America plays monopoly, russia plays chess

America plays monopoly, russia plays chess

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Real game of thrones

In the exceptionalist kingdom whose disruptive development we chronicle, an invisible war still seems to be raging between king donald’s government and the masters of intelligence – and no one knows which way it’s going to go.

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Antiglobalists of all countries, unite!

The global society and its friends

"This explosion has been caused by some groups rebelling against modern society", said not berlusconi in genoa in 2001, but general de gaulle on french television in 1968. The increasingly fierce opposition from so-called opponents of globalization, new and old leftists alike. Against the world economic jungle without humane climate guarantee seems not only at first sight like a continuation of history with the same means. Earlier, this was the case: "comrades, once you have the economy in your hands, the power of the workers’ council will be the only power in the country". The communist manifesto (1848), as is well known, already opted for the global solution at the time of this seizure of power: "proletarians of all countries, unite".

Genoa 21.7.2001, photo: indymedia

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Portugal to remain under troika supervision until 2045

The loosening to reduce deficits demanded by gabriel has long been granted to countries like portugal and ireland

When portugal exited the european bailout fund in may, the conservative government celebrated a "clean conclusion". It decided against providing preventive lines of credit to "financial independence" to maintain, said prime minister pedro passos coelho (slump with exit from bailout). But now the portuguese daily newspaper "público" reports that the country will have to wait more than three decades for it. Until at least 2045, portugal will still be controlled by international financiers, writes the coarse newspaper.

It is therefore no wonder that coelho is now not ruling out new tax increases to balance the dictated austerity budget. He has to find 1.3 billion euros because the constitutional court has once again thrown a spanner in the works of his austerity and shortage policy. The planned reduction of public sector salaries above 675 euros per month, the taxation of unemployment and sickness benefits, and restrictions on survivors’ pensions are also unlawful. "No decrease may be excluded", coelho on wednesday declared his willingness to continue imposing burdens on the struggling population and depriving it of purchasing power.

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Eu commission sues germany for vw law

With a penalty of at least 50 million euros, the eu commission wants to force the federal republic in the continuous roll around the vw law in the knees. According to the eu commission, the scheme deters potential investors, hinders innovations and could lead to rising prices. These arguments introduced the brussels authority on tuesday in a mordial negotiation at the european court of justice (ecj) in luxembourg. The dispute revolves around a pas, which ensures the state of lower saxony as a shareholder of the carmaker volkswagen a veto right in important decisions.

The dispute parties meet for the second time before the highest eu court: in 2007, the eu commission had complained against germany and forced the federal government for amendments to the law. According to the commission, germany is not sufficiently complied with its duty – so the author complained again (case c-95/12). If the ecj is right the eu commission, germany had to pay a million sentence. The verdict is expected in autumn 2013.

The representative of the federal government, jurgen schwarze, held, on the other hand, germany has implemented the judgment correctly. In hanover, vw works council bernd osterloh also gave himself a camphoric. "We continue to have a good reason to stick to the vw law. And if necessary, we will also fight for the survival, "said osterloh the news agency dpa at tuesday evening. The contentious pas of the law requires a majority of 80 percent for important decisions in the vw annual general meeting – this is more than the threshold intended in the stock law. Lower saxony hold around 20 percent of the voting rights.

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