Retro: mirrorless system camera nikon z fc introduced

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

Nikon expands the lineup of its mirrorless system cameras around the nikon z fc. The camera comes in retrolook and as a technical base has the aps c camera z 50. As a design model, the slims reflex camera fm2 serves from 1982. The modern digital camera shares with the old model almost exactly the same amounts and dispenses like this on a handle. This should be optional from the end of september (130 euros) and as housing parts and rotary switches consist of food aluminum.

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

As is a retro camera, the camera settings can be selected with analog adhesive wheels. The small display shows the chosen aperture.

How consistently the manufacturer has implemented the old template is shown in the use of the historical, engraved nikon logos from the 1970s and 1980s. The operation of the camera takes place over three adjuster on the camera top. This can be controlled exposure time, iso sensitivity and exposure compensation. A small display shows the selected aperture, which can be controlled on request via the adjustment ring on the lens. About the i-button on the camera page can be selected additional settings.

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

The display is folding and rotatable and thus allows the image control with selfies and the vlogging.

For photo and film recordings, an eye autofocus is supported and an animal recognition autofocus when photographing. In a first test with a pre-production model, the autofocus showed when recognizing the eye despite poor lighting in an interior fast and accurate. The rotary and swivel display – the first one to a z camera – facilitates recordings in the ground or overhead, forward forwards the camera to selfie mode.

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

Operation in video mode should be facilitated with an optional selfie stick.

The sensor sets nikon on an old acquaintance from z 50. The aps c sensor provides a resolution of 20 megapixels, videos draws the camera in 4k (3840 × 2160) with 30 frames per second. The electronic viewfinder offers at an centimeter image diagonal xga resolution with 2.36 million subpixels. The rotary and tilt touch display offers a screen diagonal of 7.5 centimeters and 1.04 million subpixels.

Wirelessly communicates the camera over (open) wlan and bloodoth, via cable via usb type c, video outputs the camera via hdmi.

Matching lenses

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

For the time being, the 28-millimeter fixed focal length should only be available in the kit with the camera.

For a round overall picture, nikon offers two (already known) lenses in the retrolook. That nikkor z dx 16-50 mm 1: 3.5-6.3 vr silver edition is a standard zoom with silver finish. Which is very compact due to its design. The second lens is nikon with the nikkor z 28 mm 1: 2.8 se a fixed focal length, which is calculated for the full format and promises a high imaging performance on the smaller aps c sensor.

Even with the lenses, the manufacturer has researched very precisely in their own history and the label in the font of the old models designed.

Retro: Mirrorless System Camera Nikon Z FC introduced

The nikkor z 16-50 f / 3.5-6.3 is no new development, but was optically adjusted for the retrocoma.

The nikon z fc should be conservative from 28 july for 999 euros. The 28 millimeter fixed focal length should be offered for the time being only in the kit: the standard zoom kit should cost 1150 euros, the version with fixed focal length 1250 euros and the kit with both lenses 1390 euros.