Eu regulations make manipulation difficult

In order to make fraud trap such as the exhaust manipulation by volkswagen, the eu has encouraged the lending provisions for new car models. The eu parliament took today (19. April 2018) with a rough majority a regulation, which introduces a new prouplement system and provides for the possibility of high bubbanks.

The need for a compaction was visible after the exhaust gas fraud by volkswagen. The criminal approach of the group was only possible because the manipulated automotive recorded the pollutant limits on the prud, but was not controlled whether they did that on the strain.

According to the new regulations, every eu country must be for at least one of 40.000 new cars approved in this member state in the previous year, let a sample carry out. At least 20 percent of these exams have to prove the standard-compliant malfunction of exhaust gas purification. This should prevent only the prototypes tested in accordance with the standards and then deviates the coarse series from the standard. In countries with a smaller number of passenger cars, at least five tests should be carried out.

Car owner should also be a refund for repairs on their vehicles, which only later drove to a jerk of the manufacturer. Also within the meaning of consumer protection do not receive brand-bound and free workshops access to all relevant information about vehicles that are necessary for maintenance or repair. This will result in competition with the manufacturers, which should contribute to a market-oriented, realistic price formation at a lower level.

The new regulations have to be adopted by the other co-legislator, the council of the eu, formually adopted and shall. September 2020 apply.