Pandemic preparedness via wastewater monitoring

Pandemic prevention via wastewater monitoring

Sars-cov-2 in the electron microscope (orange colored). Image: national institute of allergy and infectious diseases (niaid)/cc by 2.0

Current rapid tests for corona are carried out on a massive, unsystematic and undocumented scale. Consistent wastewater monitoring could provide a much better and faster uberblick

The rapid burger tests, which have been available since april 2021, are billed by the respective service providers to the federal social security office (bas) via the associations of statutory health insurance physicians in the federal states. The respective current costs of the so-called burgerschnelltests can be found in the bas publications.

Internet for all or the lack of opportunity

The burda foundation and the ministry of economics call for equal opportunities in, on and in front of the net

The numbers say it all: even after years of droning on about the digital divide and strategies to close it, germany lags far behind the scandinavian countries or the u.S. In terms of internet usage. Even if women are slowly catching up, surfers are still predominantly young, male and well-educated. The ministry of economics is therefore concerned about germany as a business location. "Zulos" – public access and learning sites – could, according to experts, make all sections of the population more interested in the net. A congress to be held in berlin on thursday and friday is intended to show new ways of networking.

Germany leads the way in internet use – of the southeastern european countries. "This is not a satisfactory place", finds herbert kubicek, professor of computer science at the university of bremen and for years a determined fighter against the digital divide in society. According to the latest statistics from the @facts study by seven one media, germany is far ahead in europe in absolute terms, with 27 million active surfers aged 14 and over. "Relatively speaking, however, the percentages are much lower than in many neighboring countries", female kubicek. In the end, only about 40 percent of the citizens of the federal republic of "in it", while more than 60 percent of norwegians are already online.

Election tv duels: afd may not participate

Swr and mdr exclude the right-wing party from the elephant rounds

The present spectre in the party landscape is afd. Umfragen prophezeien ihr den einzug in die landerparlamente in baden-wurttemberg, rheinland-pfalz und in sachsen-anhalt. In all three states, the 13. March elected, the election campaign is approaching the "remain phase".

Exactly at this time the two public broadcasters swr and mdr decide to exclude the afd from the tv duels.

Intelligent people have longer life expectancy

According to a long-term study, intelligence could be more important for life expectancy than weight or blood prere

With intelligence one presumably not only gets through life better, one also lives longer. That’s what british scientists from the centre for cognitive ageing and cognitive epidemiology at edinburgh university and the medical research council in glasgow have found.

Intelligence can be many things. For their study, which appeared in the journal intelligence, the researchers used data from a long-term survey of more than 7.000 persons evaluated. In the mid-1980s, data was collected on lifestyles, socioeconomic status, and health interceptions. Besides weight, alcohol and smoking consumption, the reaction time for decisions, or more precisely: for a choice (crt for choice reaction time), is also important. For the experiment, the correct one of 5 buttons had to be pressed when a number appeared on the screen. Whether this is an expression of intelligence remains to be seen, but it can be amed that many computer gamers score well here.

Ratcheting power outage

The collapse of the power grid in much of north america demonstrates the dependence on vulnerable technology, even if terrorism or computer worms have nothing to do with it

Perplexed, a new yorker posted on indymedia yesterday afternoon at 3:39pm local time: "lower manhatten – no tv, no fm radio, no street lites. People coming outside. No news on any news site. What’s up?" yesterday, a power outage hit much of north america, stretching from new york to cleveland to detroit to toronto to ottawa to canada, crippling many.

Any plane around? Brazilian cartoonist latuf reacted quickly

Invaders, left-wing terrorists and the people-traitorous state administration

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video show

So after all! Behind all the bad in the world is microsoft! This video, which disappeared for years in the depths of the net until a few days ago a courageous user re-released it on youtube, proves this clearly and hopefully also sustainably. What can be seen and, above all, heard there simply cannot be a coincidence. And one can only hope that the film will wake us all up – before it is too late.

Invaders, left-wing terrorists and the treacherous administration of the people

Unbelievable things are also happening right in front of our doorstep (fortunately not in front of mine) at the moment. Germany is overrun by an invading army of "violent, domination-claiming masses". Burgers and police struggle along "the gradually developing civil war-like conditions in the country. They are fighting a war on three fronts, against invaders, left-wing terrorists and the treacherous state administration." and in a few years a millionfold mass murder will then take away the last upright germans. – all this and much more can be read daily at pi-news, written by mostly anonymous authors, whose morbid imagination knows no bounds. And the really bad thing is, there are people who believe this total nonsense.

Interpol launches new facial recognition system

Interpol launches new facial recognition system

If people already act as supervisors, this should also be exploited. Image: interpol

New interpol secretary general calls for increased use of biometrics. The bka also wants to participate in the platform. Own databases have been searched with photos for 10 years already

A new facial recognition platform at interpol has achieved its first successes. This was announced by the secretary general of the international police organization, jurgen stock, at a conference on the police use of biometric data. According to the report, a comparison of a database maintained by interpol has led to about 50 "hits" . The photos deposited there came from 135 countries.

Iran sanctions: how well is the west aiming??

In the nuclear dispute, poker continues to be played with it, showing that the "targeted sanctions" to collateral damage and to undesired competitive advantages for "black channels" in iran, for china, russia, india and turkey have drawn

Negotiations between iran and the major powers in geneva are on the verge of a breakthrough, a statement from geneva said last weekend. According to various reports, it was the french eavesdropping minister who caused a looming deal to fall apart upon his arrival.

In the account of u.S. Secretary of state john kerry, it was representatives of iran who were unwilling to agree to a deal that would have "standards from each side" had filled. Rohani is quoted as saying that there are "red lines" that could not be transgressed.

Cities allowed to impose diesel driving bans

Cities are allowed to impose diesel driving bans

Image: ruben de rijcke / cc by-sa 3.0

Federal administrative court ruling: no federal law is needed for bans. They should be reasonable

Must munchen now 130.000 road signs to be ordered? The unbelievable figure appears in two reports (here and there) that draw attention to consequences of a local ban on driving diesel vehicles. As decisive for the "hard case" of a driving ban for particularly dirty diesel vehicles in the city center, which in munich, according to zeit 210.000 cars, the verdict of the federal administrative court was announced today, tuesday, the 27th of december. February, was expected to take place around noon.