Lexus with small car consumption

Lexus with small car consumption

Koln, 27. February 2009 – lexus is proud and what is reported from the kolner germany headquarters is indeed impressive. The rx 450h, a full-grown suv, should not consume more than some small cars.

Best value of his class

Gemab eu standard cycle requires a total of 220 kw (299 hp) strong rx 450h only 6.3 liters super at 100 kilometers. The resulting co2 outstaff per kilometer amounts to lexus with 148 g / km. Thus, the suv according to the manufacturer is the most economical and most environmentally friendly vehicle of his segment. For comparison: a vw golf 1.4 with 80 hp emitted 149 g / km. Compared to its transaction, the rx 400h, emissions were reduced by 44 g / km.

A lot of fine work

According to lexus, according to lexus, the favorable cw value of 0.32 is responsible, but the largest part of the savings is to be searched in an improved drive. For example, the two electric motors have the same performance as before, but their maximum torque is available on a greater speed range. Also components such as control device and voltage transformers are significantly smaller and powerful according to lexus. At the v6 petrol engine with 183 kw (249 hp), the japanese point to fuel-saving atkinson combustion cycle, cooled exhaust prere relief and a globally unique system of exhaust gas reflection recovery. The engine coolant is passed through a heat exchanger in the exhaust line so that it is warmed faster.

Electric on the way

With the battery fully charged, the rx 450h can be moved from the stand up to three kilometers according to lexus from the stand up to three kilometers. In "sailing" at high speeds, even large-scale distances with pure electrical operation should be resumed. Marktart for the rx450h is at the end of may 2009.