Tourist report: ford mustang mach-e

Ford makes a model designation for a sports car for Petrolheads an electric car brand. That’s brave. You can either see a sign for increased desperation at the crossroad of combustion and electric drive or to turn the perfect conviction on the right track. Our author could ride in a pre-series model.

Format similar to the competition

The new Mustang model is not only powered to battery electrically – it is no longer a flat sports car, but a highly towering four-door. The 4.71 meter long, 1.88 m wide and 1.60 m high electric SUV is as such a result of the time spirit, the enthusiasm of the audience for gross cars has already grown around 20 years. His tubs are close to those of the coming Tesla Model Y, already available competitive models Handle Audi E-Tron (Test), Jaguar I-Pace (Test) and Mercedes EQC (Test). Ford wants the Mach-E first in one year towards the end of 2020 from 46.Sell 900 euros.

High format as in the Tesla

The high-client built-in multifunction tablet in dashboard center with a screen diagonal of 15.5 inches also came from a Tesla model. Fortunately, the developers did not make the error as the Tesla Model 3 (Test) to put on this touchscreen as the sole control unit. The information flood on the powerful central display is roughly. Good that the driver behind the steering wheel still has the small display with at least 10.2 inches rough, the design and information content adjusted depending on the driving program.

The space in the interior is good, despite for an electromodel quite long hood. At the front like back, people can sitting down to 1.90 meters and a few inches more under the optional panoramic roof. Fair freedom fits. The load volume is distributed on an external tray in front under the hood with 100 liters, the rear trunk fits 402 liters. Whoever puts the back seats, gets 1420 liters volume and a flat loading float.

Other battery, more power

The basic model of Ford Mustang Mach-E is driven by an electric motor on the rear axle, which usually supplies 190 kW and 410 nm torque and the "Extended Range"-battery 210 kW. With an additional 50 kW motor on the front axle, the power increases to 248 kW and the highest torque to 581 nm. Maximum pace of both models: 185 km / h.

For spring 2021, a high-speed MUSTANG Mach-e Performance GT with all-wheel drive, 342 kW and 830 nm is contested. The highest speed remains limited in the sense of the range – at least 200 km / h. From the stand to 100 km / h Ford promises "less than eight", for the four-wheeled version "under six" and for the performance variant "under four seconds" acceleration time.

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