Palm springs (california / usa), 11. November 2013 – one year after the coupe now follows the convertible version of the vanquish, the "volant". The translation possibilities "fast" and "flying" are suitable associations for this car. Also sounds "volant" more interesting than "convertible", "roadster" or "convertible" and is it: a convertible, almost two tons heavy with a v12, which would first think of coarse, very distinguished limousines think.

Aston martin’s self-contiguous model

The vanquish is the most secluded model of aston martin. At the front he carries the typical brand face with a wide cooler grille and the characteristic, far backwarded headlights. However, unique is the rear portion of the two vanquish models – with the sulphous lights, the striking diffuser and the aircraft integrated in the trunk lid. The fabric cover of the volante, which fully automatically open in 14 seconds and up to a driving speed of 45 km / h and fantate and fugs perfectly in the silhouette of the currently most secular aston martin.

Stilling process for foreign gothemen

The 5.9-liter zwolfzylinder was already used with less power in the first vanquish generation 2001. It unfolds its maximum torque of 620 nm only at 5500 / min and its highest loss of 573 hp even at 6750 / min. The high speed concept is intended, without torque hump and response allocation of a turbomotor, the engine offers the driver the upgraded fine chill for its high performance.