Digitized highway construction sites for fewer seams and more life

Digitized highway construction sites for fewer seams and more life

Construction sites on highways should become digitally. "This improves the quality and thus the life of the highway", said the head of the Niederm und Sudwest of the new Motorahn GmbH, Christine Baur-Fewson, the DPA in Stuttgart.

For example, the delivery of fresh asphalt can be better controlled, so that exactly the required amount in the correct temperature get an arrow and without unwanted stops seamlessly installed. Digital control of the rolls also ensure that newly built asphalt is compacted evenly.

Model model for others

This project could also have role model function for other Demands of the Federal Highway GmbH, which for the 1. January is responsible for all motorways in Germany. Confederation and Landers had agreed on this reorganization. So far, the federal government had financed this work and commissioned the organization was among the countries.

BAUR-FEWSON promises from the new structure of the statuses, among other things, improvements to the subject of traffic jams, when highway buildings were planned from a single source and not by country to country. "Then you can plan for more long tree decreases on the stucco over land borders and does not even have here five kilometers and once there", she said. "This creates synergies that can reduce buoyant restrictions for motorists and motorists."

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