exposures in the court proceedings, which have already been submitted in the planning procedure and preventing a building disk for complete strain projects, if only a claim must be handled after a lawsuit. With the Netherlands, Althusmann wanted to intensify the exchange.

"My goal is to build federal hubs in less than ten years," said Althusmann. So far, it takes about a federal tube bypass from the start of the planning to completion. In the case of highway construction sites in Lower Saxony, in 2018, in the case of Zwolf Construction contracts and acceleration loss events have been agreed in four cases. For three construction sites on the A2, the order was assigned to a general contractor with the aim that the work is then done faster. Successful, a pilot project for planning acceleration for the B3 bypass in Elstorf had been in the district of Harburg, where two and a half years could be won.

Advertising delivery for media: poland opposition calls back

The opposition in Poland has prompted the National Conservative PIS Government to reduce a planned advertising charge for media. The submission is a danger of the plurality of the media, it is called in a joint explanation published on Tuesday of several parties. "There is no democracy without the freedom of the word. There is no free company without access to the free flow of ideas, opinions and information". Both representatives of the large oppositional Burger coalition (Ko) as well as the left as well as the peasant party PSL had signed the protest.

Corona pandemic as a fundamental

The PIS Government wants to ask with the submission of international and national media companies as well as cinemas and providers of gross advertising for revenue from advertising to checkout. The half of the elevation of the new delivery, for which the government is the term "tax" deliberately avoids, should lead to the National Health Fund NFZ. The PIS funds her projects with the consequences of the Corona Pandemic. Critics, however, see an attempt to weak independent media in Poland.

In the past few weeks, private radio and television broadcasters, newspapers and news portals had one "Media Blackout" protested against the muzzle. Internet portals and the two large private stations Polsat and TVN appeared with black background, in the private radio ran a protest declaration instead of the news.

Federal government does not want universal app in the fight against corona

Executions of individual guides in the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), functions of existing online applications in the fight against the Corona pandemic and the art epidemics in a single app merged, the federal government is not good at. It is not planned to link the Corona Warning App (CWA) with other striking digital tools underlines the Federal Ministry of Health.

Direct channel to the population

Patrick Schmich, Head of the Department Epidemiological Data and Survey Center in the federal upper resorts for infectious diseases, had inherited in an online congress such a Swiss knife for digital epidemiology into play. According to this, the RKI was able to express a more targeted to him, to build a direct channel for population and use it as a source of information.

In the lecture is it "Tools" gone, the RKI has been involved in the past few months or that it has programmed itself, the government now writes in an answer to a request from the opposition. In addition to the CWA, about the Corona Data Data App or the DIVI register, free intensive care beds have been talked about. The institute work but "at the moment" not at one "hypothetically debated" so-called universal app.