Hackathon #wirfurschule should set solutions for the “hybrid school” find

Hackathon #wirfurschule should set solutions for the 'hybrid school' find'hybride schule' finden'hybride schule' finden

An online competition should set solutions for the "hybrid school" Develop: The Hackathon #wirfurschule is about the pandemie-related combination of homeschooling and primey lessons in the school. "We need improved technology, processes, educational approaches and didactic concepts to master the next school year", explain the organizers of the competition on their website.

Sign up together with parents or teachers

The Hackathon finds from 8. until 12. June. According to the organizers "every educational enthusiast from 16 years with time, lust and internet access". Together with parents or teachers could and should also participate. You can log in until the 5. June.

The Hackathon was launched from the club "Digital education for all" And the teacher community "Teacher marketplace.de". In terms of content, he turns around nine theme fields, including the "Teeth of Prize Lessons and Homeschooling", "Specialist project ideas for the hybrid school", "Technical Equipment" and "Executive and further education of teachers".

Like the Corona Hackathon #wirvsvirus also finds #Wirfurschule online. The participants should work together with the communication platform Slack and concrete "Challenge" Edit from the topics. Subsequently, a jury should distinguish the best solutions.

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