Geneva: ferrari shows 599 gtb with kers on board

Geneva: ferrari shows 599 gtb with kers on board

Geneva (switzerland), 3. March 2010 – manufacturers of high-performance sports cars such as ferrari face special challenges when it comes to making their horsepower giants more drinkable. The sports car manufacturer is currently showing a solution at the 2010 geneva motor show: the hy-kers "vettura laboratorio" based on the 599 gtb fiorano.

Kers study

Formula 1 fans are familiar with the abbreviation kers: the kinetic energy recovery system ensures that as little kinetic energy as possible is converted into frictional heat during braking, but is instead stored to support the drive system – for example as electrical power. The driver can use this energy reserve at short notice later for "boosting" boosting. In the case of the hybrid-599, a space-saving powertrain is used that integrates an electric motor weighing around 40 kilograms and delivering over 100 hp. This is coupled to a dual-clutch transmission with seven gears. Flat lithium-ion batteries are used to store energy. It is not yet known whether the oko-ferrari will also be able to drive purely electrically. In any case, ferrari promises itself a reduction in co2 emissions of around 35 percent.

California available with start-stop system

Consumption and co2 emissions of the ferrari california have already been reduced by 6 percent, provided the new automatic start-stop system is selected. The italians put co2 emissions at 280 grams per kilometer, compared with 299 grams so far.