Lexus adds his hybrid offer down

Lexus adds his hybrid offer down

Detroit (michigan / usa), 14. January 2009 – with the upscale mid-range limousine hs 250h, lexus sends its fourth hybrid model on the way. His debut is currently giving the car at the north american international auto show (naias – audiator days: 17. To 25. January).

Use exhaust gas warms

The 4.70 meter long and 1.78 meter wide newbie is located between the lexus series and it is located and at the same time the up to date smallest model of lexus with hybrid drive. The hs 250h is erupted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder operating according to the atkinson principle promises consumption benefits in partial load range. The system total power of electric and gasoline engine gives lexus with around 137 kw (187 hp). The hybrid center classer uses the exhaust gas warms as the lexus rx 450h to get faster and more efficient at operating temperature – this in turn creates the possible combustion of the burner of fruher, ofter and long. For the technical highlights of the first otto four-cylinder in a lexus numbers, an intelligent variable valve control (vvt-i), olsprritzdusen for cooling the pistons, an optimized design of the compensation shaft for again reduced sounds and vibrations as well as a hot air gauze system behind the kuhler was mounted.

Windshield kuhlt interior

The specially developed windshield should leash less infrared radiation in the interior and counteract its heating. Led main headlights also contribute to improved fuel efficiency and less emissions. In aerodynamically, the hs 250h is waiting for a cw value of 0.27. In addition, a front and a rear spoiler as well as the diffusers on the underbody reduce air turbulence. Serial mabig rolls the hybrid mid-classler with 17-inch aluminum wheels over the straws, but optionally also 18-inchers are relevant.