No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist “pissed off”

No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist'stinksauer''stinksauer'

Spd boss norbert walter-borjans defended the past week of the federal government decided stimulus packet against criticism from the car industry. It will not be, "that those who have acted wrong for a long time – the cars – today not just say if we have to help, but how we have that to do", said the spd boss in the ard.

The industry has made rough profits for a long time. Now that money of taxpayers are used, it’s about one "change in the right direction. And they have to live: we have to go towards e-mobilitat", said walter-borjans in the show "report from berlin" on sunday.

Previously had been talked to representatives of the industry, walter-borjans said. The economic stimulus package contains much of which they have benefited: changed depreciation rules, tax regulations or billion investments in research.

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Eu commission wants european charging network for e cars

Hundreds of thousands of charging stations for electric cars should be created according to the will of the eu commission in theest years in europe. Appropriate tarpaulin wants to introduce eu traffic commissar siim kallas on thursday in brussel. The initiative of brussels authorities also contains concrete specifications for every eu country for gas stations for natural gas and hydrogen by 2020. All this should make traffic in europe less dependent on ol and facilitate the transition to climate-friendly technologies. Germany has already today with 1937 stations, according to the eu commission, most electro-filling stations in europe (as of 2011). By 2020 it should be in germany alone.Become 000 taps. There are also good news for german electric tankers: the included charging plugs should become european standard.

Also natural gas drivers should become more mobile. You should take the following 150 kilometers to drive up to the next tap. This could increase the proportion of natural gas cars at the european fleet from currently 0.5 to 5 percent by 2020, the eu commission means. There are almost 840 petrol stations today in germany – that’s a lot in the european comparison. In european neighboring countries is autogas popularer. For hydrogen tank stations, the eu-landers should develop common standards. Proposals for biofuels does not exercise the eu commission because they do not require a special infrastructure.

Currently the market for alternative fuels mainly due to lack of infrastructure, says transport commissar kallas. So there are only 38 full stations for flowers throughout europe. Taps should now be created along important routes at the distance from highly 400 kilometers. Especially ships and trucks use the substance according to the brussels authority to operate. Ships are to recharge until 2020 in the important european port of flowers. According to the commission, this is only in a swedish seaport.

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Fine dusts 2011 despite environmental zones too high

Despite more than 50 environmental zones, the air in germany has been burdened in 2011 too strongly with particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. The fine dust values were even on the level of 2007 to 2010. This gave a first evaluation of the federal environmental agency (uba) of measurement data of the lander and the uba. Especially in the city and metropolitan areas, the limits for particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide were overridden too much, threw it.

At the fine dust, this was therefore 42 percent of the traffic-related measuring stations over the admitted day limit value – this only allows 35 days with 50 micrograms fine dust per cubic meter of air. In the nitrogen dioxide, 57 percent of the stations were located in the city’s allowed annual average value of 40 micrograms. "In coarse parts of germany, the air has a good quality," emphasized uba prasident jochen flasbarth. "However, we have to do more where the breath of humans is still burdened with too much fine dust and nitrogen dioxide: in the city and conurbations."Environmental zones where only low-puffed cars can be retracted in the inner-day, they are a suitable means for a suitable means. Flasbarth pointed out that environmental zones are only part of the solution, since particulate matter and nitrogen oxides arise too coarse part of combustion processes in industry and households.

Another factor that is not influenced by man, be the weather: in high-prere weather conditions, the air will be much less mixed – pollutants are collecting in the city. The konne fell that the air itself becomes worse when emissions from cars, heaters or factories remain the same. In 2011, there were several such weather conditions: from the end of january to marz and in november, this leads to more frequent overruns of the fine dust daily limit than in previous years.

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Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Koln, 27. July 2009 – about half a million german life at the time in european countries. However, those who only hold themselves in advance with his vehicle admired here abroad, the main and exhaust gas examination (hu) can only be made by a prufstelle in germany.

State-regulated task

Since the hu plaque and the registration of the successful main and exhaust examinations represent state-regulated tasks, a foreign pruning protocol in germany is not valid. "If the vehicle giving is fally, for example, during a multi-month stay in spain, the badge can only be renewed in german territory," explains the motor expert of the tuv rheinland, gerd mylius.

Innovable to investigate

Motorists are not required immediately after expiry of the deadline to return to germany. After the crisis of the federal republic, however, they have to perform as soon as possible the fallen main and exhaust examination or security screening.

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Bitkom: germans see majority opportunities in artificial intelligence

Bitkom: Germans see majority opportunities in artificial intelligence

The people in germany take the most of the use of artificial intelligence (ki) as an opportunity. According to a representative survey of the federal association of information management, telecommunications and new media (bitkom), this see 68 percent of the respondents so, about 54 percent thinking that ki will bring in the next five years of laceable changes in society. About 29 percent of artificial intelligence as dangerous. In a similar study of 2017, only 48 percent ki had seen as a chance, in 2018 it was already 62 percent.

"Who is better informed, also sees the chances of artificial intelligence", says the prasident of bitkom, achim mountain, with a view of the survey results of the study. Accordingly, 45 percent of respondents say that they have been knowing what was under ki and ki could also explain. 28 percent to know what ki means, 7 percent were even designated as experts. In contrast, 16 percent, which do not know exactly what artificial intelligence is.

Increased acceptance, skepticism remains

With stronger knowledge about ki, the bitkom study also increases the acceptance in different areas of life. For example, 75 percent of the respondents mainly use a stronger use of ki in the care to better overwake the health of nursing-friendly old people. Also in offers and organ (73 percent), in medicine (67 percent) and in the security area (66 percent) and sports (61 percent) you want a stronger use of ki. This also applies to the transport system (58 percent), in education (55 percent), in personnel departments / customer service (54 percent) and in saucing transport (52 percent), for example in autonomous vehicles.

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Fine dust alarm: what role play the cars?

Fine dust alarm: what role play the cars?

The smog in beijing seemed to be far away for german motorists so far. Driving bans in the chinese capital were noted, but not more. But now the fine dust alarm is suddenly in front of the home door. In stuttgart, the resistors appeal to the motorists to leave their vehicle. Hardly formulated, the first doubt will already be loud. Is the driving ban in stuttgart really a suitable maaking to improve the air quality?

The automotive club of germany (avd) hold the stuttgart action for exaggerated and tries to prove this with numbers. According to avd, the stashing traffic contributes to around 12.0 percent for air pollution, of which about 4.0 percent is attributable to cars, it is in a press release. Conclusion of the experts: even with a complete driving ban, there was a maximum of 12.0 percent in stuttgart to a maximum reduction in fine dust levels. The avd argues that the main causes of the high fine dust burdens are the industry and the heating households in the winter months currently being prevailing in the winter months. In any case, the hoped-for cleaning of the air occur due to driving bans and environmental zones.

Rather, the autoclub stop catalysts and diesel particulate filters for meaningful measures for fine dehydration. The avd calls on the federal government to pursue all the measures against fine dust pollutions with emphatically to make the burgers do not believe in false, restrictions of the strain traffic are the only effective measures.

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