Great britain and eu introduce brexit trading pact

Great Britain and EU introduce Brexit trading pact

Less than a week before the expiration of the brexit transition phase, gobritans and the eu have published their moss-neglected trading pact for the time after that. Both sides presented the approximately 1250 pages strong document on their websites on the morning of the second christmas day. Among other things, the treaty should ask questions about trade, cooperation between police and justice and health insurance protection traveler in case of emergency.

London and brussel had at the christmas eve at the best german procurement time a breakthrough at the talks about a common trading pact. With the turn of the year, the united kingdom released the structures of the european union after almost 40 years of membership. The worst consequences of the divorce are thus averted.

Bettlekture trading pact

The british prime minister boris johnson had recommended his compatriots the contract previously recommended as a christmas label. If you want to read something at this "hard moment after the christmas snaire", he recommends the reading of the trading pact, he said in a video christmas message broadcast on twitter.

That johnson has read it myself may be doubted. Because the premier said it will not give non-tariff trade barriers. This is exactly where companies have to prepare for both sides of the army channel but within a few days. This means, for example, different standards in product safety and food safety. The rules on both sides are still the same, but yet british companies will have to prove the compliance of european standards.

France pokers on crown rolls

France already announced to exist directly from the turn of the year on basic controls. "We have to check british products that come to us," said europa-staatskretar clement beaune on friday in sender europe 1. For food or industrial products, all applicable standards had to be complied with. The french state has around 1.300 people recruited to preserve these controls.

France is an important hub for british goods. About 70 percent of the trading volume between the great britain and the eu run over the north french port of calais and dunkirchen as well as the eurotunnel, as the preavalness for the northern franzosic region hauts-de-france reported.

Standstill on the border

Which chaos arises when the traffic through this important axis does not flee unhindered, has been observed since the fourth advent weekend in the english border region kent: after france had discovered the boundaries due to a coarse-based coronavirus variant in the uk, which had temporarily closed the limits. Kilometer-length congestion with thousands of trucks. The drivers had to endure over days in their cabins.

From january 2021, customs formalities had to be complied with, the germany trade and invest (gtai), a federal company, emphasized, among other things information about foreign market. Since rough britain leaving internal market and customs union, there is a new customs border in force, said stefanie eich, customs-expert at gtai. For the british market, goods from the eu must be demonstrated in the art that they were actually from the eu. "The rules of origin for individual goods are set out in the agreement. Their compliance must be demonstrated accordingly, "says the expert.

Ratification in the short run

On european side remains up to the 31. December not enough time to ratify the last minute deal in time. Therefore, the contract can first be applied at run. However, it still needs the approval of the 27 eu states. The eu ambassadors should vote in the coming days, a meeting is scheduled for monday. The eu parliament must then examine the agreement in january. In london, the parliament is still on the 30th. December in rapid procedure a law broke up to gain effectiveness to the agreement. Since the opposition british labor party has tuned to the deal, the vote in london is considered a formality.

"Real deal for great britain"

Premier johnson still tried the holidays, the architative brexiters in their own ranks, which threaten with a rebellion, to bring on line. The contract is "the right deal for coincidence," said the news agency pa, according to whatsapp news on his party friends. It is possible for the country to be able to use his brexit promises and to control the control over their own limits, laws and funds. In addition, the agreement is a basis for a long-term, friendly relationship with the eu as souverane, equivalent partners.

British fishing associations already criticized the negotiated transition phase, in which eu fisherman first had to give up only a quarter of their previous catch rates in british karriors, as defeat. A high-ranking representative of the british negotiating team said on saturday, one had to compromise on fisheries. However, this had done both sides and the main thing was that coincidence at the end of the fun half-year transition phase to "full control over our waxes", so the negotiator. If london continues to prune the access later, brussel could answer this with zollen.