Lifestyle phenomena at the intersection of tradition and modernity

Anti-capitalist texts, episode 2

Here the boss cooks. And today he recommends: soup a la puppi. For this we need a full-grown soup dog or a smaller half-meat slaughter dog. Other ingredients include some leeks, celery, carrots, parsley and ribbon noodles. But first of all the dog must be slaughtered and cut up. How it works, you can see here. How he then gets into the soup, one learns there also. And if you think home butchering is too complicated or too bloody, you’d better go to a dog butcher shop like this one.

lifestyle phenomena at the intersection of tradition and modernity

"We say: thank you, puppi!"

Yes, dogs are really something subes and especially something tasty. But dear readers, before your mouth starts watering, here’s a quick question: did you know that a german letter carrier is bitten at least 17 times in his working life?? And that 98 percent of drug-sniffing dogs are addicted to cocaine? Well, probably not. But with such tricky questions the side helps hundefeind.De further, which was recently pointed out to us by a reader in the tp forum. And the side holds really, what its name promises. So she is against private dog ownership of any kind and calls to stop being oppressed by dog owners.

Without doubt a noble request! But unfortunately we don’t live in china, where people like dogs best sub-sour (by the way, this is a cantonese delicacy with a rough healing effect, especially for so-called man-sicknesses)!), but in germany, the wonderland for barking four-legged friends, the aims of the dogophobes are difficult to realize, in spite of the intended establishment of civil defense forces. There is a lot to be said for a radical ban on dogs, for example, the dog-hostile’s.The listed negative characteristics of dog owners and their pets.

Accordingly, dogs disturb the day and night rest by their constant loud barking. They rummage through the mull, spread ecto- and endoparasites to people, salivate on the furniture, chase joggers and cyclists. And an average dog urinates five to six liters a day, destroying house facades and rare plants. And no one does anything, except for the burgerinitiative dog-hostile.De, which also has a nice guest book, and the.

There we shortly stumble upon the following short argument: "i find", writes stoiker, "the forum contributions should finally refer to the actual topic again: tasty dog recipes! All the talk about feelings does not belong here! So: a little more professionalism and seriousness on the net, please!" a post that immediately turned the co-discussant sleazey into an attack dog: "great site. Hopefully someone will take the operator to the slaughterhouse, skin him and sell him. Antisocial shibboleth. One animal life is worth more than all your inferior lives put together. Instead of running a site, you should look for a psychiatrist."

Finally, the summer question remains whether dogs can also be grilled. Barbecuing has become a lifestyle phenomenon at the interface between tradition and modernity, at least that’s what nina degele, professor of sociology and gender research at the university of freiburg, has somehow found out. And one of the best experts on this lifestyle phenomenon is undoubtedly hans-joachim fuchs, who – when it comes to pork – was barbecue world champion in 2002. And his homepage looks unfortunately accordingly pig-oriented and dominated.

But also in the statutes of the barbecue sports club suarius we found funny paragraphs like: "the aim of the association is a constant spreading of the barbecue sport and the mabless filling of the stomach with meat and alcohol." or: "women are tolerated for purposes decided by the board of directors. They must refund however a cost contribution." but not a single word about dog meat. It’s funny, after all, we germans love to eat our dogs.