Iphone 12 pro max camera will outfar

Apple’s latest top iPhone has difficulty focusing near objects. The manufacturer has smashed itself in a developer press station for WWDC 2021. So far, it was unclear where this so-called Minimum Focus Distance (MFD) was with Apple smartphones; The Group had not specified her in the technical documentation.

More distance is better

While the wide-angle camera of the iPhone X still creates down to 10 cm distance the autofocus properly carried out correctly, it is only 15 cm at the iPhone 12 Pro Max due to the integrated sensor shift optics for image stabilization. The iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 12 Pro remains 12 cm. When using the telephoto lens, it is 40 cm for iPhone X, XS Max and 12 Pro, at 12 Pro Max, however, 50 cm. All this goes out of the "What is new in the Camera Capture area?"-Video that the Group has published in the past week.

The higher MFD at the iPhone 12 Pro Max has concrete effects on the use. So it can be difficult to focus on objects, which every user has already determined. Apple calls about the abscan of relatively small QR codes, where the user must approach with the camera – the focus will fail here if necessary. Bypass this is done by increasing the distance and zooming handically on the object to be detected.

New ipad mini is allegedly soon

The iPad Mini is Apple’s stepchild under the tablets. Between Series 4 and 5 passed a good three and a half years. And also currently is the hardware, most recently in Marz 2019, is no longer up-to-date: If you buy the 7.9-inch device currently, you have to live with the A12 Bionic with an outdated SOC – to a quite proud price.

iPad Mini is Apple’s Stepfkind Tablet

From Asia, freshly decorated, that the iPad mini stands before a review. Allegedly, the upcoming Marz is considered a sales start, reports the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara Calling on the Chinese supply chain of the Group. Voices the info, Apple finally changed something to the form factor, the compact tablet really modernize for the first time, instead of only inner life to screw.

According to the message, it should first give an 8.4inch coarse display in the iPad mini. This is achieved by narrower screen standards, which should be based on the look of the iPad Air 3. That "ipad mini 6" should continue to come via a home button provided with touch ID fingerprint sensor – and not with a converted sleeep / wake button like the iPad Air 4. Even "chin" and "forehead" Remain supposedly preserved, according to the goods "Mini 5" not full flat with a screen. Instead, Apple will optically orient the compact apparatus on the upcoming cheap-ipad of the ninth generation.

Jabra rustes wireless earhor elite 75t with anc, announces elite 85t

Wireless earhorers are enjoying increasing popularity. The Apple Airpods are the best-selling headhorters worldwide. Since you can only play your strong with Apple advice, there is plenty of space for more providers. Jabra has with the Elite 75T and Elite Active 75T two particularly powerful specimens in the race. Therefore, they were also referred to as bass protots in the C’T Test.

The Elite 75T has two microphones in each studio plug, which are mainly used for telephony and record their own voice. These two microphones are used after the firmware update the auble noise in an active amort-to-printing, so that they send a phase-shifted signal into the concert.

Jabra rustes wireless earhor elite 75t with anc, announces elite 85t

The Jabra Elite Active 75T has so far only have a passive vacuum prere due to deep-seated passports.

Ios updates soon also over 5g

Thanks 5G Apple now also gives big downloads on the mobile network. How users of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro reports and Apple has confirmed in a support document, IOS updates can also be downloaded and installed without Wi-Fi. There is also a new switch called in the system settings "Data mode". To find this is under "settings", "Mobile network" and "Data options". If you use the dual SIM function – then currently no 5G mode is possible – if you choose "settings" and "Mobile network" the number, whose options are allowed to change.

"Allow more data" can be predicted

Under "Data mode" There are three ways that can be selected as soon as 5g is actively switched. "Allow more data in 5g" Music it loud Apple "Features with high data usage for apps and system tasks" Over the mobile network. "To do this, FaceTime with high quality, HD content in Apple TV, Apple Music titles and videos and iOS updates over the mobile communications connection."

Important: Even third-party apps can also draw more mobile data. That is also "The default setting for some unlimited data tariffs deposited by the mobile service provider". Users should ask what is preset by them.

Analysts predict iphone without power supply and earhorer

Especially extensive, Apple’s free smartphone facilities have never been: So far, the Group always delivers wired earhorers with its iPhones, a power supply (depending on the model with up to 18 watts) and a connection cable (depending on the model USB-A on Lightning or USB-C on Lightning) with – that’s it. Maybe the company will be coming "iPhone 12" a little bit. That suspects at least analysts from the bank barclays.

The replacement end of the Earpods

According to their youngest report, which is based on contacts with several Apple suppliers, the new iPhones will not include Earpods (selling price: 30 euros), such as Apple calls his Lightning Earhorer. A replacement – about airpods – there is allegedly not. Similar forecasts had previously made the well-known Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from the TF International Securities’ money building – he is often right in his forecasts.

Only cable in the box?

But barclays go a step further. Accordingly, Apple wants to be at the "iPhone 12"-Models – News are allegedly four different planned – no power supply will enclose. Accordingly, the only one "iPhone 12"-Accessories include a lightning-to-USB C cable. Customers had either the favorable 5-watt power supply for 25 euros (then if necessary also a Lightning-after-USB-A cable) or the 18-watt power supply for 35 euros (with USB-C), if You have no power supply ready.

New 12.9' ipad pro allegedly incompatible 'old' magic keyboard' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard

The first generation of the Groben Magic Keyboard applies to Apple internally reports as incompatible with the new 12.9″ ipad pro. The reason for this seems to be the new display technique: the backlight from over 10.000 mini LEDs makes the new edition of the tablet a little heavy and minimal thicker, according to Apple”s information, the depth now lets himself at 6.4 millimeters, so it is exactly half a millimeter thicker than the process.

New 12.9″ iPad Pro is thicker

To what extent the additional 0.5 millimeter represents an actual problem when using the former Magic Keyboard, remains open for the time being. For this reason, the new iPad in the folded state is no longer properly enclosed or clamped too tight, maybe it is only a purely asthetic blemish that makes no significant difference in practice. In any case, in an internal documentation for the Apple Store, the manufacturer points to the incompatibility, like Igeneration.for reported.

With the import of the iPad Pro 2021, Apple has introduced a new color variant of the Magic Keyboard, besides black, the keyboat hull is still in the woman in a woman. Further changes have not been known so far. The new version can only be pre-ordered from the end of April, it should be after Apple”s information from waiting for all existing models, so can on the 11″ iPad Pro of the first, second and third generation and iPad Air 4 are used. The coarse export is now for the new 12.9″ iPad Pro of Feden Generation also thought like for the two transactions, ie all models from redesign in 2018.

Ios suggests russian apps in russia

Apple is now bends up propositions of Russian and offers iOS users in the country automatically automatically specific apps that can then install them without detours. Report users of the iPhone operating system in the region. Accordingly, the offer appears in the iPhone setup process that needs to be undergoing an update or reinstallation of an Apple smartphone. The change has apparently been implemented server-side, the system does not need to be updated.

Automatic redirection to the App Store

After inter alia, users have set up automatic updates, FaceTime and IMessages, True Tone Screen, Screen Time and Analytics, the new screen appears on. This carries the App Store logo and suggests that you press on the proceeds button "in accordance with Russian legal requirements" on "Accessible apps for download" be pointed out.

These dive under the title "Russian apps" In the App Store and include, among other things, offers from Yandex, Mail.RU, ICQ or VK. Among them is, it is about "Some apps of Russian developers", the downloadable. Again, it is again pointed to the legal specification. Previous pre-installed is apparently not, users must always click on installation. The dialog can also be terminated on clicking on an X.

Apple blows wireless touch id - hope for intel macs

With the freshly incoming M1-IMACS, Apple delivers a Bluetooth keyboard with the more expensive models, which has a wireless touch ID. With the sensor mounted on the top, it is possible to unlock his Mac by fingerprint, to find Apple-Pay transactions, to open secured areas of MacOS or shop in the App Store. This previously went with Apple notebooks in which the sensor was built directly.

Exchange between keyboard and Mac

As the manufacturer is now in English in English, the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, which is also available in a variant with numeric keypads (for a surcharge), is enclosed with all Touch-ID-Fahige Macs. "The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the built-in touch ID sensors are compatible", Write the Group Lapidar. Currently, however, only M1 machines such as MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1 – and not their Intel variants. For this one software update seems necessary.

According to Apple, the sensors of keyboard and Mac connect safely. "If a finger has been logged in to the built-in Touch ID sensor of the MACS, it can also be used on the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the Secure Enclave recognizes the match." This also conversely, so fingers with the external keyboard "enrolled" became.