Driving report porsche 718 cayman gts

The cayman is a successful car with great chassis, sportiest ambitions and more than enough potential even for people who actually wish a 911er. The steering is a class for itself, the dual-clutch transmission switches to the point, the brake system is always with merciless highest capacity to place and the interior sits a single driver perfect. You enter and immediately notes that you can have this car spab, even if it is not a brutal bolide. However, that the letter combination gts is more of an image-friendly sales variant because a real sports version is quickly remembered.

365 hp or a maximum torque of 430 nm from 1900 / min horen now. Almost everything is right on the paper. And who drove a few kilometers at the current sporty cayman, has no doubt about the ambitious claim of the double-seater. From 0 to tempo 100 in 4.1 seconds and a highest speed of 290 km / h had yet established 911er pilots a few years ago. The four-cylinder with its nearly 2.5 liters capacity capacity has a rattling sound of a vw cafer in excellent response.

No more meaningful reason for a four-cylinder

Such a thing a sports car? Bad enough that eliteare and premium-resistant manufacturers like audi (tt), bmw (z4) or mercedes (slc) offer their small sports cars with charged four-cylinders. And of course you also like alfa romeo for the toxic 4c or renault for its retro-flitzer alpine no pre-yield. But with such cars, the four-cylinder equipment is often the only possible respectively the driving dynamic more meaningful variant.

At the cayman with its mid-engine, however, the problem of weight distribution does not. He is in principle superior to such competitors, because his engine sits in the center of the car and may be a slightly heavier six-cylinder. In this way, the 718 cayman gts in the nomenclature has three digits too much and two cylinders too little. Nothing against the four-cylinder in a base cayman, but the sports version should build on a six-cylinder model.

What brings it when the nurburgring nordschleife can be surrounded with its 73 curves and just under 21 kilometers of routes in 7:40 minutes when the emotion is too short? For excellent sports cars such as the cayman or his open pendant boxster, it’s not just about performance – the ear ride on such cars.

What interests the impressively low standard consumption, which serves between 8.2 and 9.0 liters depending on the equipment and wheel tire combination? The four-cylinder hands even the over-appealing sports equipment and adaptive steamer system, 20-inches and jewelry sports internal. And at a base price of 76.137 euros.