Used car more expensive than ever

German drivers paid more for used cars last year than ever before. The average price for used cars increased in 2011 compared to the previous year by almost 1000 euros to 9740 euros. This is according to the report of the german automobile trust (dat) published on wednesday in ostfildern near stuttgart. "Average used car prices have never been this high," said dat spokesman siegfried trede. In 2011, more money was spent on new cars than at any time in recent decades – an average of 27 percent.390 euros (2010: 26.030 euros).

4405 drivers in germany were surveyed for the study. According to the study, one reason for the sharp increase in the price of used cars is that buyers are choosing younger cars with fewer kilometers on the clock. The average age of the vehicle was 5.4 years (2010: 6.1 years), with 74,300 kilometers (2010: 78,000 kilometers).300 kilometers (2010: 78.800 kilometers). Demand was also coarser than it had been for ten years. In germany, 6.8 million used cars were purchased in 2011 (2010: 6.4 million vehicles). Most of them were sold privately.

Women and men approached the purchase of a car very differently, as the study found. It all started with the price. In 2011, women spent an average of 7470 euros on a used car and 19,700 euros on a new car.700 euros on the table. Men spent significantly more money: for a used car, they paid an average of 11.480 euros for a used car and 31.520 euros. According to the study, female drivers preferred smaller cars, with two-thirds of them driving small and compact cars. The proportion of men was only 39 percent. When it came to equipment, women were also satisfied with far fewer extras and also drove their cars longer. The difference in kilometers driven per year, on the other hand, was not so gross – women put an average of 12.120 kilometers back, man 14.410.

The average used car buyer in germany last year was 38.9 years old, earned 2879 euros net per month and paid particular attention to a favorable price and low fuel consumption. The ie of environmental compatibility was not in the forefront of his mind when deciding to buy the car. By far the most important source of information for him before buying was the internet.

With the new cars after discontinuation of the abwrackpramie in the past year again more drivers coarser and more expensive cars with more achievement acquired themselves. According to the study, this drove up the average price of new cars. Overall, nearly 3.2 million new cars were registered in 2011, 8.8 percent more than in the previous year. The average new car buyer in 2011 preferred to be advised by the salesperson or dealer. He was 44.9 years old and earned 3734 euros net. Most important criterion when buying: the reliability of the car. Only then followed by design, purchase price and low fuel consumption.