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All every day

Munchen, 30. June 2014 – the usual name in an unusual spelling – "pro_cee’d" how "precede", "keep going" or simply "act" – let a probably stumble to stumble in the market, in the market and in real life this compact car from kia but quite sure. We tried whether to make progress with the sporting version pro_cee’d gt. That’s something like a threesorant golf gti from korea.

Lane assistance warner of the other kind

204 hp behind the tiger else give the driver self-confidence. On the highway the gt is a dangerous opponent, in the top are loose over 230 km / h in it. Heavy understandable for some audi diesel driver. The fiercing daytime running light from the square ice skin luminaires in the corner of the corner should take such as tracking warner of the other kind but quite serious.

But is the high tip fastest series-kia, which there is currently, only half of the spab. On spiral threads, he may spurt that the front-wheeler slightly understeer in the asphalt of the curves claws and accelerate with lacquer again. The 1,6-liter turbo gasinine with direct injection and twin scroll turbocharger comes out of below, although a bit of behavior, but from 1500 tours he turns so wholly high that it has a kind.

The sports suspension is properly designed for fast curves, crossbilles penetrate more clearly to the popo than other compacts. Nevertheless, that the gt was not only developed on momentum, you spur on the steering. For everyday life, she is sufficient, but for even more fun driving dynamics, it should be more direct and convey more feeling for the strain. On the lightweight gearbox there is little to be suspended, the swept ranks crunchy in the desired position and even after several thousand kilometers is not annoyed as an automatic fan of this circuit.