Eu-next exchange of automotive retainer data should become a rule

In order to better punish traffic verstobe by driver from abroad better, the european parliament wants to exchange vehicle ownership data between the eu member states "soon to the rule" do. Corresponding specifications for the "police-based police cooperation in the service of traffic safety" parliament has on 6. July decided. In this way, traffic are better to be responsible for responsibility in another eu member state.

With the now adopted directive, the member states commit to the data of vehicle owners or drivers in the case of one "severe surplus" on request to provide the behavior of another member state. The latter should send a personalized letter to the traffic and informed letter to inform him about the offense, the punishment as well as the legal consequences and contradictions. Law enforcement and the high of the bushes is therefore the only the rules of the state in which the surplus was committed.

The personal data can be stored only for the purpose of improving traffic safety and are to be disseminated after the end of the procedure. The data exchange should be based on the persecution "accidental surpluses" restrict. To do this: speed controls, alcohol or drugs at the wheel, clarifications against belt or helmet duty, the overriding a red traffic light and the illegal use of mobile phones, but also the driving strip locked for the normal traffic (for example bus tracks).

The eu parliament expects the expectation that his decision is adopted by the council of ministers in order to come into force directly after the publication in the eu official journal. Member states then have a maximum of 24 months to implement the new rules in national law. Exceptions to the extension of the extension remain for the time being ireland and the great britain, which can be followed by the system later, and – "females" – denmark.

Especially with high volume of transit traffic, including france, germany and poland, together, thanks to data exchange traffic verstobe of inhabitants and eu foreigners can be treated. According to eu information, the transit traffic with only 5 percent contributes to traffic, but drivers from abroad are responsible for 15 percent of the speed controls. The new scheme is already used in national law-implemented possibilities to enforce book money decisions in other eu countries.