Lexus rx: new side camera helps drivers in shunting

Lexus rx: new side camera helps drivers in shunting

Koln, 15. July 2009 – there are cars that make a hateful obesity when parking: there are mature flanks muffled on the curb, rims scratched or car paint applied to the garage wall. Not always, the drivers alone meets the guilt at such mercy – namely with coarse, unsuitable vehicles that is not a breeze. Beyond parking sensors, some manufacturers have now also have jerk cameras in the program. Lexus now offers another tool with the side camera.

Safety increased outside the field of view

For the new edition of the rx, a camera is relevant for the first time, which is integrated in the right-wire axis mirror. It supplies the monitor in the cockpit pictures from the side area of the vehicle, which is located for the driver outside of the field of view. So too narrow driveways with wallpaper should lose their terror. Even on the curb children or otherwise the vehicle can be recognized better in addition to the vehicle. The camera also works when the mirror has to be folded out of placegrards.

Series for higher equipment lines

The side camera is available series in rx 350 in the ambience line equipment line as well as in the rx 450h for the variants ambience line and impression line. For the rx 350 driven by a 3.5-liter gasoline, with side camera at least 64.950 euros fally. The hybrid car rx 450h is from 72 with appropriate equipment.450 euros obvious.