Programming language: the rust survey 2020 is open

Programming language: The Rust survey 2020 is open

The core team behind rust is currently preparing the development planes for 2021. In this context, developers are asked to procure their experiences, associations, wishes and suggestions. The rust community now has the survey "state of the rust survey" unlocked – news working with rust is not a compelling prerequisite, everyone can participate in rust.

Results have come to the roadmap

Until 24. September 2020 developer can deliver your feedback to german or in another language of your choice (total are 14 to choose from). The survey takes place anonymous and should take about 15 minutes. The results will be found in the departure in the rustblog, where curious can also see the findings from the previous year.

Most recently, rust had been talking about the publication of a container tailored linux operating system with rust kernel, a swelled aws product for operation in the cloud. Developers who have already dropped low in rust can also be written a blog post to provide their development ideas. The core team collects and views exexerably even more word messages to prepare the roadmap for 2021. Further details about the survey can be found in the advice in the rustblog.