Windows 10 2004 reset: microsoft workaround fixes problems

Windows 10 2004 Reset: Microsoft workaround fixes problems

Windows 10 offers users the possibility to reset the operating system installation on a pc. This is helpful, for example, if the operating system is damaged and no longer works. This feature stands for administrators in the operating system settings in the recovery category under ‘to use this pc’ – but there are difficulties on how microsoft is now admitted.

It seems to give namely certain constellations in which the refill fails and the process breaks off. Microsoft writes in a currently published support document that collapses under certain hardware configurations in windows 10 version 2004 with a mistake. The process is failed and the user then displays the message: ‘there was a problem when backing up your pc. No changes were made."

Windows 10 2004 Reset: Microsoft workaround fixes problems

Run the pc "non-flawless", you can back up windows – but that does not work flawlessly.

Microsoft publishes workaround

In the support post, however, microsoft provides a workaround with the affected person to try to repair the system. To do this, an administrative command prompt must be opened. This is possible by entering the cmd command in the search box of the taskbar and calling the hit over the context menu command ‘as administrator exports.

Following the dism / online / cleanup image / restorehealth command to repair the image in the administrative command prompt. After a while restarting the system, the pc with windows 10 2004 should be reset the relevant function of the settings page again.