Pegida in the blackout trap

Protests against pegida are growing nationwide. In koln and berlin, islamophobes are turned off, while the afd seeks their proximity

Chancellor angela merkel’s admonition in her new year’s address that burghers should stay away from pegida demonstrations has had a rather anti-proportional effect in a sense. On monday evening in various cities, although again thousands of people demonstrated under the label of the "patriotic europeans against the islamization of the occident", however, the resistance against the islamophobes also grew strongly. In koln and berlin thousands of people demonstrated against local branches "kogida" and "bargida" and stopped the browned on marches.

In koln, the floodlights at the cathedral, at other well-known and public buildings, and at the rhine bridges were switched off in protest. One did not want to offer the pegida demonstrators a stage or brightly lit backdrops, it hewed to the reasoning. As in previous weeks in dusseldorf and bonn, the 350 or so pegida gangers remained a minority, opposed by a superior number of counter-demonstrators. "Kogida" was therefore only able to hold a stationary rally instead of marching from deutz across the rhine to the cathedral as planned.

However, this was preceded by a split, as the afd man and co-organizer of the pegida actions in north rhine-westphalia, alexander heumann, had previously distanced himself from parts of the other activists in nrw. Apparently, the dusseldorf lawyer, who was present in hanover at a meeting of the "hooligans against salafists" (hogesa) appeared as a speaker and who had previously cooperated with his co-organizers coming from the extreme right camp (party in motion), rather surprisingly at their biographies, statements and party offices, among others at the radical right splinter party "pro nrw". Just the previous three rallies of "dugida" in dusseldorf and "bogida" in bonn, however, had been particularly strongly co-promoted by hooligans, xenophobes and neo-nazis.

Also to the kolner "walk" on 5. On january 1, branches of hogesa, from "pro nrw", "the republicans", of the neo-nazi mini party "the right" and the npd eagerly mobilized with, members and sympathizers were on monday evening therefore again on the spot. Although the churches in germany have sharply criticized the pegida movement and called for protests, in an hogesa forum a user apparently from the rhineland spread his very own view of the christian occident by bragging that the "whole pfaffennatterngezucht is eager to bring more asylum seekers into the country, because they earn as part of the asylum industry at it ne golden nose".

In dresden went on monday evening at least 18.000 representatives of pegida on the streets, the founder of the anti-islam movement had also announced his coming "english defense league" (edl), tommy robinson. In addition, people from east and south germany came again, the main speaker was the controversial journalist and author udo ulfkotte. In the run-up to the event, a report by the satire portal "the postillion" after which the demonstration was cancelled without further ado. A kind of humor that some pegida supporters obviously could not or did not want to perceive as a contribution of the spabfraktion, but as a perfidious propaganda campaign of the hated "lugenpresse" rated.

A total of perhaps 5.000 people are said to have demonstrated against pegida in dresden that evening with various actions. Although there was no meeting of the islamophobic movement in munster, up to 8 people demonstrated there.000 people for equality, freedom, diversity and tolerance. In rostock, 800 people are expected to rally against the local offshoot "rogida" who, however, does not intend to appear in public until next week.

In berlin, about 5.000 people, the estimated number of 300 "bargida"-demonstrators, including neo-nazis and right-wing radicals. Similar to koln, the senate in the german capital turned off the lights in solidarity with the counter-demonstrators at the brandenburg gate and the victory column. In munich, around 1.500 people against 60 followers of "mugida" on the beam.

In wurzburg, according to police, about 1 demonstrated.400 people against 300 "pegida"-annexer. Protests were also held in other german cities in the evening under the motto of "tolerant europeans against the idiotization of the occident" (tegida) planned, in hamburg demonstrated about 4.000 people and in stuttgart 5.000 (police data) to 8.000 people against the islamophobic demonstrations in dresden and elsewhere.

"If we want terror, we’ll make it ourselves"

After the german chancellor’s new year’s speech, the alternative for germany (afd) had defended the anti-islam movement against criticism. "She condemns people from above whom she does not even know", said the afd parliamentary group leader in the brandenburg state parliament, alexander gauland. Afd leader bernd lucke found that the german chancellor was "stamps people as xenophobic without wanting to give them obeisance." it is therefore hardly surprising that the saxon afd leader frauke petry invited the pegida leadership to visit the afd parliamentary group in the state parliament on wednesday evening.

Thus petry probably makes especially the clearly right-wing party wing a belated christmas gift. The afd, meanwhile, could thus continue to strongly align itself with the "popular camp" accept. Whether the party, like pegida, will in future also take action against the afd in the event of negative reporting – for example, about possible xenophobic attacks by suspected pegida sympathizers and hooligans – is still to be seen "lugenpresse" rumbles, was still allowed to show. According to colleague olaf sundermeyer, islamophobes are not squeamish about what a steward says to a journalist: "piss off, you jewish pig, or we’ll flatten you!" sundermeyer also quotes from a hate mail addressed to himself, according to which he was "isis-mabig to cut the throat" become.

Despite possible new wing fights, even the "hooligans against salafists" (hogesa) one of their original plans to become active again only in february offentlich (people’s uprising of the wutburgerlichen indecency?), tilted. They are planning a march in essen in mid-january with 2.000 to 4.000 participants and advertise for it with pithy words: "we will not allow ourselves to be terrorized by the [salafists] here in germany. If we want to have terror, let’s do it ourselves." the police is assessing whether and how this rally can take place.