Microsoft to the slack complaint with the eu: “teams wins in the corona crisis”

Microsoft to the slack complaint with the eu: 'teams wins in the corona crisis''teams gewinnt in der corona-krise''teams gewinnt in der corona-krise'

Microsoft has become the complaint filed with the EU Commission of Slack. You will answer all questions and provide all information available. Meanwhile, Slack boss Stewart Butterfield at Twitter explains why they accuse competitive behavior to the company.

Butterfield raises Microsoft again to have it on his company. It does not go to Microsoft for changing users – users are not to come up with the implementation of teams in Office 365 at all on the idea of testing another service. This is the same as picture books for what the regulators should prevent. "Man’s wife never fall, but I am confident that the Commission will find infringements of Microsoft in its investigations – as well as any expert we could find", Write Butterfield.

Practical or compromised

Microsoft counters in a press rate that teams in Corona times have retracted records and suffering Slack under a missing video conferencing solution. "We have introduced teams to expand the possibility of collaboration to expand the communication by video because that is what people want." You want to offer customers many different ways to acquire and use the team’s product.

On the premieges of Butterfield, to fall into old patterns, Microsoft does not work. This means, above all, a monopoly procedure of almost 20 years ago, in which it went among other things to integrate the Explorer. At that time, the US government decided against a breakdown of the Group because it was so better for users. Nevertheless, similar criticism of the Microsoft products.

Wire boss sees very different problems

Also Morten Brøgger, CEO of the Messenger Wire, mixes in the dispute. He stops the dispute for irrelevant, as he discharges the inadmissibility of Slack and Microsoft, "including the blatant deficiency in terms of safety of both platforms." The topics of security and privacy are it that determine how it continues on the collaboration market. Therefore, Brøgger also calls for the EU Safety and Privacy Policy. "Slack is clearly afraid of hard competition with Microsoft teams, but monopoly prices are only the tip of the iceberg in the whole debate."

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