Smart monitors: samsung displays with arm processor, wi-fi and ties

Smart Monitors: Samsung displays with arm processor, Wi-Fi and Ties

Samsung announced the two monitor series m5 and m7, which the manufacturer is analogous to smart tvs as smart monitors. For this samsung brings a small, economical arm processor in the display and installs its own operating system tizen 5.5 before. This allows users without connecting pc video-on-demand services such as amazon prime video, netflix or youtube. In addition, office-365 applications can be started.

Three displays make the beginning: the 32m70a is 32 inches coarse and lost with 3840 × 2160 pixels (ultra hd) at 60 hertz. The m5 series consists of a 27- and 32-incher with low full hd resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels). Samsung relies on va panels, whose backlight with 250 cd / m² is quite low. The reaction times are also rather slow with 8 ms (gtg).

The manufacturer sees the m7 and m5 monitors for homeoffice. Users can beat their pc at the same time; in the evening, watch the favorite series without having to run the pc. It makes sense only if you do not already have a smart tv.

Samsung 32m70a

Smart Monitors: Samsung displays with arm processor, Wi-Fi and Ties

Smart hub or dex surface

The smart hub surface is known from samsung’s smart tvs. Alternatively "dex" a pc-like surface in which a galaxy smartphone or tablet is connected wirelessly to the monitor and serves as a data center. Apple’s airplay 2 is also on board. Two 5-watt speakers give stereo sound again.

With the internet connect the smart monitors using wi-fi 5 (wlan 802.11); periphery also lies over bluetooth 4.2. The usual is the usb-c port, which recharges a notebook with up to 65 watts, a displayport-1.2-signal ames and transfer data. Alternatively, the displays come with hdmi 2.0 therefore, there is not individual level display ports. A remote control including bixby voice control is included.

Samsung wants to deliver the m7 and m5 monitors from the end of november 2020 in countries away from north america and china.