Spacex: starship prototype sn8 started despite the opposition of the faa

Spacex: Starship prototype SN8 started despite the opposition of the FAA

In the last few minutes before the start of the starship prototype sn8 of spacex in december, at least two warnings of us aviation concern faa were ignored at the space company of elon musk. This reports the us magazine the verge citing not public documents.

The execution of the start was hurting the license of spacex, threw it in the warnings. Also because the faa has not been determined in the already known investigation of the incident, whether this is deliberately done, but had no consequences for spacex.

"Disgusting lack of discipline"

On the 9th. December had reached a prototype of the starship for the first time in a test flight several kilometers high, then sn8 was gestured and ran up in flames. The countdown for the flight was first started the day before, at that time with the consent of the state-made faa, explained the verge. On the following day, however, other weather conditions were herring and between representatives of spacex and the faa have given it constantly new meetings. Background were weather models of the faa, according to which hazards for apartments in the nearby could not be excluded. Spacex is amed that one’s own data became sufficient.

As the verge writes, the countdown ran down, despite this back and forth, until the safety inspector of the faa called directly in the control center of spacex. Minutes before the start he warned that the complaint is unpredictable. In the control center the call was ignored because you mean there, "the inspector does not have the youngest information".

The start took place, the rocket exploded, damage to buildings were none. The faa was sharply criticized that the start on the basis of "amptions" and "amptions" is not based on the established procedures and checks. There have been a disturbing lack of operational control and discipline, quotes the us magazine.

Nevertheless, the procedure for spacex had no sharp consequences, in the meantime, the group of elon musk has even grasped a billions of nasa billion. The communication between spacex and the state supervision was therefore more difficult by special circumstances at the starting place in texas. In florida and california, there is therefore responsible for the us air force, which raises the weather and tell if they keep a start for sure. In texas, where spacex builds another location, that was not given.

Meanwhile, among other things, the space company collect wind data to create better models. Elon musk meanwhile uses every opportunity to attack the faa on twitter.