Microsoft patchday: attackers use four security swallows in windows

Microsoft patchday: attackers use four security swallows in windows

At the Patchday in July, Microsoft publishes more than 110 security updates. This includes weaknesses in among others Bing, Dynamics, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer, Office, Openenglave, Visual Studio and Windows. Thirteen look like "critical" classy. Four Windows vulnerabilities currently use attackers. Funf Lucken are publicly known and attacks could start at any time.

The PrintnightMale Lucke (CVE-2021-34527), which Microsoft has already published an emergency update in front of the Patchday. If attacks are successful, attackers could provide harmful code with system rights exports.

Two of the replenished leches (CVE-2021-31979, CVE-2021-33771) relate to Windows Kernel. An attackers were acquired here in a non-closely described path of high user rights. Microsoft, however, classifies the updates as "important" a. The classification of a replenished weak point (CVE-2021-34448) in Scripting Engine is considered "critical". So attacks are successful, attackers have to lure victims on praarized websites. Subsequently, the execution of malicious code is conceivable.

More danger

The publicly known lingings are candidates for timely pending attacks. They relate to Active Directory, ADFS, Exchange Server and Windows Certificate. An Exchange Lucke (CVE-2021-34473) is considered "critical".

A Critical Kernel Lucke (CVE-2021-34458, CVSS Score 9.9) concerns the handling of virtual machines and attackers could access host systems. Microsoft’s virus scanner Defender is common for maliciouscode attacks (CVE-2021-34464, CVE-2021-34522). Again, the drawing is considered "critical".

Windows users should ensure that Windows Update is active and the current security patches are installed. In the unfortunately unsuitable Security Update Guide from Microsoft you will find more information about the individual.

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