Coarse apple share package is to tie tim cook langer

Coarse Apple share package is to tie Tim Cook Langer

Apple wants to keep tim cook as a long-term term as a corporate chief: after just under ten years as ceo, cook has now received a new, huge stock packet, as in an entry of the company to the us borsenaufsicht sec. Overall, cook is expected to receive up to just under a million apple shares if it remains with the company by 2025 and fulfills certain performance goals in terms of the development of the share price. According to the current price, the entire share package had a value of up to about 100 million euros.

Half of the stock packet tabled at equity return

Cook has taken care of innovation and the company with "values and integrity" listed, apple’s board of directors directed against us media. The equity package is divided into two: cook should be just under 334.000 apple shares received as restricted stock units (rsu), which cook is equipped in april 2023, 2024 and 2025. A second package also just under 334.000 apple shares has been linked to the share yield (total shareholder return, tsr) and will transfer to cook in october 2023 – depending on the development of the share price, the next three business years of the ceo receive a lot between 0 and 200 percent of these shares.

Tim cook had recently received a coarse equity package of around 1 million shares at the time of apple ceo post in 2011, which is created by 2021. Through the boron course growing in the last decade, the apple boss is now considered a billionar. Cook was announced by five years ago, he wanted to finance the college training of his nephew, but apart but donate his overall for beneficial purposes.

Coo jeff williams as a possible successor

A ceo succession plan aubert apple is not public. The most likely candidate is coo jeff williams, who also guides the development of apple watch and apple’s activities in the health sector – and is now also subject to the group’s central design team. In addition to cook, jeff williams, the financial chief luca maestri and the head of the legal department kate adams received smaller packages with restricted floor units, which are also created by 2025.