Quite the old

Quite the old

Munich, 24. May 2013 – mini has developed well in recent years under bmw management. The success belongs to the otherwise for bmw not very pleasant memories from the rover drama of the 1990s. The small car, on the market since 2000 in modern catch, is now on the market with numerous derivatives, not all of which are self-explanatory. The basic mini form is being retreaded this year. Fans of the classic line need not fear any major changes in form. The third edition under bmw management remains true to itself. The changes will probably only be noticed by the real fans. Headlights and taillights are a little coarser than before.

Smaller speedometer

The modifications to the interior, on the other hand, are much more striking. The days of the frying-pan-sized speedometer are over. The layout of the center console is retained, but in the future only the multimedia system will be located there. Below that are crude climate control dials, a conventional strip of knobs and only up to four crude chrome-plated toggle switches. In their center is a red switch for starting the engine, reminiscent of the starters of old airplanes. The new speedometer shrinks to normal size and is located in front of the driver, just like the tachometer.

Common platform with the next 1 series

The technical basis of the future mini is bmw’s ukl1 platform. It will also serve as the basis for future front-wheel-drive bmw 1 series models, including the new van with the working title of "active tourer". Under the hood of the mini will be bmw’s new three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines, which are expected to produce between 125 and 220 hp. Below this output, the engines already in use and developed together with psa will be retained. The new mini will be officially unveiled at the frankfurt motor show (iaa) in september 2013.