The new europe in the new iraq

The u.S. Government needs the support of the eastern european countries to give the occupying power an international appearance

Since one and a half month the gulf war ii is over. Since then, the death toll among coalition troops has slowly but steadily risen to one or two a day. More than 80 american soldiers have been killed and more than 300 injured by iraqi guerrilla groups. Coupled with the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have yet been found – and will never be found, some say – unease about iraq has grown more coarse in the u.S. And the u.K.

The u.S. Has therefore put prere on its allies in new europe to help control the new iraq. The desperation of the american government is so great that it is even willing to pay in part for these additional troops to ease the burden on coalition forces.

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Threat of a water crisis?

Is a water crisis looming?

Image: sugeesh/cc by-sa-3.0

Abundance of water means life, prosperity and wealth. But lack of water means death. Due to heat and drought, water will be scarce in many parts of the world in summer 2018

In the french vosges mountains, the food company nestle and the local population are fighting over water – in southern spain, tourists are fighting with farmers over the precious liquid. Large parts of central and south africa, india and all of southeast asia suffer from water shortages. The un estimates that about one billion people do not have access to clean water; by 2050, the number is expected to double. The climate heating lets dig.

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Instructions for overthrow

Bertelsmann foundation draws up strategy paper for political change of power in belarus

The bertelsmann foundation recently presented a strategy paper entitled "towards a coherent eu strategy for belarus" aims to bring about a regime change in lukashenko’s byelorussia. The paper was developed at a workshop in vilnius, lithuania, in early february, which was prepared in cooperation with the lithuanian ministry of auben. In addition to representatives of the belarusian opposition, representatives of the eu commission and the eu council participated as observers.

The ambitious paper has so far been overlooked in the german media; only a german-language internet newspaper published in russia mocked the ambitions of the gutersloh-based. By the way, the weibrussia paper is not unusual – since 1993, the bertelsmann foundation has already presented numerous strategy papers on eu aubenpolitik (see also bertelsmann): "nothing works without bertelsmann").

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Ankara flexes its muscles

The deployment of turkish soldiers in iraq could further fuel the problems

Last tuesday, the turkish parliament gave the green light to the ankara government’s plan to send soldiers to iraq. 358 deputies voted in favor of the deployment, 183 deputies refused to give their consent. Accordingly, up to 12.000 turkish soldiers were to be deployed to iraq.

In early march 2003, the turkish parliament refused to provide logistical support for the war against iraq, much to the displeasure of the u.S. Government (a brief yes for the stationing of u.S. Troops in turkey). Even the plans of attack had to be changed because of this refusal. The u.S. Subsequently showed its annoyance with the turkish decision. Did the turkish parliament with its current decision make a kowtow before the usa and made apology for its defatist attitude, as some commentators suppose??

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Gaza: what lesson?

Netanyahu continues to rely on military operations

The shelling continues into the fifth day. Operation pillar of defense, the israeli army’s attacks on targets in gaza, continues, and israeli media today report a "drumfire of rockets", that hit israeli territory, fired from gaza. The image being conveyed places rough emphasis on balance: "more than 70 rockets have been fired at israel since saturday, and the idf has attacked a similar number of targets in the gaza strip."

How to continue? What is the political plan behind the military one?? What is the netanyahu government’s vision for the future of gaza?? The questions are getting louder by the day, and there is no non-military answer yet.

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Great britain and eu introduce brexit trading pact

Great Britain and EU introduce Brexit trading pact

Less than a week before the expiration of the brexit transition phase, gobritans and the eu have published their moss-neglected trading pact for the time after that. Both sides presented the approximately 1250 pages strong document on their websites on the morning of the second christmas day. Among other things, the treaty should ask questions about trade, cooperation between police and justice and health insurance protection traveler in case of emergency.

London and brussel had at the christmas eve at the best german procurement time a breakthrough at the talks about a common trading pact. With the turn of the year, the united kingdom released the structures of the european union after almost 40 years of membership. The worst consequences of the divorce are thus averted.

Bettlekture trading pact

The british prime minister boris johnson had recommended his compatriots the contract previously recommended as a christmas label. If you want to read something at this "hard moment after the christmas snaire", he recommends the reading of the trading pact, he said in a video christmas message broadcast on twitter.

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America plays monopoly, russia plays chess

America plays monopoly, russia plays chess

Image: woman’s house

Real game of thrones

In the exceptionalist kingdom whose disruptive development we chronicle, an invisible war still seems to be raging between king donald’s government and the masters of intelligence – and no one knows which way it’s going to go.

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Tractor with electric motor and interchangeable battery presented

Tractor with electric motor and interchangeable battery presented

With the e70n, the us manufacturer solectrac has introduced a new electric tractor. It is a narrow gauge tractor whose electric motor comes to 70 hp. The e70n has a four-wheel drive and thanks to the 60 kwh battery in lithium iron phosphate technology should be possible up to eight hours of operation. However, this time depends on the actual use of the tractor dependent.

Interchangeable battery and prices

Because the battery is interchangeable, the tractor can be used continuously. For this it needs an additional battery package, which according to the us industry magazine electrek 18.000 us dollars (around 15.000 euro) costs. The tractor itself costs therefore 75.000 us dollars (around 63.000 euro) and can now be reserved for 1000 us dollars (around 800 euros). The state urges the acquisition of tractors financially, promises solectrac. Who ordered now, should get the tractor in the coming early year.

With the help of the electric tractors, farmers and experts should order the fields of art without local emissions, explains solectrac. In addition, the air pollution associated with the use of fossil fuels remain sparing the price fluctuations. The first three electric tractors have already gone to agricultural enterprises in northern california, according to electrek.

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Hadoop pioneer cloudera wants to reposition itself away from the borse

Hadoop pioneer cloudera wants to reposition itself away from the borse

For around 5.3 billion us dollars, cloudera, the last remaining provider of a commercial hadoop distribution, is to be sold to the two private equity firms kkr (kohlberg kravis roberts) and clayton, dubilier rice. Thus, the company will only take a good two years after his ipo from the borse back to the art as a private company supported by the two investors to promote product-oriented growth again and to extinguish addressable market potentials as it is for sale in official envision.


Cloudera-ceo rob bearden is evidenced in the opinion that the expected sale of his company is expected to benefit not only to the shareholders, which, with $ 16, per share, a whereaith of almost 25 percent of the recent boron course of the cloudera to receive papers, but also help the big-data specialist in the implementation of his long-term corporate strategy. Cloudera wants to position itself as a leading analytics provider, which in hybrid cloud environments cover the complete data lifecycle – according to the motto "edge to ai".

Under this slogan clououda already had the in october 2018 as "equal" concentration confirmed fusion with the hadoop pioneer hortonworks. With bonded power, a ugregular open source platform should be created, on the corporate customers iot streaming applications, data engineering, cloud-native data warehousing and ki-and ml applications can use both hybrids and multi-cloud deployments. Further support cloudera hoped for a strategic partnership with ibm, which aimed for expansion of customer circles.

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Palm springs (california / usa), 11. November 2013 – one year after the coupe now follows the convertible version of the vanquish, the "volant". The translation possibilities "fast" and "flying" are suitable associations for this car. Also sounds "volant" more interesting than "convertible", "roadster" or "convertible" and is it: a convertible, almost two tons heavy with a v12, which would first think of coarse, very distinguished limousines think.

Aston martin’s self-contiguous model

The vanquish is the most secluded model of aston martin. At the front he carries the typical brand face with a wide cooler grille and the characteristic, far backwarded headlights. However, unique is the rear portion of the two vanquish models – with the sulphous lights, the striking diffuser and the aircraft integrated in the trunk lid. The fabric cover of the volante, which fully automatically open in 14 seconds and up to a driving speed of 45 km / h and fantate and fugs perfectly in the silhouette of the currently most secular aston martin.

Stilling process for foreign gothemen

The 5.9-liter zwolfzylinder was already used with less power in the first vanquish generation 2001. It unfolds its maximum torque of 620 nm only at 5500 / min and its highest loss of 573 hp even at 6750 / min. The high speed concept is intended, without torque hump and response allocation of a turbomotor, the engine offers the driver the upgraded fine chill for its high performance.

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