Firmware flood: updates for nikon, sony, canon fuji

The current firmware releases of the coarse camera manufacturers should bring new functions and make old bugs the gardue. In the following list, we give a brief overview of the consistently free updates and the reason why you should import them.

Nikon D4

Nikon brings its D4 with the D4 firmware update A 1.10, B 1.10 on the front man. The update immediately brings a series of improvements:

  • the Individual function F17: Assign Remote FN Button, So a function key for radio remote controls, was added
  • CompactFlash memory card with more than 128 GB of capacity are now supported
  • overworked Individual function A4 (AF activation): Before that, in certain situations, it was possible that the camera decided immediately without focusing again. Now the trip is in autofocus mode AF-S, with AF single-field control and if the Individual function A2 (priority at AF-S) On focus is only possible if the camera has focused.
  • Compatible remit problem in parallel operation of CompactFlash and XQD memory cards (error display "ERR") should now be resolved.


With new software Sony wants the autofocus functions of his Nex-Speed up series. The firmware updates for NEX-5R (Version 1.03 Win | Mac), NEX-5T (Version 1.01 Win | Mac) and NEX-6 (Version 1.03 Win | Mac) should provide compatibility with a number of lenses. Here are the summarized changes in the overview, the details – there are slight differences between the individual camera models – can be found on the linked websites with the respective firmware:

  • Compatibility with almost hybrid AF suitable lenses SELP18105G, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z , SEL2470Z, SEL2870, SEL70200G and future e-bayonett lenses in the future
  • Support of the almost hybrid AF function in the lenses SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE, SEL20F28 and SEL1670Z
  • With a new AF drive system for movies Sony wants to make the e-bayonet better scalable for the future. To what extent that can be achieved with a simple firmware update does not explain Sony.

On the firmware update website for e-bayonet lenses

The firmware 1.02 for the Sony Alpha 7 (Win | Mac) and the Sony Alpha 7R Mac) not only brings new features, it should even lift the image quality of the for her good image quality in itself already known cameras on an even higher level. Here are the changes in detail:

  • That Teleobjective SEL70200G is now supported with the almost hybrid AF mode. With the update, future almost hybrid lenses should be automatically compatible.
  • The start time of the camera should be concentrated if you had switched off you shortly before
  • The pictures should now have a better picture qualitat. Like exactly functional, however, Sony is located for itself.
  • Extended support for Play Memories Camera Apps

Canon EOS 6D

With the firmware 1.14 (Win | Mac) wants Canon some smaller bugs at the Canon EOS 6D erase. Problems with image transfer to mobile terminates on the EOS Remote App should now be past. In addition, Canon has fixed mistakes in the German and the Korean functional manual.

Fujifilm XQ1

With the firmware version 1.10 extends Fujifilm the functionality of the XQ1. It should now be possible to improve the automatic whitening flash optional. In addition, the update should resolve erroneous or slow image representations when connecting the camera with smartphones.

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