Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Tuv: hu plaque only renewable in germany

Koln, 27. July 2009 – about half a million german life at the time in european countries. However, those who only hold themselves in advance with his vehicle admired here abroad, the main and exhaust gas examination (hu) can only be made by a prufstelle in germany.

State-regulated task

Since the hu plaque and the registration of the successful main and exhaust examinations represent state-regulated tasks, a foreign pruning protocol in germany is not valid. "If the vehicle giving is fally, for example, during a multi-month stay in spain, the badge can only be renewed in german territory," explains the motor expert of the tuv rheinland, gerd mylius.

Innovable to investigate

Motorists are not required immediately after expiry of the deadline to return to germany. After the crisis of the federal republic, however, they have to perform as soon as possible the fallen main and exhaust examination or security screening.

National regulated individually

As a matter of principle, technical vehicle monitoring is nationally regulated. This is called a vehicle is reviewed by the locational test sites in the country in which it is logged in. The at least one vehicle in turn depends on the residence of his owner. Cars with german license plate, which are dangered abroad, must be logged out in germany and admitted in the respective country.