Eu commission warns of trade war

Eu commission warns of trade war

According to the threats, to increase steel and aluminum, followed more against german automakers on the weekend. The eu commission woves us prassident donald trump from another escalation of the commercial. "Before someone starts to throw with stones, he should better see that he is not sitting in a glasshouse," a spokesman said on monday (12. Marz 2018) in brussel.

It should be right that us college on european cars are lower than the eu’s eu cars from the usa. At the same time, there are areas where the usa raised. Thus, the us import duty for trucks and pick-ups, for example, is 25 percent, during the other hand, only one sentence of 14 percent.

The spokesman reacted with the exercises of trump from the weekend. This had referred to a monkey problem on a campaign event of republicans in pennsylvania importautos as a rough problem: "we will prove mercedes benz with leasing, we will prove bmw with zollen."

Trump obviously played on the fact that the charges on the usa-introduced cars are currently lower than eu import tariff on the usa-built cars. Thus, the eu demands about 10 percent, in the us, it is only 2.5 percent. The eu commission pointed out on monday that imports into the eu on average only 3 percent duties become valid, in the us, it is not much less than 2.4 percent.

A crisis language of eu trade commissioner cecilia malmstrom with the us trade officer robert lighthizer over trump has already decided on steel and aluminum on saturday (10. Marz 2018) no concrete results. It is expected that there will be more contacts, won it from the eu page. The question of whether the eu is prepared for a discussion of customs cuts, the eu commission asserted for trade ies on monday.