Display link for m1-macs adapted

Display link for M1-Macs adapted

The synaptics subsidiary displaylink has first presented a full-length version of its driver package for arm macs recreated version of its driver package for via usb adapter. The update also brings a simplified setup when using multiple 4k screens as well as new resolution variants. The new version 1.3 comes as a universal binary for intel and m1 machines and can be downloaded now.

More retina for 4k displays

The update of the so-called display link manager also masters the presentation of retina resolutions on 4k displays. Also a tearing problem with high load has been fixed. Basically, the driver package on m1 macs was already with the previous version 1.2 – but apparently not native. For the first time at macos 11 alias big sur run-up was the display manager with the previous version 1.1.

Since the update 1.2 it is now also possible to address two 5k ultrawide screens (5120 times 1440 pixels at 60 hertz) via products from the display link dl-6950 series. Ultrawide screens had most recently made m1-mac’s problems when they were connected to regular way – apple had annoyed an update for this purpose.

Display link extends apple’s possibilities

Displaylink products are now very popular with m1 machines, as the two available portable macs – the macbook pro and the macbook air – officially only supports an external display. Only the mac mini with m1-chip supports a second monitor on hdmi. Accordingly helpful is to loose this problem about a display link adapter. In the meantime, a hobbyist had even managed to operate up to five screens on a portable m1 mac.

The youtuber ruslan tulupov was used by all tricks: he set displayport adapter, including displaylink software and thunderbolt-3 docks. The arm calculator proved to be sufficiently fast enough. In the end result, it managed to operate on the mac mini with m1 up to six external screens, to macbook air and macbook pro with m1 up to fuff. Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate over thunderbolt 3 up to six 4k displays, this lacks bandwidth. According to tulupov a mixture of 1080p and 4k.

Further details on using displaytlink to the m1 macs read in the extra mac i test of the three new gerates. Also described there is how to get a splinter twice 4k resolution out of an arm macbook.