Amazing swimmer with gross penis discovered

Let’s call him ted kennedy

Often, the headlines that accompany a new scientific discovery are as entertaining as the discovery itself.

The news site, which goes by the name of pithy reactionary radio host rush limbaugh, shot the cover bird this time with: just name this thing ted kennedy. The penis is 425 million years old cheered the "hindustan times" and "the sun" put down a laconic, connoisseur-like old todger, while "yahoo news" a tongue-in-cheek no doubt, this is a male verbrach.

Most of the german news headlined in down-to-earth uniformity, without being scribbly: "oldest penis in the world discovered". Inconspicuous variants like "oldest male fossil" or "oldest unambiguously male fossil was discovered" also occurred.

Astonishing swimmer with coarse penis discovered

At the "thing", which, according to limbaugh, deserves the name of a democratic senator and notorious bush critic (who opponents like to portray as a womanizer addicted to alcohol), it is a shell crab that lived 425 million years ago, making it – one almost suspects – the world’s oldest male fossil to date. Paleontologists from the university of oxford report in the journal science (vol. 302, s. 1749), as they found the well-preserved little fellow – including soft body tie – in herefordshire, england, and named it "colymbosathon ecplecticos" which means as much as "amazing swimmer with a rough penis". In addition rushlimbaugh.Com: "well heck! Instead of that greek name that nobody can remember, why don’t we just call him ted kennedy – or teddiathon kennedicos?"