Hadoop pioneer cloudera wants to reposition itself away from the borse

Hadoop pioneer cloudera wants to reposition itself away from the borse

For around 5.3 billion us dollars, cloudera, the last remaining provider of a commercial hadoop distribution, is to be sold to the two private equity firms kkr (kohlberg kravis roberts) and clayton, dubilier rice. Thus, the company will only take a good two years after his ipo from the borse back to the art as a private company supported by the two investors to promote product-oriented growth again and to extinguish addressable market potentials as it is for sale in official envision.


Cloudera-ceo rob bearden is evidenced in the opinion that the expected sale of his company is expected to benefit not only to the shareholders, which, with $ 16, per share, a whereaith of almost 25 percent of the recent boron course of the cloudera to receive papers, but also help the big-data specialist in the implementation of his long-term corporate strategy. Cloudera wants to position itself as a leading analytics provider, which in hybrid cloud environments cover the complete data lifecycle – according to the motto "edge to ai".

Under this slogan clououda already had the in october 2018 as "equal" concentration confirmed fusion with the hadoop pioneer hortonworks. With bonded power, a ugregular open source platform should be created, on the corporate customers iot streaming applications, data engineering, cloud-native data warehousing and ki-and ml applications can use both hybrids and multi-cloud deployments. Further support cloudera hoped for a strategic partnership with ibm, which aimed for expansion of customer circles.

Looking for a business model

Along with the collections of the cloudera and hortonworks product lines and the reorientation on the cloucha data platform (cdp), the company for a new business and licensing model decided. The tarpaulin saw all products under open source licenses (apache and agpl), but make subscriptions binding – until then free versions should be omitted. Cloudera wanted to orient themselves on that of centos and red (rhel) practiced model.

During the third well-known hadoop pioneer mepr in the middle of 2019 just before that, but then was able to slip under the wing of hpe (formerly hewlett packard enterprise), the responsible persons at cloudera stranded by further acquisitions (including arcadia data, datacoral and cazena) and the expansion cloud-native data services for an extension and better condition of the product range to the needs of your customers.

Hadoop in the light of data lakes and cloud data warehouses

When hadoop was still a lot of a decade than the hopeful wearer to make big data masterable, the expectations were not on the part of the users and companies roughly, but also investors distributed their funds to stand-up start-ups. In practice, the cluster systems proved to be more complex and labor intensive over the years as a complex and labor-intensive. That led to drying – on all sides. The trend-accelerating trend towards production tires cloud services and new approaches such as data lakes, cloud-native data warehouses or even data meshes lured increasingly user on the platforms of the groben cloud service providers (aws, azure, gcp etc.) ready to provide easier data and analysis tools to be consumed.