Crypto wars: back to the stand of the analogue phone

Crypto Wars: Back to the stand of the analogue phone

Christian klos, head of the public security department in the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry of the federal ministry, has been criticized on monday that policies are constantly creating new powers for police and intelligence services. There are only three investigating approaches in the core, he explained on behalf of the german eu council prosident on monday in the committee for beautifical freedoms, justice and home affairs of the eu parliament: travel movements, communication and existing units by criminal acts. It is therefore important for the security authorities to obtain these possibilities in principle, stressed klos.

As before

Addressed to the debate on the aid requested by the federal government of service providers such as apple, facebook, google, threema, signal or whatsapp to decelerate electronic communications, which investigators had to be put into the stand in this field, so desreation "like the analog phone". The council of ministers has made itself a uniform opinion on the submission of the federal government for an explanation for the interaction.

"Clasp is a difficult topic", member eu indoor commissarin ylva johansson with the online discussion with the deputies. The tool is important for the protection of privacy. Criminals could also use it to hide their communication. It is therefore about finding balanced legal and technical solutions. Be included "effective instruments for law enforcement".

Dangerous reflections

Compromises are not possible at the topic, underlined patrick breyer from the pirate party for the grunen group. Coding is important for internet security. The policy must therefore decide whether to maintain or abolish this protection policy. Moritz korner (fdp) refurbished that commission and council just returned to terror attacks in the same surveillance pattern, "before we analyzed, what mistakes have".

Questions of the parliamentarians for the storage of telephone and internet data did not answer johansson. For this, she was planning to reform the guideline for suspicion-independent collecting passenger data in the coming year. It is about to grasp in the room, more routes as well as other transport arts to land and to water, so about bus and rail traffic. In addition, the quality of the data should be improved, for example, by automatic solutions for the scanning of fit and more standardization.


Canada, according to the commissioner,, according to the commissioner, a new proposal for an agreement on the exchange of passenger name records (pnr) is not accepted after the european court of justice (ecj) dear the old one. The talks were on ice. The luxembourg judges are currently still asking the pnr directive.

Johansson wants to expand the 2005 closed prumer treaty, whose as well as many eu states, including germany, electronically exchange dna, fingerprint and vehicle registration data and network their national databases. The bilateral information transfer takes about one "central router" simplified, the swede leaked. Currently, investigators had to approach every single member state and to use different channels for different types of data. On the planned direct register of all participating eu countries, the planned direct register of all participating eu countries are to be compensated.


"We have to improve our joint fight against terrorists online and offline", request the commissioner. For a radicalization thire the internet is no longer used. It is therefore urgent to delay the negotiations on the controversial planned regulation for the break of terrorist content before christmas. Fight against "hate communities" in the net facebook co. Content invisible. Corresponding lot adjustments should be able to enforce the state-of-state resistance.

"All who come to the eu or leave them", according to johansson, in the schengen information system, must be recorded. Here it applies to luck in the member states. Critical infrastructures should also be better protected from terrorists, which the commission will make a suggestion later this year.

You hore only "data, data, data", held the left cornelia ernst the commissioner. This is one "very troot look" on the terrorism, with which the privacy does not remain much stable. Isabel santos from the social democrats admitted that the eu does not act against its own fundamental rights. Lukas mandl from the conservative european people’s party urged "luckless name lists" from all attachments of the "political islam" and other "hazard". Private service providers had a responsibility to combat their hate content.