Presentation: skoda kamiq

Presentation: skoda kamiq

At hardly a vehicle format, the car critics rub so much as the suv. Thus, among other things, the idea that children are squeezed in bulk with, for example, a land rover velar (test) or an audi q7 in the educational institutions, although the path for early generations was easily feasible to fub, undoubtedly an obedient excitement potential. However, fewer these power chunks are in demand than rather the significantly smaller models. These are those who are about 4.2 meters long and thus often make the most significantly longer the golf class concurrent competition.

Hardly a mass manufacturer makes the luxury, not at least one suv between 4.1 and 4.4 meters long in the program. Volkswagen makes it easy: a hull appealing the target group, mixed with conservative components from other models – that was it. The success seems to be inevitable because the purchasing is exactly what wants. A product from this kit is the new skoda kamiq.


The settings after the long is becoming increasingly difficult. The kamiq is a bit longer than a vw t-roc (test) and a little short as a vw golf (test). Vw t-cross and seat arona are about 10 cm short. From the group, he survives models like the peugeot 2008 or renault captur, the opel mokka is a little more long than the kamiq. Its design remains expectant conservative, solely the division of the front headlights look unusual. Skoda has not occurred exclusively, hyundai, for example, makes it in the kona in almost identical form.


The interior also remains largely free of creative surprises. Much has known for years from different models of the group, including the cruise control, the switches for light and windows and the knopfe on the steering wheel. Functionally, there is usually not much to be suspended, but in secret, sometimes one may have a formally fresh approach and again. Only the freestanding display up and the new operation of the automatic climate control. The first press pictures show again a rich outlined vehicle. Among other things, a display can be seen as a substitute for a combined instrument and the large expansion stage of the navigation system, which is completely free of rotary regulators.


Free of surprises also remains the engine offer. If you are not looking for alternatives, you are properly serviced. As a baseline ziner serving the literial three-cylinder gasoline engine with 95 hp, which remained in memory of seat arona and ibiza as a pretty lively drive source. With the green kamiq he was allowed to do something more than the base but fully. The three-cylinder with 115 hp, which we drove in seat ateca, and the 1.5 tsi with cylinder shutdown and satisfy 150 hp. The only diesel is the 1.6-liter tdi with 115 hp and scr-kat.