Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has accused the CDU/CSU of a zigzag course in consumer protection. Maas told the dpa, a model declaratory action, in which several consumers can participate jointly, "could already be open to car buyers in Germany if CDU. With this form of action, consumers can join together to enforce their rights without a high cost risk – especially against large corporations. This form of action exists in the USA.

A corresponding proposal from him for such a class action has been on the table for a long time. Especially the Ministry of Transport of Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) has so far prevented the introduction, criticized Maas, who is also responsible for consumer protection. "It is more than bizarre when the CDU and CSU first block effective measures for more consumer protection for months and now, two days before the diesel summit, suddenly mutate into supposed consumer protectors in the person of the Bavarian Minister President (Horst Seehofer)."CSU leader Seehofer had spoken out in the ZDF in view of the diesel scandal open to the possibility of class action suits.

According to a report by the Image (Edition of 31. July 2017), the Federal Motor Transport Authority is said to have spared investigation reports on the emissions scandal at the behest of the auto industry. The paper refers to correspondence between the office and the manufacturers. According to the report, the subcommittee of the Ministry of Transport had already established more than a year ago that Porsche was working with defeat devices for its diesel engines, but had qualified this in the final report.

Ford makes a model designation for a sports car for Petrolheads an electric car brand. That’s brave. You can either see a sign for increased desperation at the crossroad of combustion and electric drive or to turn the perfect conviction on the right track. Our author could ride in a pre-series model.

Format similar to the competition

The new Mustang model is not only powered to battery electrically – it is no longer a flat sports car, but a highly towering four-door. The 4.71 meter long, 1.88 m wide and 1.60 m high electric SUV is as such a result of the time spirit, the enthusiasm of the audience for gross cars has already grown around 20 years. His tubs are close to those of the coming Tesla Model Y, already available competitive models Handle Audi E-Tron (Test), Jaguar I-Pace (Test) and Mercedes EQC (Test). Ford wants the Mach-E first in one year towards the end of 2020 from 46.Sell 900 euros.

High format as in the Tesla

The high-client built-in multifunction tablet in dashboard center with a screen diagonal of 15.5 inches also came from a Tesla model. Fortunately, the developers did not make the error as the Tesla Model 3 (Test) to put on this touchscreen as the sole control unit. The information flood on the powerful central display is roughly. Good that the driver behind the steering wheel still has the small display with at least 10.2 inches rough, the design and information content adjusted depending on the driving program.

Sony xperia 5 ii: greater battery, faster display

Sony has reloaded the Xperia 5: Xperia 5 II is the first Sony smartphone with 120 Hz display. Apart from the smaller screen, it is otherwise almost identical to the Xperia 1 II – but comes with a 300 Euro lower EIA in the trade.

Sony xperia 5 ii: greater battery, faster display

With a coarse of 15.8 × 6.8 centimeters, the Xperia 5 II for a high-end smartphone remains at least some mamming compact. As with the process Sony sets a 6.1-inch OLED screen – but with a higher refresh rate of 120 Hertz. In contrast to the Xperia 1 II, the Xperia 5 II comes "only" with FHD + resolution, which still ensures sufficient sharp presentation on the smaller screen.

Greater battery, no Qi loading

Sony has worked on one of the few weakes of the first edition: the battery capacity has grown from 3140 to 4000 mAh and was allowed to provide for more long runtime – at least at 60 Hertz. Also a jack is on board this time. Furthermore, users of the smaller Sony Highend Gerat must refrain from wireless loading – unlike the gross brother. In the housing frame Sony has housed a button that activates the Google Assistant. To prove the button with another function is not possible.

New performance: audi rs5 sportback

At Audi there is a departure sentence: The CEO Rupert Stadler enters ambitious electromobility destinations. In 2021 you wool around 200.Sell 000 electric cars, as well as plans to offer the next A8 and the sportswiller TT only with electric drive. Traditionally, however, the Audi RS 5 should convince the motorists with a powerful internal combustion engine. After the coupe has been on the market for a long time, comes as a sister model of RS5 and the RS4 Avant now the RS5 Sportback – First in the US and Canada.


Its 2.6-liter V6 with benzine direct injection and one turbocharger per cylinder head is 332 kW / 450 hp and a torque of 600 nm between 1900 and 5000 / min. After almost four seconds, the without additional equipment reached 1840 kilograms weighing Audi Landstrabenteppo and a maximum of 280 km / h.

Normally, his four-wheel drive brings the power in the ratio 40:60 sporty rear hatchet on the road. If necessary, it is up to 85 percent forward and up to 70 percent backwards, while the optional sports difference on the rear axle further minimizes.

Take a minute at mercedes glc fuel cell

Daimler moves from the fuel cell cars from the defensive into the attack mode and brings the first hydrogen car to the already successful Mercedes GLC in series. He should be offered from the fourth quarter of this year.

Daimler is one of the first volume manufacturers, who has been intensively involved in electric cars for three decades with hydrogen as an energy carrier. Numerous trial barmers named Necar were built in the form of small transporters, A and B classes as well as buses, but it was not enough for serial maturity. After a roughly landscaped marketing tour around the world for the hydrogen-powered Mercedes B-Class, the series approach for 2012/2013 was exploited and shortly afterwards shifted indefinitely.

Some cells are already on the market

The Lucke Filled Asian Manufacturers. Honda brought his FCX Clarity in a small series in 2007, Hyundai moved to the IX35 FCEV in 2013 and Toyota came out in 2015 with the hydrogen-powered Mirai. Young, Hyundai already presented the second generation of a SUV with fuel cell with the NEXO as the IX35 successor. Daimler, in the meantime, only used forapplied hydrogen cooperation with Ford and Nissan.

After Toyota, Chrysler now also has a problem with sticking gas pedal pedals. The smallest of the three U.S. car companies recalled on June 4. recalled nearly 35.000 vehicles, most of them Dodge Caliber compacts and a few Jeep Compass SUVs.

"Under certain conditions, the pedal may not immediately return to its original position", explained the group. Chrysler has identified a faulty bushing as the cause of the problem. Affected would be exclusively the model year 2007 and here the production of few weeks.

Last month, the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration launched an investigation after several drivers complained about sticking gas pedals. Chrysler has now reacted with a precautionary recall of the vehicle. According to the car company, there have been no accidents yet.

In Stuttgart Daimler lays on Tuesday (11. February 2020) The annual balance sheet. That that is not very good, the group had already announced. The bottom line was only 2.4 billion euros in the past year, as the group communicated in Stuttgart. In 2018, the result attributable to the actions was three times so high, although it was already severely sealed at that time. Although Daimler was able to expand sales with 172.7 billion euros – even because the core brand Mercedes-Benz reclaimed the year with a sales record. A huge cost mountain, however, eats a coarse part of the profit right back.

Cost mountain

A sales record in the car business at Mercedes-Benz with around 2.34 million cars sold last year, Daimler not only a decline in the truck business opposite. An enormous cost mountain prints on the profit. The Group must invest billions in order to bring its electric cars to the strain – especially to comply with the spread CO2 limit values and avoid penalty payments. The Mercedes EQC caused problems with a component but for that not so many vehicles could be delivered as planned.

The development of future technologies such as automated driving costs despite partnerships with other industry giants such as BMW and Bosch billions. Daimler boss Ola Kallenius holds on the projects. Particularly expensive visions such as the "Robotaxi", which, in his view, will shift significantly more money to the foreseeable time than you can bring in, the Swede has pushed on the priority list but far backwards.

While U.S. auto giants are being battered by sales preres and massive price drops, and have yet to prove they can add fuel-efficient models to their lineup that will resonate with U.S. consumers, the Smart Fortwo is enjoying unexpectedly brisk demand in the U.S.

"Waiting time is over a year, depending on dealer and location", explained Smart CEO Anders Jensen, according to a report in the Automobilwoche. With the help of additional shifts at the Hambach plant (France), the delivery time is to be shortened to several months.

In the U.S., where the Smart brand was only relaunched in early 2008, there are long delivery times, he said – depending on the handler and location, U.S. burgers have had to wait more than a year for a Fortwo. Smart boss Jensen believes the Fortwo has an air of exclusivity about it because of the wait in North America. At the same time, however, he acknowledged that delivery times had to be reduced.

New limits, old system

Today was such a day that made people understand why politicians are mostly old. It’s probably just necessary to see 30 to 50 years of doing everything the same way, with quick fixes to things whose cause needed to be addressed. At some point these things consist almost only of putty. Then a little thing that hadn’t done anything to the steel frame before breaks it all down, requiring quick fubwork, which usually consists of a metaphorical trip to the hardware store, looking for better putty. Real politicians call this "Realpolitik". The word means something like: "We only do what we think we can do because we can no longer believe that we can do otherwise." Realpolitik is thus logically near circular. And in real politics there is only real politics, that’s why SPD and CDU are indistinguishable in practice.

The current sow in the village, you have surely noticed, are the newly adopted limits for nitrogen oxides, which cars are allowed to spew out in "Real Driving Emissions" (RDE). For the laboratory tests, there were 80 mg. Newly type-approved vehicles are to be allowed to exceed this limit value in the RDE, only up to 168 mg. And already these two simple sentences have led us into the deepest jungle, full of politics plants, social limbs animals and physical panthers.

Welcome to the Jungle

The car lobby wanted to sell its will as a success for everyone, that it is good the way it is, because otherwise it is likely that it will stay the way it was, because no agreement could be reached. And it would be better, after all, if cars were only allowed to go on the rampage at twice the price instead of, say, forty times the price, as occasionally happens. The opposing side denounces that the car lobby got its way, which deviates significantly from the will of the majority. Facebook’s relationship status became say: "It’s complicated." Both sides bring valid arguments, so you can’t even entrench yourself in your preferred camp anymore.

60 Years of ferrari: special model 612 scaglietti sessanta

Maranello, 22. June 2007 – Hardly any manufacturer celebrates its 60th birthday more rudely than Ferrari: For half a year, a relay race caused a stir. It drove in 148 days through about 50 countries from five continents. Only on the 24. June 2007 marks the end of the celebrations at the company’s headquarters in Maranello.

Only 60 pieces built

But that’s not all: A special model is launched to mark the anniversary: the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessanta. Its special feature is already the number: only 60 units of the powerful special car will be built. Like every 612, the special model is powered by a 540 hp V12 cylinder engine. The power unit allows the exceptional sports car to sprint to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and achieve a top speed of 320 km. The Sessanta also has a special glass roof: it can be darkened electrochromatically. The interior features a special leather interior by Paltrona Frau and a start button positioned directly on the steering wheel.

Individual badge

In addition, each of the special Ferraris has a different badge on the center console: it shows a motif of the Ferrari motorsport logo, which changes every year. Ferrari has not announced a price for the edition model; all 60 cars are said to have already found an owner anyway. The purchase cost of the car was allowed to be a little above that of the normal 612: it cost about 223.000 Euro.